How to Keep Coffee Beans Fresh (The Correct Way)

Better beans, properly stored, deliver better-tasting coffee—and don’t you need that? Learn how to keep coffee beans fresh, and what to do with them after they’ve gotten old.


Keep Coffee Beans Fresh

The safest way to store coffee is in the bag it comes in. When coffee beans are roasted, gases (mainly carbon dioxide) from within them and must escape. Most coffee bags are built with a gas mechanism on them, which does an excellent job of allowing the gas to escape without allowing air to enter.

Another advantage of product packaging

It keeps out sunshine, which damages coffee beans. If you do want to move beans to your own container, please ensure it’s tightly sealed and out of direct sunlight—you’ll automatically degas beans once you open it to make coffee.

Is the Roast Date Important?

How long is it going to last?

The bag is what matters. Or rather, based on how your beans are packaged, they can remain fresher for a longer period of time (or their flavor will be lost quicker). In fact, paper design bags with thinner lining will not last long. You will be able to consume it in a week, but it may taste sour after that.

What are the best bags for keeping coffee fresh?

Use closed, one-way valve aluminum bags with tiny holes to let the gas out but not air in so that you can enjoy the beans for one to two weeks before they lose their dynamic flavor and begin to taste dull.

If your coffee comes in a paper bag, probably move it to an airtight plastic bag and storing it in your drawer, away from the sun, and at room temperature.

What damages coffee?

Air, humidity, heat, and light are your beans’ worst enemies.

To keep your beans fresh roasted flavor as long as needed, keep them at room temperature in a sealed, airtight bag. Coffee beans can still be good, but avoid transparent cans, which cause light to mess with the flavor of your coffee.

What is the best climate and place to keep coffee?

Keep your beans in a cool, dark place. A shelf near the oven is very often overheated, as is a location on the kitchen counter that attracts direct afternoon sunlight.

Coffee’s commercial packaging is not necessarily appropriate for long preservation. Spend in sealed storage containers if it is at all practical.

BEANS IN THE FRIDGE?! Bad or good idea?

Freshness is essential for a good cup of coffee. Coffee will be consumed as soon as possible after it has been roasted, notably if the initial packaging seal has been damaged, according to experts.

Many home storage containers only allow limited amounts of oxygen in, and that is why food kept in the freezer for a longer length of time will suffer from freezer burn. As a result, if you do refrigerate or freeze your beans, choose an airtight jar. If you want to freeze your coffee, take out what you want for a week at a time and return the rest to the freezer.


Keep Coffee Beans Fresh

Though opinions vary on whether coffee must be frozen or refrigerated, the main reason is that coffee absorbs moisture – as well as bad smells and flavors – from the air around it.

Don’t Throw Your Old Beans!

In an ideal world, you’d buy freshly roasted entire bean coffee in tiny-sized amounts that you would just consume the bag before the flavor started to fade. But, since that isn’t always the case, you can use old beans for a special kind of coffee: cold brew.

How to Keep Coffee Beans Fresh

Hold them in a dark, airtight jar
Avoid direct sunlight
Heat should be avoided
Avoid using steam
Keep moisture at bay (near your sink could accidentally allow water to reach your beans)
Coffee beans hit their peak freshness within 72 hours of being roasted,so use them as soon as possible

How to Spot Fresh Beans?

It is simple to realize fully fresh beans; simply look for a shiny appearance caused by the oils still leaking from the beans. In contrast to the number of other items, having oil stains on your hands or in your bag is a positive thing.

  • Lighter roasts may have a less shiny look due to being roasted for a shorter period of time, but they do still have a slight shininess to them.

The Swiss Water Decaffeination method results in less glossiness in the beans.


How to keep them freesh
Ground Beans
It is never a good idea to store ground coffee
Where possible, grind your coffee right before brewing it
Check that the grind you’re using is correct for your brewing method. If the beans are too fine or too rough, the flavor would be lost
Make sure to clean your grinder on a regular basis
If you really must have your coffee pre-ground, hold it at room temperature in a vacuum-sealed jar made from materials that will not add unwanted flavors to your coffee
Since humidity has a massive effect on the flavor of ground coffee, it must not be kept for more than 10 days
Whole Beans
To guarantee the tastiest cup of coffee ever, store no more than one week’s amount of beans at a time. This isn’t always possible, but if you know you’ll have beans for a longer period of time, you can put them in the freezer

Here are a few Tips you can do to Prevent Freezer Burn on your Whole Beans

  • Since it is not opened as much as the fridge’s freezer, placing your beans in a deep freezer is better.
  • Never store your coffee on paper; instead, keep it in its original packaging (usually plastic).
  • To prevent freezer burn, place of bag in its own sealed plastic freezer-quality bag, vacuum sealed container, box, and other airtight bag. Remove as much space as possible, and don’t be concerned about the light; your freezer is dark, and the few moments it’s opened will have little effect on them.
  • To keep your beans fresh, don’t keep them in the freezer for more than 15 days after you buy them. Whole beans can be stored in a deep freezer for up to two months if needed; still, this is not something we advise.
  • Take just as much coffee as you like and never return defrosted beans to the freezer.

Last thoughts

Consider buying the highest quality and freshest beans available to create a café-like experience at home. By buying the freshest beans, you will have delightful aromas, rich crema, and vibrant flavors ready for you…Seriously, though!

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