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long black with moka pot

Long Black Coffee ( with Moka Pot )

Make the classic Long Black under 8 mins,quick and simple with your Moka Pot for a creamy and rich bodied Coffee!Its ideal for the cold days of the winter or you can even add a generous amount of ice to create an espresso on the rocks coffee like!You can add your favorite toppings but it’s amazingly delicious in its plain super healthy form,full of antioxidants and energy boost.Try it out!
Prep Time 3 mins
Cook Time 5 mins
Total Time 8 mins
Course Coffee, Drinks
Cuisine Italian
Servings 2 People
Calories 10 kcal


  • Moka Pot or espresso Maker
  • Stovetop


  • 25 Grams Espresso Ground Coffee ( Dark Roast ) Medium Coarse
  • 3/4 Cup Fresh Water
  • Sugar ( Optional )
  • Caramel or Chocolate Syrup ( Optional )
  • Milk or Cream ( Optional For Sweeter Texture )


  • Collect all the ingredients
  • Prepare 25 grams of dark roast espresso,medium chopped,inside the moka pot
  • Load the Moka pot with heated water with the coffee already in
  • Place the Moka Pot in your burner and boil to mild heat. When the coffee rises, lower the temperature and let your coffee pot chill out a bit for a minute
  • Serve gently,while throwing away the remaining 5 ml of water at the bottom of the moka with those thin coffee grounds
  • Add your favorite toppings like sugar or cream!
  • Serve in tall cups and enjoy!


  • Select your beans - in average, a dark roast performs well enough and produces the desired flavor. It should Be ok to mix a Robusta / Arabica combination with a 80:20 percent Arabica to Robusta proportion.
  • Don't use hot water.
  • For the sophisticated coffee enthusiast pour a bit more water as the taste is strong but still sweet!
  • Raise the glass high up, right underneath the flow, when pouring the thick coffee to keep more crema.
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