Coffee In Microwave: Is It Bad For You?

It can surprise you, but not all finishes their coffee quickly. Or maybe it’s not a shock. Maybe you’re one of the millions of people who takes their time drinking and even reheating their coffee. Many people I know drink their coffee slowly and end up reheating it a few times during the day. But I’m not sure if that’s healthy.

Is It Bad to Reheat Coffee?

Is Reheated Coffee Bad for You?

No, it is not. Reheating coffee is not harmful to your health. The flavor of your coffee can change based on the brewing process, reheating method, and any additives in it. That being said, there are no negative health consequences of reheating your coffee.

So, Can I Reheat my Coffee Safely?!

I’ll confess that I sometimes reheat my coffee. So, I was relieved to find that response. But I always had a lot more questions. Continue reading if you have any further questions! I’ll dive deep into the problem, as well as give you some tips on properly reheating your coffee without ruining the flavor.

So, it seems that this all begins with a bad rumor

Reheating coffee does little more than alter the flavor of the coffee. It’s all about the flavor, not the risk, for better or even worse. Except, of course, you count the risk of overheating it and burning your lips. But it’s not just the fault of coffee.

Mixed opinions all over the Internet…

Surprisingly, I’m not sure where this story originated. I wanted to find a clear answer online, but all I got are fewer resources and wild guesses. To be sure, we all know that the internet is full of false reports, lies, and fake stories. This one is not shocking to me.

Is Reheated Coffee Cancerous?

coffee pot

Myth or Reality…

As far as I can say, it all starts because someone hated the taste of reheated coffee. On a news site, they made an accidental joke about it “possibly causing cancer,” and it quickly went viral. Since this was at the beginning of the internet, it’s hard to specify the date and origin.

When was Reheated Coffee a “thing”?

Still, let’s be honest. We’re talking about people and their experiences. I’m sure these kinds of assumptions are made at the time microwave ovens were created. Coffee, in fact, is high in antioxidants.

Although those antioxidants can weaken over time, even if you take a long time to finish your cup of coffee, there is no proof that reheating coffee in any form is harmful to your health.

Can Coffee Protect from Cancer?

Coffee will indeed be able to fight cancer. It’s over the top to believe it would instantly alter direction and give you cancer only because you warmed up your coffee mug.

Reheating Coffee Isn’t Toxic to Your Body BUT…

  • If you’re not cautious, reheating coffee will burn it, but as long as it’s not over 12 hours old, it’s fine to consume, unless you have a caffeine intolerance, of course.
  • Heating coffee in the microwave will not correct the flavor changes. Drinking hours-old coffee, on the other hand, isn’t risky, even if it makes baristas shiver. However, due to the possibility of mold growth, I would avoid using day-old coffee.

Does Reheated Coffee Lose its Caffeine Levels?

Caffeine does not fade away and or vanish after it is brewed. After 5 hours, the coffee will contain the same amount of caffeine as it did after five seconds. But don’t assume your coffee to taste the same after it’s been reheated.


Can you Refrigerate and Reheat Coffee?

Yes, you can put it in the fridge and use it to make iced coffee. Reheating coffee, on the other hand, can destroy the taste and aroma. It will not taste the very same, and the volume is considerably lowered.

But What Happens When Milk Is Added?

Can you Reheat Coffee with Cream?

Yes, you can reheat your coffee with creamer in the microwave oven easily. There are no negative health consequences of drinking such coffee after heating it in the microwave. After reheating in the oven, there might be small differences in the texture and aroma of your coffee.

Is it bad to Reheat Coffee With Milk?

Yes, if it is safe. Adding milk to your coffee does increase the risk, based on how long you’ve left it out and the region’s climate. So just do it if only 10 – 12 hours have gone by, as milk goes bad especially in hot weather! That happens as some enzymes in milk go bad after some hours and can cause vomiting or stomach pain.


When Coffee Becomes Acidic?

Reheating coffee carries no health risks, although it may minimize the health benefits slightly (chlorogenic acids, which are powerful antioxidants that break down at low temperatures).

Please bear in mind that there is also a chance of bad taste. The coffee becomes more bitter with each heat source or microwave reheating.

What is the Best Method for Reheating Coffee?

Is Reheated Coffee Bad for You?

The easiest way to reheat your coffee is on the gas stove at a very low temperature for 2 minutes or less. This does not necessarily require the use of any special spoons or pots (though some are available in stores); just use any bowl in your kitchen!


Is it okay to drink 1-day old coffee?

I don’t normally drink day-old coffee, mostly if it’s gone sour and developed an unpleasant odor and/or taste. Brew coffee is also sensitive to mold growth, particularly when stored outside of the refrigerator. If the coffee contains milk in it, do not drink it the next day unless it’s been refrigerated.

The Microwave Method for Reheated Coffee

The microwave method of reheating coffee started the “bad for you” controversy on the internet. For some purpose, people assume that using a microwave can transform your coffee into a cancer beast. So far, no scientific proof is being found to confirm this rumor.

How to Reheat Coffee in Microwave?

Pick a microwave-safe mug
Pour your cold coffee into the mug, filling it halfway
Using a paper towel, cover the cup
Microwave for 30 seconds
After stirring the coffee, check the temperature
If it isn’t hot enough, microwave it for 10 seconds at a time, swirling in between bursts, until it reaches the desired temperature

How to make my Reheated Coffee taste Better?

If you detect an “off” taste after microwaving, you can mask it with a variety of flavor stimulants. The cream is an excellent way to hide a taste change. Flavored creamers also work wonders.

If your coffee is still flavored, you might not notice the difference.

You may also want to reduce the temperature of your microwave and go at a much slower speed. This can help to avoid a “burned” taste.

How to Keep my Coffee Warm During the Day?

Cold coffee is not for everybody. That’s fine. If you, like me, prefer your coffee hot, you can use a thermos to keep it warm.

It is completely up to you whether or not to reheat your coffee. Don’t let yourself be influenced one way or the other. If, because of whatever reason, reheating coffee does not apply to you, but you now want to drink your cold coffee, simply pour over some ice. The problem has been resolved!

But What If You Don’t Want to Throw it Away?

What can I do With Leftover hot Coffee?

Boost the flavor of your oatmeal
Make some ice cream
Make ice cubes out of it
Create a sauce from it
Make a mocha out of your hot chocolate cup
It’s great on cakes
Make the tiramisu

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

Can You Get Cancer From Reheating Coffee?

Current scientific evidence says that there is no connection between reheating coffee and cancer.

Is Drinking Day Old Coffee Bad For You?

There are no safety concerns associated with drinking day-old coffee unless there’s milk or cream in it. The only reason that dairy gets nasty is due to the bacteria that form in sour milk.

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