What Is Coffee “Bloom”?

Coffee is a beverage that many people love. It’s comforting, it wakes you up, and there are so many different kinds of coffee to drink like espresso, iced coffee, and more. But have you ever heard about the process behind your favorite caffeine-filled drink?

There’s actually something called “coffee bloom” which is when water hits roasted coffee beans. This causes the release of carbon dioxide gas and causes those delicious coffee aromas to escape.

In this article, we’re going to discuss why coffee blooms and what can cause it to happen.

So, What Is It?

what is coffee bloom

Coffee “bloom” or coffee “blooming” is when water comes in contact with roasted coffee beans, causing them to release carbon dioxide gas. This is what causes those delicious aromas of coffee to escape as they’re trapped in the bean and the water allows this gas (and the delicious smells) out into the world.

If you’ve ever seen a cup of black coffee being poured into a carafe or a french press, you probably saw some foam as well. This is also coffee bloom happening in the cup.

What Causes Coffee to "Bloom"?

coffee blooming

There are several reasons why coffee bloom happens in a cup of coffee:

When the water hits the beans, it’s basically opening them up and releasing those delicious aromas into the air.

The warmer the water is, the more carbon dioxide gas is released. This means that when you make your own iced coffee at home, using cold water isn’t the best idea if you want it to be more aromatic.

Coffee bloom is another way for coffee to release its CO2. You don’t want your cup of joe to be flat and not full of foam, so the blooming process makes this happen naturally.

Coffee is made up mostly of water by weight, so it makes sense that the more hot water is introduced to the beans, the more gas will come out.

What Are The Effects of Coffee "Blooming"?

coffee bloom effects

The effects of coffee bloom are that the water in your cup is more flavorful and aromatic. More foam means more aromas for you to enjoy as well!

Coffee blooming can be a sign of good quality beans, too. The “bloomy” characteristics with aroma are directly connected to the bean’s oils.

You may have a bean that has been losing its flavor over time, but when bloomed it will give off those rich aromas and oils once again.

How To "Bloom" Your Beans Properly

With The Pour Over Method

coffee bloom pour over

To experience the coffee bloom using the pour-over method, all you need is a cone-shaped dripper, filter, kettle of hot water, a cup and your favorite beans. The method is simple and straightforward:

Heat up the kettle of water. When it starts to boil, pour the water over the beans, into the cone-shaped dripper. The water will first go over the grounds before dripping into the cup.

The coffee should bloom within 15-20 seconds. Experiment with different types of beans and find what works for you!

The French Press Method

blooming coffee methods

Another way to bloom your beans is with the french press method. This method calls for a french press, coarse ground coffee, water just before boiling temperature, and a timer.

The process is as follows:

Put the coarse-ground coffee into your French press, then slowly pour the water onto the coffee. The bloom should happen within 15-20 seconds after pouring water on your grounds.

Check out our other guides to learn more about different brewing methods.



Does blooming coffee make a difference?

Yes, blooming makes a huge difference in the flavor and aromaticness of your drink. Blooming coffee helps release CO2 gas from the beans and infuses more water for a better-tasting cup of coffee.

How long do you let the coffee bloom?

You should let your coffee bloom for 15-20 seconds after pouring hot water on it. This is just enough time to allow the gas contained in the beans to escape. If you let it bloom for too long, your coffee would be bitter and acidic. If you do not let it bloom properly, you will miss out on all of those delicious aromas and flavors!

Is blooming coffee necessary?

Blooming coffee is indeed necessary to make a good cup of brew. There are several ways to bloom while using different methods such as the french press and pour-over. You can try this method with your own variations to find what works best for you!

Last Thoughts

It’s no secret that coffee is a major part of many people’s lives. But there are so many different types of coffees and brewing methods out there, it can be hard to know where to start when you’re trying to find the perfect one for your morning brew.

Luckily, we have some advice on how you can bloom your coffee beans using various brewing techniques like pour-over or french press – these tips will help release the maximum aroma from your freshly ground beans!