Best Ways to Fix A Cracked Coffee Pot

We have all been there. You walk into the kitchen and you see that your coffee pot has a crack in it. The question is what do you do? Do you just give up on your daily fix of caffeine or go through the hassle of trying to find out how to fix a broken coffee pot for good?

First off, let’s get one thing straight: there is no way to completely repair a broken coffee pot. However, most cracks are small and can be temporarily fixed by using some simple household items like tape or glue. The below methods will show you how!

Using Glue

how to fix a cracked coffee pot

Yes, you can use glue to fix a broken coffee pot. It’s actually pretty easy to do if you have some glue and a little patience. First off, let’s talk about the type of glue that you should use.

What you want to use is epoxy glue or any kind of household glue that will hold the two sides together. Let’s get started!

1. Epoxy Glue Method:

First, pour a generous amount of the epoxy in the exact spot where the coffee pot is broken and then wait for it to dry. This will take anywhere from 15 minutes to half an hour, depending on how much glue you used.

When the glue gets dry, make sure the crack is sealed by filling it with water or just using your finger.

2. Hot Glue Method:

Now, if you do not want to use epoxy because it is too messy or you are worried about the chemicals that may be present in the glue, then you can always try a hot glue method.

Take your hot glue pistol and gently apply glue to the crack and wait for it to dry. Check the crack regularly to make sure that no water or coffee leaks through.

Using Tape

how to fix a cracked coffee pot

If you need something quicker and easier than using glue, then tape may be your best bet. Taping a cracked coffee pot together is not difficult at all, but it does require some patience. Let’s take a look!

1. Cover the crack with tape:

First off, make sure that you have some strong clear packing tape on hand and try to cover the cracks with it without leaving any sticky residue behind. This will save you some time and make the project a lot easier overall.

2. Fit the Parts Correctly:

Once your tape is on the pot, try to fit the parts together and if they do not connect easily, then place tape over all of the cracks and smooth it out so that there are no bumps or wrinkles. Repeat this step until your two pieces fit together like a puzzle piece!

3. Test the tape:

If you notice that the tape is preventing your coffee pot from working properly, then you can always remove it! Remember, there is no shame in trying and failing, so don’t feel bad if you need to try again!

Buy Another Coffee Pot

If you are not satisfied with the methods above, then you can always purchase a new coffee pot altogether. Thankfully, a good coffee pot costs only a few dollars and will last you several years if you take care of it.

Don’t forget that coffee pots are one of the most used kitchen appliances, so it is important that you choose a good one to make your coffee-making life easier!

Replace Your Coffee Pot

fix your cracked coffee pot

if your coffee pot still has a warranty left on it, then you can contact the manufacturer and ask for a replacement. This is especially helpful if you need a specific coffee pot or if your coffee pot is broken beyond repair and you can’t find the parts to fix it.



Can you fix a cracked coffee pot?

It depends on how bad the crack is! There are a few different ways to temporarily fix a broken coffee pot: using tape, glue, or getting a new one. If your coffee pot has a small crack, then you may be able to use some packing tape or glue to attach it back together.

Are coffee pots tempered glass?

Yes, coffee pots are tempered glass! This means that your coffee pot is strong and durable, but it can break if you don’t take care of it! That’s why it is important that you keep your coffee pot clean and take care of it regularly.

Can coffee pots explode?

Yes, they can explode! If your coffee pot is in a bad shape and you forgot it on the stove for a long time, then it can explode! This is an extreme case, but you should always keep your eye on your coffee pot and avoid leaving it on the stove.

Last Thoughts

If your coffee pot is cracked, don’t worry! You have options. The fix-it method that works best for you will depend on how badly the glass has shattered or if there are any cracks in other parts of the coffee maker.

In some cases, it may be too difficult to repair and you’ll need to buy a new one instead.

We hope that you found this article helpful! Remember to take care of your things and don’t try something if you’re not sure that it’ll work.