Keeping Coffee Cups Organized: How to Store Espresso Cups

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There are many ways you can store espresso cups; it all depends on the style of your cup, the ambiance of your kitchen, and practicality.

Coffee cups are an essential part of the morning routine for many people. However, they can be difficult to store neatly.

Coffee lovers have their own unique set of problems when it comes to storing their espresso cups. Here are some easy ways that you can organize your coffee mugs and keep them in one place!

How to Store Espresso Cups

How to Store Espresso Cups

Coffee cups are a staple in most homes, but they can be a hot mess if not properly stored. If you want to keep these cups from taking over your cabinets, try one of these simple storage solutions! 

This post will go over how to store espresso cups in a way that leaves them accessible and organized. Now, who doesn’t love coffee? This drink has been around for centuries, and there’s no denying that it’s here to stay. And with the rise of new technology comes the invention of new ways to brew this drink, such as single-serve pods or k-cups, which require specifically sized cups.

So what do you do with all those extra mugs? Well, don’t let them take up room on your countertops; find a way to keep them stored and organized. Here are a few ways you can do that:

Turn your espresso cups into colorful decorations.

espresso cups into colorful decorations

One way to store espresso cups without really storing them would be to turn them into an artistic display! For example, you could fill a wall with different shaped and colored espresso cups to create an eye-catching work of art. How-to videos can easily be found online that will tell you how to paint, glue, or attach the coffee mugs onto your wall in such a way as to keep them upright.

Another option is stacking the cups together, so they take up less space. This can be done by sticking them into one another or placing the bottom of one cup inside the top mouth of another. How you stack your espresso cups will depend on what is most convenient for you and how much room you have available in your kitchen cabinet or pantry area where they are being stored.

Adding open shelves to your kitchen walls

Adding open shelves to your kitchen walls

Another smart way to store your espresso cups is by adding open shelves to your kitchen walls. That way, you can store cups of various sizes and shapes on the back. They’ll be easy to see, too!

This will look particularly cool if you have nice sets of espresso cups that deserve a bit of a display! Plus, they will be very easily reachable.

Good old Lazy Susan turntables

Who doesn’t love lazy susan turntables? They are an excellent choice for coffee cup storage in your kitchen cabinets because they make it simple to access all of your espresso cups without having to dig through piles. Just spin the lazy susan till you get to the cup you need and take it out!

Embrace wall racks

Embrace wall racks

Adding a wall rack to your kitchen for espresso cups is another way of keeping them organized. You can display all different types of coffee mugs or keep the ones matching what decorating style you have going on in there. Either way, they’ll look great on this wall rack!

Hanging cups and mugs

Hanging cups and mugs

You can hang coffee mugs on hooks, like the ones designed for hanging cups in your cabinet or on your wall. This is one of the most efficient ways to keep them organized because it frees up drawer and shelf space while still keeping all of your options visible, so you don’t have to dig around to find the right one.

You can also hang your espresso cups on under-shelf hooks. Just make sure you have enough separation between them, so they don’t get in each other’s way when opening and closing the cabinet door or reaching for a mug.

Free-standing shelf

Free-standing shelf

How about trying a free-standing shelf to store your cups? This is an efficient solution as you can use it to store cups and mugs of different shapes. For example, you could put all your coffee cups on one shelf or separate them by size if you have a lot of various-sized ones.

How about hanging the shelf up high so that the kids cannot reach it? You should also make sure that there are no breakable items close by; coffee cups can be very fragile if they’re not made out of thick glass. How about putting the shelf on wheels?

This way, you will save some floor space in your kitchen when it’s not being used for storing espresso cups, and when there is a party or family gathering, you can wheel it towards an open spot and use it to serve coffee.

The magical pegboard

Why not add a pegboard to your kitchen to help with cup organization?

Adding a pegboard in your kitchen is an easy way to help with cup organization because you can easily hang them up on the wall, and they are out of the way when not needed. You also have more room below for other items, like cookbooks or tableware that you don’t want to display.

One reader decided they wanted a way to keep their coffee cups organized and easily accessible. They used pegboard as the solution because it is easy, cheap, and customizable for any space or cup size need. The best part was that they only needed one board with multiple hooks on it —perfect.

The practical tree stand

If you are looking small for something to store your cups, a tree stand might suit you. This is the best option as it can hold a lot of cups at once and saves you from buying more than one.

A Tree Stand has many benefits; firstly, it will save space in your cupboard or any other place where you decide to put them. Secondly, they are straightforward to use; all that needs doing is sliding each cup onto its arms. Finally, this is an excellent option as they are very affordable, with some being under $20.

The espresso machine solution

The espresso machine solution

If you happen to own a high-end espresso machine, the most practical thing you can do is store your cups on top of it. Not only does it preheat them when it’s on, but it will also help you save a lot of space in your kitchen cabinet.

However, these professional coffee machines can be pretty expensive, so we understand that’s not for everyone’s budget.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do you store extra coffee mugs?

There are many ways you can store extra coffee mugs outside of your cabinet. For example, you can store them on a shelf or a wall rack. Another option is to stack mugs vertically, putting the one you will use at the front of this collection and stacking others behind it. Generally speaking, storing coffee mugs horizontally works best, so they don’t collect dust as quickly.

Another option for storing your extra coffee mugs is to use a mug tree. A mug tree is usually designed to hold up to 14 mugs, but that’s not the only option available. You can also find some smaller versions for fewer than seven or eight mugs if you prefer.

The last storage idea I will mention here is using decorator jar lid racks in your kitchen cabinets. These racks are specifically designed to hold mugs and lids of all kinds. They can be a stylish way to store your coffee mugs, but also a functional one.

What can I do with espresso cups?

There is a lot you can do with espresso cups other than drinking coffee in them! You need to get a little creative:

– Use them to decorate a very small space, like your kitchen counter.

– Build a DIY lamp from an espresso cup and LED lights. You will need to use wire cutters as well as sandpaper for this project.

– If you have kids, make some mini bird feeders with coffee beans or birdseed and an espresso cup

– Use them as a vase for small flowers or cacti. Just make sure the bottom of the cup is dry before you place your flower inside it.

– Make some painted cups that can hold small office supplies like paper clips and push pins.

– Decorate with paint if you want to.

Why are espresso cups so small?

Espresso has a strong and intense flavor. You can add milk to it, but the result will not be excellent. Because of this, espresso cups are so small for you to get that full-blown taste on your tongue without a watery latte or mocha ruining it all. With such little coffee inside an espresso cup, you will be able to enjoy the full taste and aroma of your coffee.

Last Thoughts

It’s time to get your coffee cups organized! Whether you’re a barista or just like having some on hand for when guests come over, we hope these tips will help keep them in order and out of sight. So go ahead and clear off that counter space – it doesn’t have to be cluttered any longer!

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