What Is Greek Coffee? Everything You Need to Know!

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Greek coffee is a type of coffee that is brewed in a pot called a briki. It is made with roasted and ground coffee beans, water, and sugar. The coffee is brewed by pouring it into a small pot called a briki, which is then placed on the stove. The sugar is added to the pot and then the coffee is brought to a boil. Once it has boiled, it is removed from the heat and allowed to steep for a few minutes before being served.

Do you love coffee? How about Greek coffee? If you’re not familiar with it, don’t worry, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know! Greek coffee is a type of coffee that is brewed in a special pot called a briki. It’s made with roasted ground beans, sugar, and water. And it’s delicious! If you’re looking for a new coffee to try, give Greek coffee a go! You won’t be disappointed. Keep reading to learn more about Greek coffee.

What is Greek coffee?

What Is Greek Coffee

The first thing I want to talk about is what Greek coffee actually is. To put it simply, Greek coffee is a type of coffee that is brewed in a special pot called a briki. It’s also sometimes referred to as Greek-style coffee. To make it, you will need roasted ground beans, water, and sugar or honey. The type of beans used are medium roast but dark roast is sometimes used if desired.

How does it taste?

Greek coffee is a strong, effective type of coffee. It’s not as thick as Turkish coffee and it has a much more distinct flavor than other types of coffees that are found in the world. Most people say that it tastes like espresso or French press but with a little sweet kick added.

The beans used to make Greek coffee are usually medium roast but the dark roast is sometimes used if desired. The stronger flavor of dark roast can overpower the taste of Greek coffee and it should be kept milder. If you want something with a strong taste, then go for Turkish or espresso-style coffee.

What is a briki?

If you want to make Greek coffee, then you’ll need a briki. A briki is a special pot used specifically for Greek coffee. It has a narrow base and a wider top like a pot. It’s usually made of copper, although some are also made of aluminum or stainless steel. They don’t cost very much and you can buy one on Amazon or some other online store for around $20.

Why Do People Drink it Every Day in Greece?

People drink Greek coffee every day because it’s part of the culture. The Greeks are very proud of their culture and they take comfort in drinking this type of coffee every day. It’s served at cafes throughout Greece, especially for breakfast or after a meal.

The roots of Greek coffee can be found in the depths of the East and can be traced back as far as the Ottoman Empire. It was first introduced to Greece by way of Constantinople and has been a part of Greek culture ever since.

During the late period of the Ottoman Empire, this coffee was spread both in Constantinople and Thessaloniki. During the second half of the 18th century, this famous coffee was spread to Athens, and it became a part of Greek culture. Later, the first cafes began to be built in Greece and this coffee would become a fundamental part of it.

It was no secret that this coffee had certain qualities, which are still in use today. It’s delicious, it’s rich, it invigorates the body and mind! These are all characteristics of Greek coffee that make it a fundamental part of Hellenic life.

How to Prepare a Perfect Cup of Greek Coffee?

How to Prepare a Perfect Cup of Greek Coffee

One of the best things about Greek coffee is how easy it is to make. All you need are some roasted ground beans, water, and some sugar or honey. If you want to prepare a perfect cup of Greek coffee, then follow these simple instructions:

1) Grind the beans.

The best grind level for Greek coffee is fine but medium ground beans can be used as well. If you don’t have a grinder at home, then find yourself at a coffee shop and ask them to grind it for you, or you can get instant coffee.

2) Boil the water.

You will need a pot to boil the water in, ideally a briki if you have one. If you don’t have a briki, then use a small pot or a French press pot. When the water is boiled, it should be hot enough to form bubbles but not too hot or you can burn the coffee and ruin all of your efforts.

3) Add the coffee grounds.

Pour in about two tablespoons of ground beans per cup of coffee that you want to make. If you’re using a briki, pour in the beans and then add one part of water. If you’re using a smaller pot or French press machine, then add all of the water to the pot with the coffee grounds.

4) Stir together.

The next step is to stir all of the ingredients together and then leave it for a few minutes. You’ll see that the foam on top will start to rise and create a creamy texture.

5) Add sugar or honey.

If you enjoy your coffee sweeter, then add a bit of sugar or honey while the mixture is still hot. Stir thoroughly and then you’re ready to drink!

Tips for Enjoying a Cup of Greek Coffee

Tips for Enjoying a Cup of Greek Coffee

Now that you know how to make your very own cup of Greek coffee, the only thing left is enjoying it! Here are some tips for ensuring that you have a perfect cup of  Greek coffee every time:

1) Add sugar or honey to your coffee.

If you enjoy your coffee sweeter, then add a bit of sugar to the mixture before it has finished boiling, stirring well. If you want something even sweeter, then use some Greek mountain honey instead.

2) Use the right kind of beans.

When you’re preparing a cup of Greek coffee, it’s important to use the right kind of beans. For a light and rich flavored cup that isn’t too harsh on your palette, choose Arabica beans. These are known for being aromatic and flavorful without tasting too acidic or bitter.

3) Grind the beans at home!

If you’re determined to get a cup of Greek coffee that tastes exactly the same as the ones you have at your local cafe, then go ahead and buy a grinder. You can find grinders for less than $100 and if you really want to get it right, then grind the beans yourself just before making your coffee so they’re fresh and aromatic.

4) Watch the foam!

The foam on top of your cup of Greek coffee is just as important as the taste and ingredients that go into it. You can tell how strong your Greek coffee will be by looking at the thickness of this foam. If you notice a lot of bubbles forming around the surface, then you know that your coffee will be strong.

5) Be patient!

Greek coffee is famous for its unique preparation method, which involves boiling. If you’re not in any kind of hurry then this process will give you the best cup possible with the most flavor and aroma. Greek coffee isn’t something that can be rushed, so take your time preparing it and enjoy every last drop when it’s finished.

Where to Find the Best Tasting and Most Authentic Cups of Greek Coffee

When it comes to the best tasting Greek coffee, there’s no better place to be than Greece. There are cafes on nearly every corner in Greece serving up tasty cups of Greek coffee just as you remember them from your local cafe back home. Of course, if you don’t have the time or funds to travel to Greece for a cup of coffee, then there are a few other options out there for you.

If you’re interested in trying your very first cup of Greek coffee, then I would recommend that you try a local cafe or restaurant near where you live that serves traditional Greek foods and beverages. If you have any Greek friends who serve Greek coffee from time to time, then you could always try to ask if they have any leftovers from a party or gathering. The best way to make sure that you’re getting the freshest and most authentic cup is to find a local Greek restaurant, however, as cafes tend to reuse their traditional coffee rather than letting it sit around collecting dust.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Greek coffee made of?

Greek coffee is made with ground coffee beans, water, and sugar or honey. It’s prepared using a briki (a small metal pot), which is placed on top of a stove, or over another heat source, and boiled. The steam that’s created by the water boils up through the briki. As this happens, the coffee begins to froth and bubble which creates thick foam on top of your cup.

What is the difference between Greek coffee and regular coffee?

There are a few main differences between traditional Greek coffee and your typical cup of brewed coffee. The first is that regular coffee is prepared with hot water that is filtered with a paper filter, while Greek coffee uses boiling water. The second main difference is that Greek coffee is served unfiltered and with a layer of foam on top.

Why is Greek coffee different?

Greek coffee is prepared using a slightly different technique than any regular cup of brewed coffee. First, the beans are ground to perfection with a grinder so that they can be boiled in water without turning into liquid sludge.

Last Thoughts

The perfect cup of Greek coffee is a rich, dark brew with an intense aroma and flavor. It’s served in small cups that are just the right size for one person to enjoy at any time of day or night. Keep these tips handy and you’ll be able to find your way around this ancient tradition like a local! Where did you go when you wanted some quality Greek-style coffee? Let us know in the comments below so we can start compiling our list of best spots to get authentic Greek coffee near where ever people live.

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