15 Interesting Things to Do With Leftover Coffee

things to do with leftover coffee

If you’ve sipped your coffee but also have some left in the cup, don’t throw it away. Try out these imaginative ways to use leftover coffee in cakes, meals, beverages, and other things.

Sometimes, you prepare more coffee than you can consume. While it may be easy to simply pour away what is really remained in your coffee maker, you should not do it, since you could be using it in different ways and varieties like cooking etc.

You would not know what else to do with leftover coffee, but the best part is how you can employ it in a variety of dishes, from baked products and sweets like tiramisu to caramelized ice cubes and handmade scrubs or even designed candles!

The List!

What To Do With Leftover Coffee
Ice Cubes
Bake A Cake
Quick Cold Brew
Alcohol Coffee Cocktail
Coffee Pancakes
Ground Fertilizer
Oatmeal Coffee
Iced Soda
Salad Dressing
Protein Coffee Smoothie
Frosting Cream
Coffee Ice Cream
Coffee Handmade Scrub
Fridge Odor Coffee Cleanse
Coffee Scented Candles

1. Ice Cubes

Freeze coffee in ice cubes, then mix the cubes in iced coffee or with hot milk.

2. Bake A Cake

Make the best coffee brownies or cake as coffee is already in many delicious desserts like creamy tiramisu or muffins.

3. Quick Cold Brew

Freeze it and make iced coffee with it. Alternatively, place any remaining coffee in the freezer and drink it several hours or days later.

4. Alcohol Coffee Cocktail

What if you don’t have any coffee liqueur to make an Espresso Martini or a Kalua Coffee Alcohol? It is simple to create your own. Creating a delicious easy syrup with coffee and brown sugar will make every cocktail super delicious and handmade.

Pour your liquor—rum, tequila, or brandy will do—and seasonings like cinnamon and orange or any citrus, and let it soak in a glass jar in the freezer for several days. From there, you could include it into drinks.

5. Coffee Pancakes

Simply pour 2 or 3 teaspoons in your 1 cup of flour and butter mix, add 1 egg and 3 tbs of sugar and a hint of baking powder, whisk everything until you get a creamy smooth texture and you are ready, to make your tasty pancakes.

6. Ground Fertilizer

Coffee includes magnesium and calcium, that function as essential vitamins. To notice beneficial effects, apply watered coffee to your flowers once or probably twice a week.

Carefully water down your coffee with freshwater firstly, then dump the remainder of your container (as far as it’s black coffee) over your flower pots. Caffeine in watery form is a nitrogen supply for plants, promoting tough, healthy plants.

7. Oatmeal Coffee

Oatmeal goes perfectly with some warm coffee, milk or your favorite milk substitute (vegan option),cinnamon, a smashed banana or apple! Start your day with something super nutritious.

8. Iced Soda

Mix together 6 ounces cooled leftover coffee, a little basic syrup, lemon juice, and a drop of soda with some mint leaves, and pour over ice.

9. Salad Dressing

You may benefit from the acidity of leftover coffee by preparing a salad vinaigrette which really is a mixture of oil and acidity. In replacement of coffee, try reducing the quantity of vinegar in your preferred salad dish.

In a small cup mix oil, 2 scoops of mayo, 4 scoops of honey mustard, add a splash of vinegar or balsamic, salt and paper, and of course 2 tablespoons of the leftover coffee!

10. Protein Coffee Smoothie

Combine a couple coffee ice cubes or leftover coffee, a banana and your preferred protein powder (vanilla or cocoa perform well), and some sugar free milk or your favorite milk substitute (vegan option) in a blender. Blend everything for the best morning of caffeine kicking in!

11. Frosting Cream

Top your baked cake or muffins with a dash of cocoa/caramel/vanilla coffee cream!

If you’re creating a simple frosting formula, replace a few tablespoons of brewed coffee for the fluid substance for the recipe (mixed with chocolate or vanilla extract or syrup), and you’ll get a delightful coffee-flavored dessert or cupcake decoration.

12. Coffee Ice Cream

Pick your favorite ice-cream like vanilla, chocolate or caramel and add your leftover coffee. Trust me this is my fav afternoon dessert that is quick and extremely delicious like an affogato, but in 1 minute!

13. Coffee Handmade Scrub: Hair and Body

In a cup, add your coffee, half a cup of sugar, a dash of honey and olive oil until you get a creamy but wet sand like texture. You can exfoliate your skin naturally but you can also add this mix into your hair if you don’t add the sugar for velvety and healthy, soft, silky and strong hair!

14. Fridge Odor Coffee Cleanse

Place a cup of coffee uncovered inside your fridge and it will absorb any bad smell! Leftover coffee grounds, undoubtedly, are at the base of the odor-absorbing food chain.

15. Coffee Scented Candles

As you melt your wax to create your candle, instead of adding any other extract with artificial smells that some might not be the best for your respiratory health, try adding the leftover coffee!

That way you can give it a perfect refreshing smell and also a cute beige to brown color for an aesthetic beige pallet design. Make your homemade coffee candle if you’d like to get a bit artsy and putting your coffee grounds to excellent use!


FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions!


Will My Leftover Coffee Taste the Same?

Yes. Before you begin repurpose that extra coffee, there are some things to keep in mind. Initially, as it sits out and oxidizes, coffee starts getting acidic.

Is It Dangerous to Drink Leftover Coffee?

Coffee does not expire in the very same way that milk does. The absence of aroma, rather than the presence of a rotting odor, characterizes old coffee grounds. If that was what you’ve been thinking, old coffee isn’t unsafe to drink; it’s simply distasteful.

Is It Possible to Store Leftover Coffee?

If you want to save as much cash as possible, store your leftover coffee in a closed jar in the fridge and reheat it the next day. However your coffee will not taste the same after being reheated.

Is It Possible to Get Food Poisoning From Old Coffee?

You will not get ill from outdated coffee only if it’s rotten. Although, you can still consume coffee past its expiration date, it is highly not recommended

Last Thoughts

Leftover coffee can boost the flavor of many foods and beverages, but also can create beautiful artsy crafts and help you reuse it in various clever ways!

You will still save wastage by using leftover coffee, but you will also liven up your daily foods and have a lot of variety when it comes to tasting your everyday dishes

It’s easy to lose track of how much coffee you are preparing, but above all else you should keep in mind that nothing should be wasted when it comes to coffee and its leftovers. That way you will be able to save time and money, without having to do extra tasks.

Coffee lovers, enjoy our list!

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