Cool And Fun Facts About Cold Brew Coffee

cool and fun facts about cold brew coffee

With the beginning of the dry, hot, and sunny months, you may be encouraged to go buy a cold brew, and if you’ve never tasted cold brew coffee beforehand, here are a few fascinating truths about cold brew coffee you must recognize!

Cold brew differs from cold coffee in that it has already been soaked in room temp water for around 24 hours until being consumed.

So, if you want to learn more about the fun and cool facts of cold brew coffee you should scroll down and check them out or even get some ideas from the list that we made for you so you can inform yourself and travel the coffee journey with us.

Let’s check it out all together!

9 Fun And Cool Facts of Cold Brew Coffee List

Special birthplace
Rich and unique flavor
Smooth in stomach
Millions of uses
Super easy and quick
Fights Disease
Pre-workout agent
Doesn’t Get old

1. Special Birthplace

Cold brew coffee origin is really clear.

After some traders from Indonesia, in the 17th century, brought this coffee into Japan. The process of brewing cold coffee instead of hot, made a huge impact and for that reason, now, has been around for many years since then. Its origin is clean in comparison to other types of coffee, that their birthplace is still unknown!

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2. Rich And Unique Flavor

It is a fact, that cold brew coffee is really sweet and very full-bodied with nice light and smooth taste, a silky texture and has a strong level of caffeine in every sip has a big variety and it can be served in many ways and toppings and milk to it.

It is very sweet and creamy, with at least 70%, less acidity and bitterness than any other coffee in this world, making it really special and you must try it!

3. Smooth In Stomach

Cold brew coffee is very known for its low concentration of caffeine, it normally contains 25% less caffeine than any other coffee like other hot brew varieties.

Just because its method of preparation doesn’t have to do with a lot of hot brewing or steaming, the coffee beans do not come into a  contact with hot water, so they can express their caffeine levels.

Although it depends on the time that the beans soak in the water, so the more the coffee stays in the water, the more caffeine extracts, but even though this process of cold brew, is known for its light taste and less caffeine than hot brew coffee, so if you have stomach problems, this is a perfect cold drink for you in the summertime.

4. Millions of Uses

If you have cold brew, leftover in your fridge you can use it in many ways, for example you can freeze some coffee ice cubes and serve it in any cold drink or even coffee, to make a concentrated taste, without water or you can even make coffee brownies.

Another way to make great use of your cold brew is to add it into vanilla or chocolate ice cream!

Last thing you can do, if you are keeping your leftover cold brew, is to add it in a pan cake mixture, to make the best pancakes, add some banana cinnamon and milk! You are ready to bake it!

Of course, it cannot only be used for cooking, but also for keeping your fridge super fresh and clean.

That being said, you can put a small cup of coffee inside your fridge overnight, and it will absorb all the bad odors, from food in your fridge, and it will provide a fresh and nice smell.

5. Super Easy And Quick

We all know the recipe of the cold brew coffee.

You just soak some coffee beans into cold water for 18 or 24 hours without using any heat, so for that purpose, this brink is the perfect one for those hot days when you are so busy or very lazy to prepare a nice glass of coffee.

Basically cold brew coffee is easy to make and you don’t have to do anything. Also you don’t have to add anything extra to make it taste better because it’s already perfect.

6. Superfood

In general, cold brew coffee has many antioxidants and magnesium, so it’s a superfood. It is a healthy alternative for somebody who goes to the gym regularly or wants to lose some weight.

You can drink this without any sugar or artificial sweeteners and syrups because it’s already really sweet!

For that reason, most models and actors prefer cold brew because they know that they won’t gain weight and it’s also very healthy!

7. Fights Disease

It is a fact that cold brew contains various important molecules that may lower your risk of heart stroke these molecules just like caffeine and phenolic compounds, magnesium, and other vitamins will balance your blood sugar and will increase your insulin control.

For that reason, your blood pressure will be lowered, and there is no way that you will ever have a hard stroke or an intense heart pressure it is so amazing, that a simple cup of cold brew, can actually be so important for your health and blood!

Also, there are antioxidants and minerals that they have, that can lower the risk of having type two diabetes and make you live longer!

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8. Pre-workout Agent

Because of its good level of caffeine content, cold brew will provide you the energy that you require to begin your workout.

That being said, drinking a small amount of cold brew before your workout, will increase your ability to excel in your workout, without having the feels of muscle pains or tightness.

A plain coffee, like a black coffee or an espresso shot, will have similar effects, but they’re not gonna be better than cold brew especially in the summer.

9. Doesn’t Get old

I am pretty sure that you know exactly how plain black coffee or espresso taste like after sitting for many hours, for too long…

Yes! I know it’s disgusting. This is happening when heating water extracts oils and bitterness from your coffee beans.

However, after the extraction, these oils, start to be oxidized, by giving your coffee an acid taste.

In cold brew, however, oils and acids obviously exist, but just because the water is cold, they degrade very slowly!

Also, you can keep your coffee in the fridge for at least two months, so the coffee that is in your brew, does not get old too quickly, so you can enjoy it for a long period of time.      

Last Thoughts

We hope every idea that we concluded in this article will help you get informed more about cold brew coffee, which is our favorite at the moment!

Cold brew coffee has a lot to give… it is great for your health if you’re drinking it regularly, and it is super easy to be made at home at any time for you and your friends.

It can keep you healthy and give you many antioxidants and vitamins that your body needs daily it’s a perfect refreshing drink, especially on the hot days of the summer.

It really became famous for its sweet and perfect velvety taste and texture but also for its interesting birthplace in Japan!

Enjoy coffee Lovers!

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