How to Master the Moka Pot

master the moka pot

You can grind some regular coffee, pour water, and place it on the stove to heat up. You may do this (and I did!), but there’s a little more to it if you love a good cup of coffee.

Continue reading this article, to master the Moka Pot easily and with success!

By my own brew process tests I am able to create an amazing cup of coffee and is full of flavor and sweetness without the bitter hit. The issue is that I can only make a cup like this by allowing it to leak from the spout for a very short period of time.

But First…

What is a Moka Pot?

master the moka pot

The Moka Pot is a stovetop coffee machine invented by Luigi De Ponti in 1933 for Alfonso Bialetti. This modern art deco coffee maker was rapidly supported across Italy.

People praised it for bringing popular espresso-like coffee to the existing household, easy and quickly!

So, is it the same with typical Espresso?

Despite the nickname as “stovetop espresso makers,” Moka pots do not produce true espresso. It’s more like a resemble, still good tho!


What People Recommend?

Most people recommend switching off the heat and slowing the extraction just before it begins to ‘bubble’ and release smoke. By this point, I can tell you that the coffee is bitter – you wouldn’t even have to try it, you can smell it.

Other coffee lovers recommend stopping the extraction process until the coffee stream turns a honey yellow color – that’s too far for me, and my coffee may taste bitter as a result.

The Moka Pot Coffee Taste

Want espresso but can’t be at a cafe? The Moka Pot is already set. When I noticed it this way, I was satisfied since the Moka pot’s extraction is the nearest you can come to a high pressure (i.e., Espresso) extraction without an espresso device.

My Moka Pot Tips

How to Master the Moka Pot?​
When I detach the pot from the fire and run the bottom under a cold running water, I find that the coffee starts to come out of the spout more or less honey colored​
The cold tap greatly slows or prevents the upward movement of more water via the cap, eventually stopping the extraction until it turns bitter​
Pick your coffee: A medium-roast arabica and Robusta mix is ideal. Also, if possible, use fresh beans because you can grind those on a delicate level so they imitate fine sand.​
To make coffee which doesn’t taste bad, brew so little in comparison to what everyone else appears to get from their Moka Pots​
After all, keep an eye on the flow rate. The pressure rises as it heats, and you should only need to take it off the stove for several seconds to control the temperature and pressure​

Extra Tips to Master The Moka Pot

Grind is key

It should be more espresso-like. Better as you’d get in a coffee maker.

Bring the water to a boil

You can certainly put cold water in your Moka Pot and softly heat it on the burner. However, I discovered that this almost cooks the coffee and gives a bitterness to it.

Pre-boil water, then put it on the stove

Low heat, lid opened when you add your coffee powder!

Prepare your Moka Pot with 5 Easy Steps

Begin by unplugging the top and bottom of the basket and removing it from the bottom section. Filtered water should be filled up to the valve in the bottom chamber.​
Load the container box halfway with ground coffee, avoiding pushing it down and instead creating a kind of mountain with it. Securely twist the top on. Wipe off the Moka.​
Place the Moka on a low heat. Switch off the heat when you start hearing it bubble and let the coffee to fully brew.​
Raise the lid carefully to check that it has ended. After that, mix the coffee in the Moka to spread it evenly.​
Serve immediately in heated espresso cups. Serving size is about 60ml.​

Should I tamp Moka Pot?

To Master the Moka Pot, you must not tamp the coffee. These pots don’t really like the extra pressure that tamping will create thanks to the elevated density. This is why the steam valve should not be covered in water.

How do you get crema in Moka Pot?

My Way!
Check that you have a good espresso grind.
Fill the lower chamber halfway with hot water.​
Fill the container halfway with espresso and gently tamp it.​
Set the pot to mild heat.​
The coffee will start making its way out.​
I typically extract about 3/4 of a cup.​

What most people do!

Specialized Moka owners load the filter with coffee ground almost as fine as a professional espresso machine and tamp it before brewing to achieve crema.

Time To Make Moka Pot Coffee

The whole method will take no more than five minutes. Leave the lid open at this point to check that the coffee is extracting properly. Water can splutter gradually and steadily into the chamber as it is pushed up through the ground coffee.

Can I use Regular Coffee in a Moka Pot?

It is not exactly the same as espresso since it is produced at a far lower pressure than a skilled espresso maker.

However, if you use a high-quality coffee at the correct grind for moka pots (that is a medium grind, not as perfect as for an espresso machine), it will produce very successful results.


master the moka pot

Do Moka Pots Explode?

Moka pots do more than just soak coffee grounds under water. They create a massive amount of heat, which produces steam—and this pressure can be problematic if your brewer is in bad condition. So, make sure you have a good device!

Often the pressure is simply too much for the container, so it explodes too aggressively.

Is Moka Coffee as strong as Espresso?

New espresso machines use 8-10 bars of pressure to brew espresso. Based on the device, this is 5-10 times the pressure of a moka pot.

Yes, the coffee brewed by moka pots is powerful and as similar to espresso as you’ll get without having a real espresso machine, but it is not real espresso.


Last Thoughts

The Moka Pot is an interesting and strong coffee brewer. Even after the challenging difficulty path and confusing design, it’s worth investigating and learning.

With one by your side, you’ll be capable of making rich, smooth espresso-like coffee that can be enjoyed on its own or with flavorings like milk and sugar.

Why not to experiment a bit? Make your coffee and see how it tastes.



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