Most Commonly Occurring Problems When Using Delonghi Coffee Machine

delonghi machine common problems
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Delonghi coffee machines are some of the most popular on the market. The brand has a strong history of creating excellent machines.

In recent years, they’ve become really popular among coffee aficionados looking for a way to create barista-style coffees at home.

No manufacturer can promise that their machines are never going to cause issues. Most of them need a bit of maintenance, and over time they can become a little less reliable.

It’s like owning a car, without troubleshooting problems and regularly getting your vehicle serviced then you’re going to run into the odd issue with your coffee maker.

Luckily, we’ve collected some of the most common issues with Delonghi coffee machines and how you can fix them!

1) The Machine Lacks Pressure

delonghi machine common problems
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Without the right level of pressure, your coffee machine might struggle to extract coffee properly and make a drink that tastes as good as you’re expecting. You may also not get enough water pushed through.

It is worth trying descaling your machine as it may be lacking pressure due to clogs or build-ups. If the machine still lacks pressure, then it could be because of a leak, so you need to check for visible leaks.

If the machine is under warranty, a leak can often be fixed by the manufacturer. In extreme cases, the pump itself might need replacing.

Unless you are very comfortable with repairing electrical items, you may need to get to a professional repair shop or get advice from the manufacturer.

2) The Coffee Machine is Excessively Noisy

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Coffee machines do make some noise. This is inevitable, but if you feel like your Delonghi machine is making excessive noise, it could be a sign that not everything is working as it should be.

The likely cause is that as the machine vibrates, components are moving around and causing extra noise. Check if it is something on your worktop that is causing the noise. You may even be able to put your machine on a mat to soak up some of the vibrations.

It could also be that the water tank has not been reinserted properly, and this can vibrate and cause excessive noise. It’s important to remember that there will be some noise, so unless it is extreme there may not even be a problem.

3) Not Enough Coffee is Dispensed

If coffee is not coming through and releasing into your cup, there can be a few reasons for this. You may need to change filters in dripper styles of coffee machines. Even reusable ones may have become clogged.

The most likely problem is a build-up within the mechanism, so it is best if you run the “decalcification” process on your machine. Follow the instructions that come with your Delonghi coffee machine to work descale or decalcify.

This usually involves pushing water through the pipes with high pressure to flush them out.

You can also use a decalcifying solution, run through the machine, to neutralize any build-ups and help to get your serving sizes back up where they should be.

It helps if you use a water filter in the long term as this will help to stop the pipes from getting clogged up.

4) Coffee is Too Weak (or Too Strong)

delonghi machine common problems
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If your problem is as simple as the coffee not being brewed strong enough, there are a few things you can do. The extraction time is likely to be fine, especially if your Delonghi coffee machine is relatively new. So, try altering the grind type.

 If you are buying pre-ground coffee, you might need to buy a finer coffee for an espresso-type drink, or coarser coffee to extract over longer periods of time.

If the strength of the coffee is still inconsistent, check that there is no problem with the filter and that the water is passing through at a steady rate. If not, the steps above to descale can be helpful.

5) There is a Visible Leak

It can be a nightmare if you turn on your coffee machine and you find that water spurts out and makes a mess. Perhaps water is coming out of the tank or there is an issue internally.

The first step is to work out where the leak is coming from. Usually, the culprit is an ill-fitting water tank. Check that there isn’t anything blocking the connection, and that it has clicked into place properly before use.

If you still find that there are leaks, it could be the internal connections. This can be a larger job. If the product is still under warranty, you definitely shouldn’t take it apart and try to fix it yourself, instead, contact the manufacturer for more guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ


How long should a DeLonghi coffee machine last?

A DeLonghi coffee machine should last for at least five to eight years. Usually, the life of your DeLonghi coffee machine is determined by how well you maintain it. These machines are very easy to get to grips with and, unless you are doing something wrong, they should not break down on a frequent basis.

Is DeLonghi a good brand for coffee machines?

Yes! DeLonghi is known for producing top-class coffee machines. They have a wide range of options, like fully automatic espresso machines or drip coffee makers.

DeLonghi also makes extremely innovative machines that have a lot of features. Regardless of your budget, there is a DeLonghi coffee machine that will fit your needs!

What is wrong with my DeLonghi coffee machine?

Most commonly, customers have a problem with the pump rather than the machine itself. They can be temperamental if they are not running water through every day or two. There is also an issue of certain parts becoming old and worn out over time.

The best advice here is to contact DeLonghi customer services straight away so that they can help you. It is worth mentioning that these machines all come with a warranty, so if you purchased the machine within the last 12 months then you should be able to get it looked at for free.

If you are out of warranty, you will need to pay for any service work that could require replacing parts or doing more in-depth work.

Last Thoughts- Common Issues That May Occur

The problems that may crop up with your coffee machine can often vary depending on which model you own.

If you’ve invested a lot of money in your Delonghi machine, it is a good idea to get the professionals to make any repairs rather than attempting to do it yourself.

Always refer to the manual for information on maintenance and warranty.

We hope that you have found this guide useful and we wish you the best of luck with your coffee machine!

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