The Complete Guide to Moka Pot Sizes

The Short Answer:

There are five different Moka Pot sizes. The traditional 1 cup size, 3 cups, 6 cups, 9 cups, and 12. A larger Moka Pot will obviously produce more coffee than a smaller one. But the most common choice among coffee lovers is usually the 3 cup size Moka Pot.

Moka pots are a type of stovetop espresso maker. They work by brewing coffee under pressure from steam that builds up in the pot, after being heated on a stove.

There are many different sizes to choose from and they differ based on how much coffee you want to make at once.

This post will cover each size of the Moka pot and what it is best for! Interested? Keep reading below!

1. The 1 Cup Size Moka Pot

moka pot sizes

This is the traditional Moka pot. It’s small, but ideal for a single serving. If you’re looking to drink your coffee on the go or just have an extra-small cup of coffee in the morning time, this is the perfect choice for you!

All that’s needed is 3 minutes on the stove and you’ve got 1 cup of your favorite coffee.

It is also very easy to clean! It saves a lot of time ensuring there isn’t any extra residue or sticky mess. This makes it ideal for anyone who doesn’t have much time in the morning!

Fun Fact: This is what you’ll find in most coffee shops nowadays. It’s a lot more time-efficient for them to make a Moka pot than using an espresso machine, and they don’t need a larger size! This pot is made of aluminum or stainless steel-and it is very lightweight.

2. The 3 Cup Size Moka Pot

moka pot sizes

This is a classic size among coffee drinkers. It’s the Moka pot most people are familiar with.

It’s worth noting that while this is the most common size, it’s still pretty small! This makes it great for a single person. If you need more coffee than 3 cups at once, though, you’ll have to look into the next two sizes!

The 3 cup is perfect for a single serving or 2 servings of coffee. The larger capacity also makes it perfect to use at dinner parties, as well as when your friends come over.

Not only that, but it’s also quite affordable! It is made almost entirely of stainless steel or aluminum, so it will last you a long time!

3. The 6 Cup Size Moka Pot

moka pot sizes

This is the most common size for the bigger family. It’s perfect for an extra-large serving of coffee.

The 6 cup Moka Pot is made up of mostly stainless steel. This makes it long-lasting and extremely durable. It will also retain heat well, ensuring that your coffee stays warm until you’re finished.

The only downside it has is that it’s harder to clean than the smaller Moka pots.

4. The 9 Cup Size Moka Pot

moka pot sizes

This is for anyone that wants an even more impressive number of cups! The 9 cup size creates around 5 large coffee servings or 8 medium-sized ones. This is a fantastic option if you want to make coffee for a bigger family.

It is strong, sturdy, and long-lasting. It won’t break down easily and will allow you to brew a lot of coffee over time!

One downside is that it’s harder to clean than its smaller counterparts. It’s also a bit harder to find than the 1, 3, and 6 cup sizes. But if you’re looking for one, you can definitely find it!

5. The 12 Cup Size Moka Pot

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This is like the ultimate coffee pot! It has a lot of cups for anyone that wants to use it for large gatherings and/or big reunions!

The amount of cups it makes is astounding. You’ll have a lot of coffee to drink, no matter how many people you’re serving!

It can retain heat really well. It will keep your coffee hot until everyone is finished with it so that you can share the love with friends and family.

The only downside is that extra cups mean more waiting! It takes a bit longer to brew. So if you don’t have a lot of time, this isn’t the best coffee pot for you.

Moka Pot Cups To Mugs

moka pot sizes

Moka Pot cup sizes are different from that of a regular coffee mug. Mugs are bigger and hold more coffee than a cup.

Most people use a mug for their morning coffee, so when you brew coffee with the Moka Pot you will need to remember that a cup is around 115ml.

Watch the image above to see the difference between a cup and a mug. It’s not much, but it’s enough to make you think twice!

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

How do you know what size Moka Pot to get?

You need to think about how much coffee you and/or your family drinks. If you’re making coffee for just yourself, then a 1 or 3 cup size is perfect for you.

A 6 cup Moka Pot will be good enough for a medium-sized family or a group of people who just drink a lot of coffee, like students and friends that get together to study.

How much coffee is in a 6 cup Moka?

A 6 cup Moka Pot will make around 3 mugs of coffee, with each cup 115ml. This is great if you like to share your coffee with friends!

How do you not burn a coffee Moka pot?

You should be careful with the time you brew your coffee. Moka pots are made of metal, and they heat up very quickly. To avoid burning it, don’t brew for more than 4 minutes on the stove.

Last Thoughts

In conclusion, the size of your Moka pot is determined by what you need to make.

If you’re making coffee for one or two people and want a quick cup, go with a smaller-sized. For cooking for 4-6 servings at once, use a 9-cup model as this will yield enough mugs per person without wasting any coffee grounds.

Larger pots are great if you plan on bringing lots of guests often because they can brew up to 12 cups worth of beverage in just minutes!

Whatever type of Moka pot best suits your needs and tastes, we hope that our guide has helped illuminate some key points about these delightful little machines. Good luck brewing!