Moka Pot vs Nespresso Capsules: Which Tastes Better?

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It all depends on your own preference and what you need. If you are looking for something quick, convenient, and not as pricey then a moka pot would be the way to go. But if you are looking for something that is more refined, doesn’t make a huge mess like a stovetop espresso machine, then Nespresso capsules would be the way to go.

If you want to make and excellent cup of thick espresso coffee, one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is whether or not, you want to make it while using the moka pot or to simply use nespresso capsules. There are many pros and cons for both, which we’ll discuss in detail below so keep scrolling to see what suits your skills and time better.

The Moka Pot

moka pot vs nespresso capsules

The most popular type of stovetop espresso machine is the moka pot. A moka pot makes espresso by forcing water through grounds packed in a filter that is held in a container with a spout.

Moka pots were originally made in the 1930s by Alfonso Bialetti, but with time the company began producing electric models instead of heat-generating ones. You can now find moka pots anywhere from food stores to gas stations.

Moka Pot Taste

The taste of moka pot espresso is strong and robust, but not as intense as that of nespresso capsules. When making a moka pot espresso, you will be able to see the water pass through the grounds and into the container. This can result in a varied-tasting shot each time it is made.

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Moka Pot Brewing Time

A moka pot brews coffee very quickly, meaning the water often has to be heated up pretty high. It’s best not to mind the quick brewing time, but to think of it as a perk. If you want to drink something more quickly than an espresso normally takes, then you can make a quick moka pot brew in no time at all.

Why Choose The Moka Pot?

One of the most common reasons why people choose a moka pot is because of its extremely low price. Moka pots can be bought for less than $20 – $30, which makes them much more affordable than nespresso capsules.


The Nespresso Capsules

moka pot vs nespresso capsules

Nespresso capsules are what nespresso’s coffee machines use to make their coffee. Nespresso claims to use “the best arabica beans in a perfect roast, made with the finesse of a master roaster.” They sell different types of capsules based on the strength and flavor profiles of the coffee beans they want you to use.

Nespresso Capsules Taste

The coffee made from nespresso capsules tastes similar to the overpriced coffee you find in upscale american coffee shops. Some reviewers even claim they taste better than the coffee at starbucks, but that might just be a matter of opinion.

The nespresso vanilla-flavored capsules were ranked as the 8th best instant coffee by flavor and style magazine, with a score of 94 out of 100.

Nespresso Brewing Time

A nespresso coffee maker needs more than a minute to brew. They take about 1-2 minutes to brew and another minute or so to heat up after brewing.

Many people think that the reason why a nespresso coffee tastes better than instant coffee is because it is brewed at optimal temperatures and a longer time, but that’s not true, according to the nespresso website itself.

Why Choose Nespresso Capsules?

You can make about 20 mugs of coffee with a nespresso coffee capsule pack. Nespresso machines are more expensive than your average coffee maker but you can get a nespresso machine for less than $150 on amazon.


Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

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Is Nespresso better than Moka?

No… A lot of reviewers say that they prefer moka pots over nespresso. The reason is that you can buy a moka pot for $20-30 and make a decent cup of coffee in it. Moka pots also offer some flexibility to the way you make your coffee (you can pour your hot water from the top).

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Can you get crema with Moka pot?

No. Moka pots do not create the crema that you get from a typical espresso, because the moka pot brewing method traps the flavors of your coffee underneath it and doesn’t allow it to foam up. Most people don’t like drinking espresso without crema.

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Last Thoughts

Just keep in mind, that the best way to make a quality coffee, comes down to your own preference and skills. If you want to drink your coffee quickly, then go for an inexpensive moka pot machine.

But if you want your coffee to taste as fresh as possible and you have a little more budget to spend, then nespresso capsules might be better for you,to save time too,as the process is super easy and plain.

There are also many other types of coffee and coffee machines out there besides moka pots and nespresso capsules, but those are certainly two of the most popular ones that most people are familiar with.

We hope you enjoyed this article as much as we did!

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