Espresso vs Americano: Which One Tastes Better?

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It all depends on what kind of coffee intensity you prefer. Espresso coffees are traditionally made with espresso medium roast and americano coffees are traditionally made with dark roasted beans. Espresso is a strong, concentrated coffee flavor in contrast to the weaker flavor of an americano. Espresso may be more bitter than an Americano depending on the blend of coffee beans that was used to make it. Keep in mind that the darker the roast is, the sweeter the coffee can be, as the heat dissolves the better oils and removes the extra caffeine from your coffee and that’s why Americano is a bit lighter for sure.

Espresso coffee is one of the most popular types of coffee in the world, and it is also the most commonly consumed in Italy. This coffee is made by brewing finely ground coffee through water under pressure that comes from boiling water.

The pressure that is used during the process of making an espresso coffee helps to make it stronger than an americano coffee (which uses hot water).

Americano coffee can be made using either dark roasted or espresso roast (coffee beans). These are going to be quite bitter because they are a little more intense than a typical cup of joe.

In this article, we will be focusing on the main differences between espresso and americano coffee including the taste, brewing process, and more. We will also discuss which of these is considered to be better so that you can make a more informed decision about which one you prefer.

Espresso Coffee

espresso vs americano

Espresso Coffee Taste

Espresso coffee is much stronger than Americano coffee. This is because a lot of the caffeine that is found in coffee is extracted during the process of brewing. The aroma and taste of espresso drinks are a little more powerful than americano drinks. Because of this, espresso drinkers tend to like strong flavors in their coffee. These include chocolate, caramel, berries and other rich flavors.

Espresso Brew Time

Espresso coffee is brewed for a short period of time. They may take 20 to 35 seconds to brew, yet the two extremes might taste entirely different. Espresso coffees are roasted to make them stronger and more delicious.

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Espresso Grind Size

Espresso uses a very fine grind to achieve the desired results. The smaller the grind, the more intense the taste and aroma of an espresso drink can be.

Espresso Coffee Price

An espresso coffee typically costs between $4 and $7. This is a little more than an americano coffee does.


Americano Coffee

espresso vs americano

Americano Coffee Taste

Americano coffee is less intense than an espresso. As such, it has a milder taste than an espresso. Americano drinkers generally prefer a lighter-flavored cup of coffee, often with flavors such as citrus, chocolate and fruit.

Americano Brewing Time

Americano coffees are brewed for anywhere from 10 to 20 seconds. This makes them quite similar to espresso drinks in terms of brewing time.

Americano Coffee Grind Size

Americano coffee uses a medium grind size. This is because these drinks are brewed using hot water rather than boiling water.

Americano Coffee Price

An americano coffee costs between $2 and $4 to make. This is much less expensive than an espresso drink is.


Espresso vs Americano Calories

Espresso drinks are generally much more calorie dense than an americano. According to a study published in the January 2016 edition of “Food Chemistry” by scientists at the University of Parma in Italy, espresso contains 3.8 grams of carbohydrates for every 100 grams of drink.

How does Grinding Affect an Espresso/Americano Drink?

The grind of a coffee bean affects the way that it brews. If one uses a fine grind, then the resulting drink has a stronger flavor. A coarse grind makes for a more mild tasting drink.

How strong is an Americano?

An americano can be very strong, depending on the amount of caffeine that is contained within the beans that are used to brew it. An americano will not be as strong as an espresso drink, but it can come close.

Last Thoughts

In the end, it is always worth trying both of these drinks. A coffee drinker who switches between the two may find that they like one better than the other. This could be because they prefer a stronger or more acidic flavor to suit their particular taste buds.

If you like an Americano, you may also be able to make your own at home. This will cost you less than ordering one from a coffee shop and it will be much more flexible.

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