What Is A Coffee Cherry? And How To Use It

what is a coffee cherry

Coffee is one the most common beverages in the world, but do you know what a coffee cherry is? Coffee cherries are the fruit of the coffee plant. These cherries will ripen and turn red, before they are picked by the farmer and processed to extract its seeds (called coffee beans) from the skin.

In this article we will talk about what a coffee cherry is and how it can be used! We will also talk about the different ways you can use coffee cherries in your everyday life, their use in relation to brewing coffee and many more interesting tidbits on this tasty fruit.

The Coffee Cherry

But first, let’s define what coffee cherries are. Coffee cherries are the fruit of a coffee plant (Arabica or Robusta).

Coffee cherries are typically very small and grow in groups, with each group containing between 5 – 20 cherries.

Growing Coffee Cherries

Growing you own coffee cherries can be a real treat. Growing coffee cherries is not as difficult as it seems, you just need to add the right conditions for coffee cherries to grow.

The three main requirements for growing a healthy coffee plant are:

  • Sunlight
  • Temperature and Climate Conditions
  • Watering And Nutrients

If you are in an area where the temperature is not suitable for growing coffee plants, then you can grow a cold resistant variety of coffee cherries; such as arabica or robusta, these types of coffee plants can survive temperatures as low as 18 degrees Celsius.

The other way to grow your own coffee cherries is to plant them in a greenhouse, this will help with the temperature but it also means that their growing time will be much longer than if you were to plant them outside.

Coffee Cherry Taste

The flavor of coffee cherries differs greatly from that of coffee beans. Coffee cherries taste similar to chocolate, mildly flavored and sweet, but don’t be fooled by their small size because they still contain amounts of caffeine!

The flavor of a coffee cherry is determined by the variety; some varieties are sweeter and more productive than others. When you pick your coffee cherry it will be red in color from the outside, after it has been processed from the fruit of the tree the inside will have light green color which is bitter in taste.

Brewing Coffee Cherries

Coffee cherry is the fruit that is extracted during the brewing process before the beans are imported. You can use coffee cherries in many ways, such as drinking it on its own or mixing it with other ingredients like chocolate or cream to make a delicious mocha drink.

Coffee cherry makes a great addition to smoothies and almost any coffee drink you would like to mix, with just a little added sugar or sweetener depending on your taste preference.

The caffeine content in coffee cherries is very low, which means that if you have sensitive stomach’s then coffee cherry can be used as a natural alternative to prevent an upset stomach caused by the excessive amount of caffeine.

Use of Coffee Cherries In Everyday Life

what is a coffee cherry

Coffee cherries are used in many different ways. It can be used in coffee as a flavoring and sugar free alternative to taste the real rich flavor of coffee, or to add a special taste one could want for a specific recipe.

The most common application is the extraction of caffeine into the special drinks that result from it.

Other ways you can use them are :

  • In food and drink.
  • Coffee cherries can be used in baking. Making cakes, pies and muffins uses the flesh of the coffee cherry.
  • Coffee cherries can be used to replace chocolate in baking recipes which give a yummy chocolatey flavor in your cakes and other sweets that you bake at home.

Coffee Cherry Benefits

Coffee Cherry benefits are many; they are great for those who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stop using caffeine, but they can also be used as a substitute to make your daily dose of coffee when you need something sweet or like that chocolatey flavor in your drink, thanks to its high concentration of antioxidants.


Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

FAQ image

What Kind of Fruit is The Coffee Cherry?

It’s a drupe. A drupe is a fruit type that is fleshy with a hard skin. The fleshy part grows around an inner shell, called the pit, which contains one or more seeds. For example, almonds and olives are also drupes.

Are Coffee Cherries Poisonous?

Coffee cherries are not poisonous, they are actually quite delicious. They do contain a small amount of caffeine, though the caffeine content is very low.

Is Coffee A Fruit or Nut?

Some people think that coffee is a fruit but it is not. Coffee beans are seeds from certain fruits called Coffea Arabica or Coffea Canephora ( Also known as Robusta Coffee ).

The cultivar of coffee grows on a plant that has high genetic stability (similar to bananas and other potted plants). Coffee seeds contain less caffeine than those of other coffee fruits. Coffee beans also differ from cacao beans in their bitter taste and the absence of a cocoa nib.

Where do Coffee Cherries Come From?

Coffee cherries grow on trees. These trees usually have berries and leaves that are green or brown. Coffee cherries usually grow in a cluster of 2 to 5 cherries. The average size of a coffee cherry is about 1 inch in diameter, and dark red in color with green stems attached to it.

Last Thoughts

Coffee cherries are great for all. From keeping to your healthy lifestyle, you can use it as a natural sweetener and an alternative to caffeine or even if you just want to bake a yummy chocolate cake, coffee cherries are the perfect ingredient.

All in all coffee cherries have many benefits and uses, there is no excuse not to give them a try!

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