Why Drink Specialty Coffee?

The Short Answer:

Drinking Specialty Coffee is all about the experience. It’s about making a conscious decision to enjoy something new, different and of higher quality than you’re used to. For many people, it means consciously deciding to appreciate the beans, how they’re roasted and ground, the brewing method – even how that coffee is served – in order to fully savour every sip.

People used to have few options for drinking coffee. Some people drank cold coffee while others drank hot coffee and 1 type of coffee, plain black coffee. We now have a wide variety of coffee drinks to choose from, such as iced coffee, latte, and even espressos, various blends, types, and methods.

Why would someone choose to drink specialty coffee? What is it about specialty coffee that makes it so special and why we should drink it?

In this article we will explain what are the differences between specialty coffee and regular coffee and why you should drink it.

But first we will explain what specialty coffee is.

What Is Specialty Coffee?

why drink specialty coffee

Specialty coffee is the highest grade of Arabica coffee in the world. It is the one coffee that is most expensive on the market.

The best specialty coffees are grown at very elevated temperatures in ultra-dry, frost-free conditions with great care to create a cup of harmony between the cup and its taste.

They have different names such as premium coffee, high-end coffee, high end coffee, premium grade coffee etc.

The most famous specialty coffees are Blue Mountain Coffee, Kona Coffee and Sumatran Coffee. These are called “Top 100 Coffees” that represent the best Arabica coffees worldwide and they are placed in a special tier system for tasting quality.

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The companies that make specialty coffee are called ”third wave coffee” companies.

These companies use top of the line machines for their coffee making and serve drinks that taste great and have nice foam for the cappuccino or latte lovers.

Where Do Specialty Coffee Beans Grow?

Specialty coffee beans grow in places with tropical climate.

High altitude, humidity and the perfect weather condition are what speciality coffee beans need in their growth. The conditions are so perfect that the amount of negative ions are very high.

This increases ionization of water molecules and produce in negative ions helps to enhance flavor of coffee from start to finish.

Some of these places are: Kenya and Ethiopia

Why is Specialty Coffee so Expensive?

The coffee plant needs a lot of attention to grow. It needs a lot of care from picking the right seeds to cultivating it in the right place then harvesting it at the right time.

The most difficult part is that it needs to be grown at the proper temperature during all the process. If the coffee is not grown at a high altitude and humidity, then it will produce a low quality coffee.

The result of speciality coffee with a great taste is expensive because of these factors. It has so many factors that makes it different from regular coffee and the more care and attention, the better taste you will get when you drink the coffee.

Roasting of Specialty Coffee

Specialty coffee is roasted in a different way than regular coffee. Specialty coffee is roasted for around 13-16 minutes at temperatures of around 400 degrees Fahrenheit (204 degrees Celsius). This roasting method helps to bring out the best flavor from specialty coffee beans.

Regular Coffee on the other hand is usually roasted at 350 degrees Fahrenheit (177 degrees Celsius) or even less. That’s why when you drink a cup of coffee, you only taste the after-taste and you don’t experience that good taste of fresh beans.

How Do Specialty Coffee Beans Taste Different from Regular Coffee Beans?

When you drink Specialty coffee you can feel a mellow taste that fills your mouth with flavor when you drink it. This is what makes specialty coffee so special and why you should drink it.

On the other hand, regular coffee tastes bitter when you drink it. Also, it has a stale smell from the coffee beans that have not been roasted for long time and the beans have been sitting there for a longer period of time.

If you really want to have a good coffee, then you need to get yourself some specialty coffee beans that are roasted just right. These beans will give that great taste as well as wonderful aroma when you drink them and if you try them once, then you will never go back to regular coffee again.

The Processing

Specialty coffee is made by processing and drying the beans in 3 different but interesting methods.

These methods are dry roasting, wet-processing, and semi-wet processing. All three methods are used to change the “flavor” of the beans for better taste.

1. Dry Roasting is when the beans are exposed to heat without any moisture ( in most cases the sun). After roasting, the beans lose their oils and full color which gives the coffee its unique taste.

2. Wet-processing is when the beans are soaked in water for about 12 hours with a small amount of acidity and caffeine. This is used mainly in developing countries and helps to remove unwanted flavors. It also releases more antioxidants and then they can be dried again for another roasting process.

3. Semi-wet processing is when the beans are soaked 24 hours with almost no moisture. This is followed by drying either on the sun or dehydrator at a temperature of 270 degrees Fahrenheit (132 degrees Celsius). It is very similar to wet-processing without caffeine and acidity.

You can check our coffee guide article on which beans to choose if you want to get a better cup of coffee.

So, Why Drink Specialty Coffee After All?

If you want to experience a special cup of coffee, then you should drink specialty coffee because it has so many positive qualities that can give you a very interesting experience:

  • It has a rich and sweet aroma
  • The taste is smooth and not bitter or stale
  • The taste is not acidic nor bitter
  • Has more antioxidants than regular coffee because of the higher temperature when roasting the beans

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

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How Do You Drink Specialty Coffee?

People who drink specialty coffee like to have them in a mug or a cup with a small amount of foam on top. Other people like to have it in a French press or Espresso maker. The choice is yours and you can decide the way you want to consume your favorite coffee beans.

If you want to enhance the flavor, then you should add creamer or sugar when it is ready for consumption and that’s all when it comes to drinking specialty coffee.

What is the Difference Between Speciality Coffee And Commercial Coffee?

It is very simple! Commercial coffee is simply roasted at a low temperature and it is not roasted to the right temperature. Specialty coffee on the other hand has so many details which makes it different from commercial coffee.

The only difference between them is that both have the same color but speciality coffee does not have any harsh after taste and commercial coffee has more after taste than specialty coffee.

What is the Highest Grade Coffee?

There are a lot of specialty coffee beans that are not good enough to be called as “Specialty coffee”. If you drink specialty coffee and compare it with commercial coffee, then you will notice that commercial coffee doesn’t have so much aroma or sweetness.

There are some coffees that have a very high rating on the cup of life guide. This is due to the fact that there is an enormous difference in quality between regular and specialty coffee beans.

Last Thoughts

Specialty coffee is very good for health and you should try to drink some because you will never regret trying it out. Some of the most famous green coffees in the world are specialty coffee beans and this is why you should try drinking them if they are available in your region.

If you want to get the most out of your coffee, then it is best if you get yourself specialty beans that are roasted perfectly.

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