Moccamaster Brewing Guide: A Detailed Approach

If you’re a coffee addict like me, then you know how hard it is to find the perfect brewing method. There are so many different types of machines and methods that each have their pros and cons.

In this blog post, I’ll be looking at one of my favorite coffee makers: The Moccamaster filter machine.

This particular device has been highly praised by leading baristas and is used in many houses by many people!

The Moccamaster Coffee Machine

The Moccamaster filter machine is an innovative brewer that has a number of features that make it the best drip coffee maker on the market.

It’s an automatic drip-coffee machine with a glass carafe. The carafe itself is made of heat-resistant, and dishwasher-safe glass.

The Moccamaster has a large shower head that evenly distributes hot water over the coffee grounds, which improves flavor extraction.

The first Moccamaster was designed in 1968 by Gerald Clement Smit in the Netherlands. The original design and concept are still used today but have been updated to meet modern brewing standards.

It is the current reigning champion in taste and quality testing of coffee makers, and if you’re a coffee connoisseur, then this is the coffee maker for you.

Let’s now take a look at how to brew a great cup of coffee with the Moccamaster!

How To Make Coffee With The Moccamaster

What You'll Need

-Moccamaster Coffee Maker

-A Grinder

-A Scale

-Moccamaster Paper Filters

-60 Grams of Coffee

-1 Liter of Filtered Water

-Your Favorite Mug/Mugs

Step By Step Process

Step 1: First fill the water tank with a liter of filtered water.  

Note: you should always use fresh filtered water to get the best flavor.

Step 2: Grind your favorite coffee beans to a coarse grind.

Step 3: Using the scale, measure out 60 grams of your ground coffee beans.

Step 4: Prepare the Moccamaster paper filter by folding it in half and inserting it into the basket.

Step 5: Pour a little bit of hot water inside your paper filter to remove the paper taste.

Step 6: Add your coarsely ground coffee to the basket.

Step 7: Power up your Moccamaster coffee machine. Place the water tank on top, and give it a few seconds to heat up.

Step 8: Once the water has heated add a little bit of hot water first to bloom your ground coffee. This step will help you to get a better flavor out of your coffee.

Step 9: Add the rest of the hot filtered water and let it brew for as long as it takes for the whole water to drip into the carafe.

Step 10: Once done, grab your favorite mug and pour yourself a delicious glass of great-tasting coffee!

This brewing guide is for a whole liter of coffee so don’t forget to call your friends or family to enjoy this great coffee!

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

FAQ image

How much coffee do you put in a Moccamaster?

To brew a liter of coffee the recommended ground coffee you need to put in the Moccamaster is 60 grams. This will give you a rich and bold coffee with very little sediment.

How long do I have to set the Moccamaster on?

Once you’ve poured the water into the tank and turned on your machine you can immediately wait for it to heat up. The time it takes for a Moccamaster to brew will depend on the amount of water put into the machine.

Is the Technivorm Moccamaster worth it?

The Technivorm Moccamaster is well worth it! The best part about this coffee maker is how fast and easy it is to get a quality cup of coffee. It’s also one of the most efficient brewers out there since it only uses the water that you need for your desired amount of cups. Compared to other drip machines, this will give you savings in both time and money!

Is Moccamaster still the best?

Moccamaster is still the best! The company has updated all of its coffee makers to meet modern brewing standards and created a machine that not only works well but also is convenient. They are committed to quality and offer a wide range of designs so there’s something for everyone. But you don’t have to take my word for it, just try it for yourself!

Where is Moccamaster made?

The Moccamaster machines are being made in Amerongen, a town located in the Netherlands. This is where the company was founded and where it began.

Is Moccamaster BPA free?

Yes, Moccamaster is BPA-free. This means that it can be used without having to worry about dangerous chemicals leaching into your coffee.

Last Thoughts

The Moccamaster coffee maker is a great machine for those who want the best of both worlds–a high-end design, and delicious tasting coffee. It’s easy to use, too!

With all these benefits, it should be no wonder why this well-loved product has been around since 1968.

We hope you liked this brewing guide and that we have answered all of your questions about Moccamaster.