10 of The Best Espresso Accessories You Can’t Live Without

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A quality espresso machine is an essential starting point for any coffee lover, but there are a few other key pieces of equipment you’ll need to make the perfect cup of espresso. A burr grinder is important for producing a consistent grind size, and a tamper is necessary for compressing the coffee grounds in the portafilter.

You’ll also need a scale to measure the correct amount of coffee, as well as espresso cups designed to hold the small and intense shots of espresso. Finally, you’ll need a milk frother to create the perfect foam, and a milk frothing pitcher to help with the process. Once you have all of these tools, it’s time to start experimenting with different types of coffee beans and latte art techniques!

Whether you’re a coffee lover or not, there’s no denying the appeal of delicious espresso. And while it’s easy enough to head to your nearest café for an espresso fix, it’s also really fun (and convenient) to make them at home yourself. To help you get the most out of your espresso-making experience, here are 10 essential espresso accessories you can’t live without. Happy brewing!

What is Espresso Coffee?

Espresso is a type of coffee that is made by forcing pressurized hot water through finely-ground coffee beans. This produces a thick, rich, and intense coffee drink that is typically served in small cups. Espresso is known for its strong flavor and aroma, as well as its characteristic crema (a layer of foam on the top of the drink).

Best Espresso Accessories You Can’t Live Without

Espresso Machine
Burr Grinder
Coffee Beans
Espresso Cups
Milk Frother
Milk Frothing Pitcher
Latte Art Tool

Now that you know a bit more about espresso, it’s time to get down to the important stuff: the best espresso accessories you need in your life!

1. Espresso Machine.

Obviously, you can’t make espresso without an espresso machine. There are a variety of different espresso machines on the market, so be sure to do your research before purchasing one. If you’re just starting out, it might be a good idea to buy an entry-level machine, such as the De’Longhi EC156.

2. Burr Grinder.

A high-quality burr grinder is essential for making the perfect espresso. Burr grinders produce a more consistent grind size than blade grinders, which is significant for achieving the best flavor and crema.

3. Tamper.

A tamper is a tool used to compress the coffee grounds in the portafilter. This is a significant step in the espresso-making process, and using a tamper that is specifically designed for espresso can make a big difference in the final product.

4. Scale.

A scale is essential for measuring the correct amount of coffee grounds for each shot. This ensures that you are using the right ratio of coffee to water and that you are getting the most out of your beans.

5. Coffee Beans.

Of course, you can’t make espresso without coffee beans! Be sure to buy high-quality beans from a reputable source, and experiment with different varieties to find the ones that you like best.

6. Espresso Cups.

Espresso cups are designed to hold the small, intense shots of espresso. They are usually made from thick and heavy ceramic material, which helps to retain heat and keep the espresso warm.

7. Milk Frother.

A milk frother is a small handheld device that is used to create a thick foamy layer on the top of warm milk or coffee. The foam helps to trap in heat and flavor, resulting in a richer, creamier beverage. Frothing milk also adds volume and texture, making it the perfect finishing touch for lattes, cappuccinos, and other espresso-based drinks.

8. Milk Frothing Pitcher.

A milk frothing pitcher is a specially designed pitcher used to create creamy milk froth for use in espresso-based drinks. The pitcher has a narrow spout and a rounded bottom, which helps to create the creamy foam. Most milk frothing pitchers are made of stainless steel or plastic and have a capacity of about 8-10 ounces.

9. Thermometer.

A thermometer is a handy tool for ensuring that the milk is heated to the correct temperature. This prevents the milk from becoming too hot or too cold and results in a more consistent final product.

10. Latte Art Tool.

Latte art is the term used for the beautiful patterns that can be created by pouring steamed milk into espresso. There are a variety of different tools and techniques that can be used for latte art, so it’s a good idea to experiment until you find what works best for you.

Using The Right Espresso Accessories Can Make A Big Difference

As you can see, using the right espresso accessories can make a big difference in your coffee-making experience. By investing in a good quality burr grinder, tamper, scale, and espresso machine, you’ll be well on your way to making delicious home-brewed espressos.

Each one of these espresso accessories can definitely help improve your espresso game. But if you’re just starting out, it might be a good idea to purchase an espresso machine, burr grinder, and tamper together in a starter kit. This will give you everything you need to get started and help you create the perfect cup of espresso.

Frequently Asked Questions

What espresso accessories do you need?

There are a few essentials that you’ll need to make espresso at home. You’ll need a coffee grinder, an espresso machine, and some high-quality coffee beans. You may also want to invest in a milk frother, tamper, and scale to make sure you’re brewing your espresso correctly.

If you’re just starting out, it might be helpful to read up on the different types of espresso machines and grinders before making a purchase. There are plenty of great resources online that can help you make an informed decision.

What goes with espresso machine?

 Espresso machines require specific types of coffee beans in order to produce a quality cup of espresso. In general, espresso beans are roasted for a shorter time and at a higher temperature than regular coffee beans.

This produces a bean that is oily and dark with a strong flavor. Many people like to pair their espresso with something sweet, such as sugar or chocolate. However, there are many other options available including syrups, creams, and even savory items like olives. Experiment and find what you like best!

What is an espresso knock box?

An espresso knock box is a device used to store spent espresso grounds. It is typically made of stainless steel or plastic and has a hinged lid that opens to allow access to the interior. The knock box is placed on the counter next to the espresso machine and the barista uses it to store the spent coffee grounds after they have been extracted from the portafilter. This keeps the counter clean and helps to prevent spillage.

Last Thoughts

So, what are the best espresso accessories that you can’t live without? Here’s our list. Do you have any others to add? Let us know in the comments! Espresso is a beloved coffee drink for many people because of its intense flavor and caffeine kick.

But making a great cup of espresso isn’t as easy as it seems—unless you have the right tools. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the 10 best espresso accessories to help you make perfect espressos every time. From grinders to tampers to milk pitchers, these tools will help take your espresso game up a notch.


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