Is A Frappe Coffee? Let’s Find Out!

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A frappé is a coffee drink that uses milk and/or sugar to create a sweet milkshake-like beverage. It can also include flavors like vanilla or chocolate. Frappés are popular in many countries, but especially in Greece, where they are a national favorite. In Greece, the frappé is a very popular drink that has been enjoyed for many years. It is a wonderful way to cool down on a hot summer day in addition to being refreshing and satisfying. Many people enjoy this beverage year-round, even if it means having to drink iced coffee during the cold winter months.

Is a frappe actually coffee? It’s a question that’s been on many people’s minds, and we’re set to find out the answer! In this blog post, we’ll be discussing what a frappe is, how it’s made, and most importantly – whether or not it contains coffee. Stay tuned to find out more!

What Is A Frappe?

What Is A Frappe?

A frappe is a beverage that’s made using crushed ice, blended with various ingredients such as milk, flavored syrup, and coffee. In fact, the word derives from the French word, “frappé”, which means “to crush”. This is because the drink’s main ingredient is crushed ice, which gives it its slushie-like consistency.

Therefore, when you order a frappe at any coffee shop or café, this is not the iced coffee that you are ordering! Instead, it contains milk, syrup, and sugar in addition to the ice. It’s also served in much larger portions than iced coffee, which is typically served in a small cup.

How does it taste?

A frappe is typically sweet and refreshing, perfect for beating the heat on a hot summer day. It can include flavors like peppermint, vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut – you name it! Although the flavor of a frappe may vary depending on the country, you’re sure to enjoy this drink no matter where it’s made.

The Origins Of Frappe

Frappe was invented by Dimitris Vakondios a Nescafe representative, in 1957 in Thessaloniki, Greece. The idea behind frappe was to create a coffee that would be served cold and could be easily enjoyed at the summer festivals. Since frappe is made using crushed ice, it’s extremely refreshing – perfect for the summer heat!

The instant coffee that is used for frappe is what gives it its characteristic taste. This recipe was developed in such a way that it wouldn’t taste bitter when mixed with milk and ice, and would dissolve well in the cold water. This instant coffee is also what made frappe extremely popular across Greece and the neighboring countries.

Frappe vs Iced Coffee

Frappe vs Iced Coffee

So now that we know what a frappe is, how does it differ from an iced coffee? Well, as mentioned before, a frappe contains milk and sugar in addition to ice. An iced coffee, on the other hand, consists of coffee that has been cooled down by being poured over ice. It’s extremely easy to make an iced coffee at home – all you have to do is brew some strong-brewed coffee, pour it into a container full of ice cubes, and let it cool!

Another difference they have is that frappe uses instant coffee, whereas iced coffee can be made with any type of roasted ground coffee. Iced coffee is also served in a smaller cup, and frappe would typically be served in a big glass – a large portion that’s perfect for sharing!

Also, the frappe is a Greek invention. As such, it contains only Greek ingredients – there is no difference in taste if you order frappe from Greece and frappe from the US. Iced coffee, on the other hand, would have a different flavor profile depending on where you are ordering it from. Also, iced coffee has more variations than frappe – the only limit to the number of ways you can enjoy your frappe is your imagination!

How to Make Frappe Coffee at Home

Frappe is a great way to beat the heat during the summer months. If you want to enjoy this refreshing iced coffee drink at home, here’s how you can make it:

Things You Will Need:

1) Water

2) Sugar

3) Ice cubes – crushed, if using a blender

4) Milk (optional)

6) Nescafe Frappe (or any instant coffee of your choice)


1) Mix Your Instant Coffee with Water And 1-2 Ice Cubes

The first step is to mix your instant coffee with water and just one or two ice cubes. The reason you want to use an equal ratio is that if you are using more ice cubes, the drink will become extremely diluted. If there are not enough ice cubes, it won’t turn out as cold as you would like it to be!

2) Add More Ice Cubes, and Sugar or Milk If You Want

If you want your drink to be on the sweeter side, feel free to add sugar at this stage. You can also add milk if that’s what you are into. However, keep in mind that adding milk will make your frappe more of a milkshake than an iced coffee. Also, since most milk is served cold in the US, it will serve to chill your frappe in a jiffy!

3) Top it With Cinnamon if You Want

You can top your frappe off with a sprinkling of cinnamon if you want to. Cinnamon is a popular coffee topping in Greece, and adds a nice aroma to the frappe!

4) Serve it In A Big Glass

The final step is to serve your frappe in a big glass – this lets everyone enjoy the beautiful color of frappe! Also, since the glass is big, it helps to increase the surface area of the drink – and since the frappe dissipates quickly, this step ensures that everyone enjoys their share of the frappe!

So, Is Frappe A Coffee?

Is Frappe A Coffee

To summarize, then, a frappe is a coffee drink that uses milk and/or sugar to create a sweet milkshake-like beverage. It’s made using instant coffee, which gives it its unique flavor profile. The frappe is also served in a large glass – from this perspective, one might say that the frappe actually tastes more like iced chocolate than an iced coffee.

Although the frappe is undeniably tasty, it’s good to keep in mind that not all frappes are created equal. In fact, many cafés add strange ingredients to their frappe mixes, which would alter the flavor entirely. Also, some cafés also use cheap instant coffee to make their frappes – so you might be better off making it at home!

Frequently Asked Questions


Do frappes have coffee in them?

Most probably, yes. If you order a frappe from a café in the US it will definitely contain coffee. If you make it at home, though, you can easily make your frappe with decaf coffee to suit everyone’s needs!

Is frappe the same as coffee?

While both frappe and coffee have strong coffee flavors, they are essentially different drinks. Frappe is a sweet iced coffee drink that uses milk to add to its flavor profile. Coffee, on the other hand, just uses water or milk for added taste – it isn’t as sweet as caffeinated frappes!

Is a frappe frozen coffee?

Frappe is basically an iced coffee drink, but not frozen coffee. So, if you want your drink to be cold, you can add some ice cubes while making your frappe. You can also leave the frappe in the fridge so that it becomes cold naturally. But, if you ask me, nothing tastes better than a frappe made with crushed ice!

Is McDonalds frappe coffee?

Yes, McDonald’s frappe is coffee. They use 100% Arabica beans to make their frappe – and it’s not too sweet either, which is why it tastes so good.

Is Frappe and Frappuccino the same thing?

No, Frappuccino and frappe are not the same thing. While both drinks use milk to add flavor, a frappuccino is much sweeter than a regular frappe. Also, you can make a frappuccino with both ice (if you like your drink really cold) or without it (in which case the drink is less diluted). Frappuccino is mostly a milkshake coffee rather than an iced coffee.

Is Frappe from Greece?

Yes. The frappe was first created in Greece – and it has been a staple drink there ever since! Oddly enough, the frappe is pretty hard to find in America – but then, that’s what makes it so special!

Last Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed learning about the origins of frappes, what features make them different from Iced Coffee, and how to make Frappe coffee at home. If you want more information on this topic or any other related topics that may interest you then be sure to subscribe!

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