How Long Does Cold Brew Coffee Last? Tips and Tricks!

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The Best Answer:

Unlike hot coffee, which becomes stale after several hours, cold brew may be stored in the refrigerator. This should preserve for up to 2 weeks as an undiluted concentration, however, the taste consistency will fade in the 1st 10 days. 

If you water down the concentrate with water, the expiration date is shortened to 5 days.

Cold Brew In Room Temp

I don’t suggest leaving the coffee at room temperature for more than 24 hours since the acidity of the seeds will return and the coffee will have a metallic or powdery flavor. If you leave the cold brew in the fridge, you may soak it for a longer period of time.

Cold Brew And Storage

None of us would advise storing cold brew, even a concentrated, for more than 1 month. Many experts advise avoiding keeping cold brew for more than 2 weeks, though cold brew in concentrated type preserves a bit longer.

What is Cold Brew?

It’s basically black iced coffee with a pleasant mild aroma and sweet, delicate flavors, and with around 200 mg of caffeine per half a liter!

Cold brew is made without using any heating. It is made by resting ground coffee or black coffee in cool, filtered water for several days, which lowers the majority of the harshness, present in drip coffee.

The Preparation of Cold Brew At Your Home!

All you need is black ground coffee, cold water, a French Press or Moka Pot, and a strainer. Spill your coffee grounds into your bottle 1/2 full of water. Immerse this combination for 24 hr.

Using a strainer, filter the coffee. Sprinkle some ice cubes or coffee ice cubes, and ice water to the correct coffee-to-water ratio, and you have a finely brewed cup of cold brew coffee!

Cold Brew Expiration Date

Day-old hot coffee rarely feels as wonderful as freshly prepared coffee. Meanwhile, with cold brew, you may plan to drink your pot for up to 2 weeks after it’s initially produced.

Watered-down cold brew has a storage life of around 5 days before the aroma is forever altered and the drink starts to expire.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

Does Cold Brew Go Bad?

The truth is that you should only store your cold brew for up to 1 or 2 weeks maximum. The widespread assumption is that you should drink it within a week to obtain the finest flavor – whether it’s canned or in a jar. From 1 week and forward, it’ll become sour and you will not want to drink it.

How Long Is Cold Brew Good After Expiration Date?

How can you tell if your cold brew should be thrown away? Cold-brew coffee may be stored for up to 12 days. However, don’t assume to be aware to determine by the nasty aroma.  In my opinion, don’t attempt using it if it has been soaking for more than 2 weeks.

How Does Cold Brew Have More Caffeine?

Because the coffee grounds are in contact with the water for a greater duration of time, cold brew contains more caffeine than regular espresso coffee. A cold brew has 210 milligrams of caffeine concentration for around 500 ml of water.

How Long Does Cold Brew Last Unrefrigerated?

14 hours, so don’t be concerned. Somewhere between 14 and 16 is acceptable.

I discovered that the water and coffee establish a balance, that dramatically lowers extraction near the end.

Just don’t let it sit for more than 24 hours or you’ll get very harsh powdery overtones.

Is it Ok To Drink Expired Cold Brew?

Cold-brew coffee produced at home has a considerably greater storage life than heated ground coffee.  Nevertheless, with cold-brewed coffee, you shouldn’t drink your cup not further than 2 weeks after it’s initially produced.

How to Make Cold Brew Last Longer

Keep it in Deep Freezer!

Coffee specialists advise that refrigerating the cold brew is the ideal method to keep it for a minimum 1 to 2 weeks (for concentrated cold brew), however at room temperature, the taste may start to dull after 4 hours, and fungus will develop within several days.

Heat/Pressure Pasteurization!

Thermal pasteurization or pressured pasteurization should be required to accomplish a life span of 6 months. Both forms of pasteurization have the potential to alter the taste of the coffee. It will also raise your total production costs.

Make Ice cubes!

Freeze black cold brew coffee in ice cubes in the refrigerator, then add to iced coffee or warm milk! It won’t taste bad nor be bad, having a lifespan of 1 month!

Storing Cold Brew Properly!

The easiest approach to keep cold brew coffee fresh is to store it correctly.

What Will Happen If You Drink Expired Cold Brew

Just after 1 week, your beloved caffeine dose becomes old. Whilst sipping old coffee cannot make you feel sick, it could gradually lose its scent and taste until it is rotten.

Cold-brew coffee produced at household does have a considerably extended expiration date than warm brewed coffee.

So, What Should I Do To Enjoy My Cold Brew For Longer Time?

The key is making the right choices while purchasing coffee!

You may seek glass cold brew coffee bottles that are trustworthy and long-lasting!

Cold-brew coffee equipment is gaining popularity in coffee shops that are specialized in brew pouring. Some producers can produce quantities of cold brew that can be stored for up to 6 weeks.

Some cold brew coffee machines are excluding chemicals and preservatives in order to assure a wonderful cold brew cup of coffee instead of a lengthy lifespan, enabling them to advertise cold brew as a healthy option.

Last Thoughts

Your waiting has resulted in a very powerful, cold brew coffee concentration with powerful taste and a slightly harsh taste.  Cold brew coffee is often steeped for a complete 24 hours.

Before drinking, water down your drink with water, cream, or a milk substitute.

But after all these processes how are you supposed to keep it as fresh as possible and also enjoy it for a lengthier time without letting it to degrade completely? We hope this article gave you ideas of storing it correctly and also answered some of your concerns of how long does cold brew last!

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