23 Tips to Make Your Coffee Taste Better!

Have you ever prepared a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, just to end up with a sour face that destroys your day because of its taste? Every one of us has been there.

Let’s take a look at some simple ways to improve the flavor of your coffee that everyone, regardless of experience can do.

Make Your Coffee Even Better

Are you ready to begin improving the flavor of your coffee? That’s great! Here is a compilation of a few of my favorite tips for boosting the flavor of your coffee.

Those tips are all easy enough to follow at home, so you will have no trouble making the coffee taste better than it has ever been!

Why Does My Coffee Never Taste as Great as the Coffee Made by My Barista?

And, despite popular belief, a barista-brewed coffee does not taste the way it does due to the barista’s preparation (this is a common misconception). It’s also not that he/she makes coffee with machines that cost more than a German car.

The answer is simple, and I’ll explain it in more detail later.

Why Coffee Tastes Better At A Coffee Shop?

It’s not that your homebrew isn’t good. It just isn’t as nice as the one from the barista in the coffee shop.

All those who tried to make healthy coffee at home had this experience. You try and try once more to make perfect coffee at home – coffee that tastes as amazing as what we get at our neighborhood coffee shop.

But First and Foremost, the Basis of Great Coffee

High-quality beans
A check scale and correct coffee tools and machinery
A burr grinder
You just grind what you need at the time
The beans are placed in a sealed container that is transparent and away from light, heat, and humidity
You must understand how to correctly press

The Secret to Great Coffee

There is a trick to making great coffee at home that you should be aware of.

It’s easier than you thought.

What exactly is it?

It’s a matter of… consistency!

1. Clean Your Coffee Machine

When Should I Clean My Coffee Machine?

Leftover coffee grounds and old water in your coffeemaker can easily sour the flavor of your coffee. Although you don’t have to clean it after every brew, you should clean your coffee maker on a regular basis.

Daily cleanings will remove any old coffee grounds that will damage the flavor of your coffee.

2. Use Filter Water

Why Filtered Water is Best For Coffee?

It is necessary to use high-quality water in your coffee because, after all, coffee is made up of 98 percent water.

Don’t use tap water and more specifically if it’s tough water which includes a lot of minerals like magnesium, fluoride, and calcium.

Although a tiny quantity of these minerals can add flavor to your coffee, too much will result in a plain cup of coffee. As a result, it is often better to drink filtered water.

3. Use Cold Water

What is the Best Water Temperature For Coffee?

You’re obviously wondering that hot coffee requires hot water. Although this is true for instant coffee, it is not the same when brewing.

In reality, the opposite is true. However, pouring cold water over ground coffee beans results in better-tasting coffee! So, start with cold or refrigerated water and let your coffee maker do the rest.

4. Perform A Trial Run

How To Check My Coffee Machine?

Before you even turn on any coffee machines, the water does not heat enough. This is particularly true of traditional drip coffee makers. Before your 2nd or 3rd brew, the water simply does not get hot enough. To increase the temperature of your water, try running pure water through the coffee machine first.

It will enable it, to fully heat up until you brew your coffee. It will also give it a fast rinse, removing any aged coffee grounds that could have stayed in the brewer.

5. Check Water Temperature

What is The Best Temperature Water For Coffee Brewing?

When it comes to temperatures, please ensure your water is between 194 – 206 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’re going to boil your own water, get a proper thermometer to calculate the temperature.

If you have a drip coffee maker that heats the water for you, ensure it is heating it to the correct temperature.

6. Make Sure Your Beans Are Fresh

make your Coffee Taste Better

The very first thing you can look for is freshness in your beans. If you’ve had them for quite a while, there’s a reasonable chance they’ve gone bad on you without your awareness.

If they are fresh but still taste outdated, you have to find a roaster that roasts their own beans rather than buying them pre-roasted from a coffee shop.

7. Store Beans Correctly

make your Coffee Taste Better

How to Store Coffee Beans?

If you want to buy a small amount of coffee every day, you’ll need a place to store your beans. Remember, never put them in the fridge, and invest in a jar that will hold the air out while they are waiting to be used.

However, don’t try to keep coffee for too long. Since coffee, no matter what you are doing, will gradually go bad.

8. Experiment With Other Beans

make your Coffee Taste Better

If you’ve completed everything else on this page, it might simply be the kind of beans you’re buying. Experiment with different roasters and coffee shops. Don’t be scared to try out different forms of coffee.

You may notice that you prefer a coffee that is not only fresher but also tastes better than your usual form of coffee beans.

9. Adjust The Grind

make your Coffee Taste Better

What is The Difference of Fine And Coarse Grind?

Don’t make more than one at a time, or you’ll never know why your coffee tasted so bad! You need to focus on one issue at a time. Make the grind a little finer or a little coarser. Also, take notes of how it tastes at that time. It should taste bitter if the grind is too fine. If it’s too rough, it’ll be sour.

Get the grind to the level that you can taste the smoothness. Often, take notes.

10. Its Brew Time!

So, you changed the grind and it now tastes a little nicer!

Then it’s time to brew.

Your brew methodology will decide the perfect brewing time, but here’s a handy guide to get you going.

Espresso Machine2 Minutes
Mocha Pot5 Minutes
AeroPress3-5 Minutes
French Press4 Minutes
Soft Brew4-8 Minutes
Coffee Bag2-6 Minutes
Vacuum Pot6 Minutes
Electric Percolator5-6 Minutes
Clever Dripper4 Minutes
Chemex4 Minutes
Hario V60 Dripper4 Minutes
Kalita Wave Dripper3 Minutes
Vietnamese Drip Filter4-5 Minutes
Melitta Ready Set Joe Dripper4-6 Minutes
Bee House Dripper4 Minutes
Cold Drip Brewing8-24 Hours
Cowboy Method6 Minutes
Turkish Coffee5 Minutes

11. Cocoa Powder (Unsweetened)

make your Coffee Taste Better

Is Cocoa Good for Coffee?

Is there anyone here who enjoys chocolate? This post is for you if you are one of them. To make a delicious mocha, add a teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa powder to your coffee.

It contains just 10 calories, but it brings a rich and dreamy taste to your daily coffee.

12. Honey

make your Coffee Taste Better

Does Coffee Go With Honey?

This is the simplest sugar substitute! It not only adds sweetness to your day, but it’s also high in antioxidants, providing a surprisingly good lift of polyphenols.

13. Nutmeg The Sweet Spice

make your Coffee Taste Better

Nutmeg has earthy flavors and a slight sweetness, so it goes well with coffee! But don’t overdo it: only a seed or two will do the trick.

14. Lemon or Orange Syrup or Juice

make your Coffee Taste Better

Does Orange Go With Espresso?

You may think that adding a citrus taste to an already acidic drink is a bad idea, but think again. A dash of orange or lemon juice will turn your cup of coffee into a fresh and new experience.

15. Vanilla Extract

make your Coffee Taste Better

Does Coffee Go With Vanilla?

A few drops of vanilla are enough to add a delicious and sweet taste to your coffee! Much better if you have a real vanilla bean! Put that in your coffee and see what a difference it makes.

16. Salt

make your Coffee Taste Better

Is Salted Coffee Good?

I’m sure you didn’t see that one coming! However, adding a bit of salt to your coffee will bring out its natural sweetness while also lowering its bitterness. You don’t have to go through sour coffee only because you can’t have milk or sugar.

17. Coconut/ Almond/ Soy Milk

make your Coffee Taste Better

There are several milks that will add flavor to your coffee. Try with nut milks for a healthy coffee!

These milk options whether almond, soy, or coconut, all give creaminess, richness, and unique tastes to your coffee.

18. Cinnamon

make your Coffee Taste Better

Is Cinnamon Good With Coffee?

Cinnamon is a great sugar substitute if you’re trying to reduce your sugar intake. It’s nutrient rich, aromatic, and contains far less calories than sugar! It also has a delicious flavor.

19. Coffee Ice Cubes

How to Make Coffee Ice Cubes?

If you have some leftover coffee from today, don’t throw it away! Put it into an ice cube tray and place it in the freezer.

Use today’s leftovers to make iced coffee for tomorrow. Coffee ice cubes are useful not only for coffee, but also for other cold drinks!

20. Make Your Own Creamer

make your Coffee Taste Better

How to Make Coffee Creamer At Home?

Did you know the creamer is nothing more than milk and vanilla? So, go forward and save some money by making your own by mixing and shaking a few drops of vanilla extract into milk.

21. Dye Your Cold Brew

Iced coffee is ideal for those hot afternoons. Another excuse to try cold brew is that it appears less acidic than hot coffee.

How to make cold brew coffee at home?

To prepare, soak your coffee beans in ice water for 12 hours before processing. Pour in some ice cubes and serve.

22. Make Your Own Lattee

make your Coffee Taste Better

So, no need to purchase a milk steamer if you want the beautiful foamy coffee. Simply get a milk frother!

You can get a milk frother for much less than $20, and that never fails to produce the lovely foam in minutes. Simply pour warm milk and sugar into your mug and then let the frother do the rest. Add the coffee and you’ve got yourself a latte!

23. Ice Cream Coffee/ Affogato

make your Coffee Taste Better

How do you eat and drink Affogato?

  • Pour hot espresso over the Vanilla/chocolate Gelato / Ice cream
  • Using a spoon, add your favorite Ice Cream
  • Have fun before anything melts

Last Thoughts

Nothing replaces a sour cup of coffee first thing in the morning. These tips are done to support you in getting the most out of your coffee. They can make the difference between a great cup of coffee to begin your day and a sour face that sets the tone for the rest of your day.

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