Coffee With An Attitude: 10 Specialty Coffee Drinks

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Specialty coffee refers to coffee beans that have been harvested, processed, and roasted with the utmost care and with the use of sustainable methods. The popularity of these beans has risen so much that it has given way to creating many specialty coffee drinks. These drinks and the methods used to brew the coffee are designed to enhance the flavor and aroma of the specialty coffee beans and offer you a truly unique coffee experience!

Coffee is more than just a drink for most people. It’s their morning wake-up; it’s how they start their day and get moving. But what if you could change the way your coffee tastes? What if you could add some flavor to it without adding any sugar or milk?

You can, by ordering specialty drinks at your favorite coffee shop that are made with beans that have been roasted in different ways to bring out different flavors! In today’s blog post, I will explore ten specialty coffee drinks that genuinely enhance the taste of your coffee and take it to the next level.

What is Speciality Coffee?

Specialty Coffee Drinks

Specialty coffee is a term you have probably heard before but do not know what it means. Specialty coffee refers to the highest quality of coffee beans available, and a few different factors contribute to this designation.

First of all, specialty coffee is small-batch roasted so that each bean is still very fresh when purchased from the roaster – unlike mass-produced brands, which may sit on shelves for weeks or months before being sold. In addition, specialty coffee has been graded according to flavor profiles by professionals in an official cupping ceremony where specific regions of origin and processing methods can be determined with great accuracy.

The more time and effort to produce the best possible cup of joe, the “special” it becomes. Specialty coffee has gotten on the radar of foodies everywhere, both for its superior taste and sourced from developing countries making an affordable luxury accessible to everyone.

The availability of specialty coffee has helped give rise to several different drinks that bring out all the unique flavors and aromas of the magical coffee beans. Here are ten of those drinks:

The Chemex

the chemex specialty coffee

Peter Schlumbohm invented the Chemex in 1941 while he was working on developing an easier way to make coffee other than the Moka Pot. What makes the Chemex unique is the filter – made out of thick paper instead of metal or cloth mesh used in drip brewers at that time.

Coffee brewed with the Chemex is generally very clean – meaning that you will taste more of what you are trying to taste without interference from weird flavors or acidity coming from poorly roasted beans or bad brewing methods.

Today, you can order a Chemex coffee almost in any specialty coffee shop! This method is excellent on lighter roasts and different types of coffees which might be acidic in other methods such as Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and Guatemalan Antigua. A genuinely remarkable brewer to bring out the clarity of your coffee!

The V60

V60 specialty coffee drink

The V60 traces its origins back to Japan. It was designed by Hario, one of the biggest manufacturers of coffee gear in the world.

It’s hard not to notice the V60; most coffee shops using the V60 have it proudly displayed on the counter, right next to the grinder.

What makes this brewer so unique? Hint: there isn’t just one thing that defines its quality, which is part of what makes it so attractive. Yes, the paper filter helps ensure purity by preventing any sludge from making its way into your cup. But beyond this technicality lies a unique ability to extract flavor from coffee while preserving sweetness and acidity – something all too rare with home drip brewers.

Its most defining feature is the flat bottom with ridges that create air bubbles, making it easier for hot water to seep through and do its job. So next time you are in a specialty coffee shop, go ahead and order a V60, and you will understand what I am talking about!

The AeroPress

specialty aeropress

Aeropress is a brewer designed for making coffee by forcing water through ground beans. It’s typically made out of polycarbonate, plastic, or metal, making it very durable and easy to clean after use.

The main strength of this method lies in its simplicity and the ability to prepare an excellent cup of coffee with little effort quickly and no equipment other than the Aeropress itself. Other benefits include quickness (the process takes between two and six minutes) and versatility (especially compared to other methods).

This brewer produces similar results with espresso machines, leading many shops specializing in good quality specialty coffee to provide Aeropress on their menus alongside traditional espresso-based beverages.

The Cold Drip

cold drip specialty coffee

Cold drip coffee is a type of coffee that’s made using the method to extract the flavor. Cold drip takes around 4-12 hours to be ready, which makes its taste sweeter and smoother compared with traditional hot brewed coffee.

Despite the time it takes for this process to complete, many specialty coffee shops still choose to serve cold drip because it has improved the tastes of their coffee immensely.

The Cold Brew

cold brew specialty

Cold Brew Coffee is a modern approach to brewing coffee. It creates a rich, less acidic, and more smooth drink, getting increasingly popular over the last few years. The cold brew process works by steeping coarsely ground beans for an extended period in water at a low temperature.

This means that there’s never any heat involved – which also keeps all of the natural oils from making their way into your cup. Once complete, you’ll be left with the sweet and concentrated liquid gold that contains no bitterness and is smoother than anything we’ve ever tried before!

These days many specialty coffee shops even make and sell their brand of cold brew. A must-try!

The Nitro Cold Brew

nitro cold brew

Nitro cold brew coffee is an iced coffee that involves a process similar to that for draft beer. The finished drink has a very smooth taste and creamy mouth-feel, which comes from the nitrogen-infused into it as it flows through the tap.

Nitro cold brew is a great way to drink specialty coffee as it brings out the delicate notes in the beans.

The nitrogen is infused into the cold brew coffee as it pours through the tap, making it a creamy and smooth taste. In addition, the bubbling helps to create a flavourful drink with no bitterness or acidity. You will find this drink in most specialty coffee shops, especially during the hot summer months!

The Classic Espresso

specialty espresso

Espresso is a small shot of coffee, typically 1 or 2 oz, that’s made using a high-pressure espresso machine. It is known as the “King of Coffee” because it is a more prosperous and bolder version of coffee with an intense flavor, which can be bitter if you don’t properly prepare it.

The espresso method is a great way to enjoy specialty coffee because it extracts the oils and essences of the coffee beans, delivering a delicious taste that’s not found in regular drip-brewed coffee.

The Long Black

specialty long black

There are a variety of reasons why the long black coffee is so popular. The coffee is brewed by pulling an espresso shot and pouring it on top of hot water. This mixing of the espresso and hot water gives a more even flavor throughout.

The coffee is a full-bodied cup because it takes advantage of slow brewing. The water in the bottom chamber is heated and forced up through the ground beans, which traps many oils and flavors, giving it a rich flavor.

This is an excellent drink for lovers of specialty espresso because it enhances all the flavors of the coffee while also lasting longer than an espresso shot.

The Flat White

specialty flat white

This drink was invented in Australia or New Zealand at the beginning of the 80s, and it immediately achieved great success.

The Flat White Coffee is an optimal mix of espresso, milk, and foam. However, its preparation requires skill because the combination of ingredients must be perfect for a creamy result with no giant bubbles but a very defined texture.

The reason is so popular is due to the perfect balance between coffee and milk. While the milk overpowers the flavor of coffee in other coffee drinks like the latte and the cappuccino, the flat white allows the characteristics of the espresso shot to shine through.

You will find flat whites in any specialty coffee shop that knows what they are doing!

The Macchiato

specialty caramel macchiato

Macchiato, meaning marked/stained in Italian – refers to a specific espresso and milk-based coffee drink. Macchiato refers to any coffee “stained” with milk or cream. The barista usually pulls the espresso shot, then froths milk and only uses the foam to “stain” the espresso cream using a spoon.

This is a great drink to serve with specialty coffee beans because the amount of milk is so little it doesn’t overshadow the nuanced flavors of the coffee bean!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fanciest coffee drink?

It depends on what you mean by fanciest. If you think which drink will bring out the coffee beans’ unique flavors, then many drinks can do that, based on your personal preference.

What matters is what type of coffee you are using to make those drinks, and specialty coffee is your best bet!

What are the most popular coffee drinks?

Coffee is enjoyed very much around the world. Learning about the most popular coffee drinks can help you figure out how to make a variety of different coffee drinks that will suit your taste buds perfectly. The most popular coffee drinks include:

  • Espresso-based drinks: Long black, cappuccino, flat white, latte, mocha, cortado, macchiato
  • Filter drinks: batch brew, V60, Aeropress, Chemex, Moka Pot, French Press
  • Iced drinks: Iced Latte, Iced Macchiato, Iced Japanese Brew
  • Cold drinks: Cold Brew, Cold Drip, Nitro Cold Brew

Last Thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article about the world of specialty coffee. As we have learned, there are many different drinks to try, and everyone has a unique flavor. If you don’t know where to start or want more details on any particular drink, feel free to reach out! And remember – if it’s not fun for us, it won’t be fun for anyone else, so enjoy!

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