Frappe vs Frappuccino: All The Differences Explained

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The main difference between these two is that frappe is a greek coffee drink which uses instant coffee while frappuccino is made with espresso shots. Both drinks have milk and ice. Frappuccino is richer in taste than frappe while frappe has more of a caffeine kick.

Frappe is a popular coffee beverage in Greek culture. It is a blended or shaken combination of instant coffee, water, sugar, and ice. The drink is named after the fact that the Greeks are very fun people who enjoy drinking a frappe to relax. Frappe is, of course, an iced coffee, but it is not the same as American iced coffee or iced mocha as you may be familiar with.

Frappuccino on the other hand is an awesome drink from the Starbucks coffee shop. It is made with espresso shots, milk and ice. After the espresso is added this lovely drink is blended to create the perfect frothy taste.

In this article we will take a look at all the differences between frappe and frappuccino , including both the coffee preparation and the taste.


frappe vs frappuccino

Frappe is very easy to make. All you need is instant coffee, water and sugar. You can even add 2 extra scoops of ice if you want.

Simply take a cup and mix all the above ingredients using a blender or any other mixing device. Blend for about 30 seconds or until you see a light foam on top of the drink and it’s done!

The Taste of Frappe - Secret Ingredient

Sugar is the secret ingredient that varies from frappe to frappe. It will add sweetness and finesse to your drink also,using brown sugar instead of white, Will make your coffee even sweeter and more caramelized as it tends to be way sweeter and buttery!

Other ingredients such as cinnamon and syrup give the drink a warm flavor which complements the caffeine kick from coffee quite well. Just by adding these few ingredients to each other you will have an amazing drink!

You would never know it at first glance that this is just a coffee-based beverage!

Frappe Cafeine Levels

On average, a Frappe contains 75mg of caffeine per 12 oz of water, which is quite high. Remember that coffee has a variable caffeine content, which means that your drink may contain more or less caffeine than the others.

It depends on how much coffee you put into your cup.

Frappe Brewing Time

The time to make a frappe is about 30 seconds. This is because there are no grounds to be brewed and no espresso shots to be made.

This makes it quite an advantage since people can enjoy their frappe within a short time.

Frappe Price

Frappe is not expensive but again it depends on how much you use. One instant coffee pack makes about 8 – 10 frappe servings.

If you want to buy frappe at a coffee shop the price ranges between $2 – $3 per cup.


  • Cheap
  • Easy to Make
  • Fast to Make


  • High amount of caffeine


frappe vs frappuccino

Frappuccino is an American coffee drink that has espresso shots, milk and ice. The best thing about this drink is the taste as it has a rich flavor unlike frappe. It can be blended at the coffee shops or made in the comfort of your home with an espresso machine and a mixer.

The preparation of this drink is very simple. All you need is espresso, whole milk and ice cubes. You can even your favorite syrups, such as caramel syrup, chocolate syrup etc.

The Frappuccino Taste

A frappuccino is very rich in flavor and texture. The drink contains espresso shots which give it a strong coffee flavor and a creamy icy foam on the top. This is what makes it so yummy that you can’t help but go back for additional servings!

One negative is that its high in calories mainly from the milk and sugar. You can always substitute whole milk with low fat milk to reduce the calories if you want!

Frappuccino Caffeine Level

Frappuccino contains 27mg of caffeine per 100ml, but you can also buy the drink without caffeine if you prefer.

Brewing Time

Brewing time of a frappuccino is about 3-4 minutes. This is because the drinks contains milk and ice cubes which take longer to prepare than the coffee.

Frappuccino Price

The price of a frappuccino can vary from $3 – $4. The price depends on how much your coffee shop charges for preparing the drink and also whether or not you add extra shots, sugar, syrup or other ingredients.


  • Tasteful
  • Good choise for summer
  • You can get without caffeine


  • Has a lot of calories
  • Takes longer to make
  • More expensive than Frappe

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

frappe vs frappuccino

Is frappe short for Frappuccino?

No, frappe is a Greek coffee based drink while Frappuccino is an American coffee based drink. The only thing that they have in common is that they both contain ice and a sweetener.

What is the history of the Frappucino?

Frappuccino was introduced in the United States in 1995 and was first made by the Starbucks Coffee Company.

Are Frappuccinos frozen?

Frappuccinos are not frozen, they are just blended coffee with ice.

Is a frappuccino better than a Frappe?

That depends on what you like. Some people like the taste of Frappuccino while others prefer the taste of frappe.

Last Thoughts

Frappe is the Greek version of an iced coffee which is made using instant coffee and sugar (optional). The drink has a rich flavor and has a natural sweetness which makes it a great beverage for the people who want to stay hydrated during the summertime.

Frappuccino on the other hand is an American iced coffee drink that uses espresso shots, milk and ice. It’s a rich creamy beverage that can be blended at home or made in any coffee shop with an espresso machine.

So, which one to choose? The choise is yours. I would suggest trying both of them and see which one you prefer.