Cold Brew Coffee Recipe ( With Aeropress )

Cold brewing is generally performed using room temp water. To prepare cold brew, thickly ground coffee is soaked for an extended period of time. 

The period varies depending on the recipe, but it is usually between 16 and 24 hours and never shorter than 8 hours. 

So rather than soaking the grounds for a longer duration, this method calls for swirling the grounds in water for 1 minute.

The motion created speeds the process. Finer ground coffee beans are used, rather than the thick ones for cold brew. This improves the contacting area among the grounds and the water, which helps in extracting faster.

 That’s why, if you’d like to have a delicious cup of cold brew coffee, you’ll have to plan ahead of time.

But we got you a solution, owning to The AeroPress! You can now make a Cold Brew in under 2 Minutes… Shocking Right!

Check out our cold brew water to coffee ratio calculator so you can make the best brew with correct measurements so it can taste and look like you just got it from a professional barista!

The Use of AeroPress In Cold Brew Coffee

Because of its flexibility and simplicity of use, AeroPress has become a coffee classic. It’s difficult to make a terrible cup of coffee with this now and it’s simple to explore with and invent recipes!

But, until today, it has only been used to produce hot coffee. Now we got you a quick and easy way to create a refreshing Cold Brew on a sunny day.

Flavor And AeroPress

The bitterness of cold brew is influenced by the fact that it does not come into touch with boiling water. Cold brew coffee is believed to be 70 % less acidic than regular brewed coffee

AeroPress coffee is also a phenomenon. For someone who is worried about the sharpness of coffee this is a winning combination. If you would like your coffee to be lighter on your stomach, this may be beneficial.

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee With Aeropress



Step 1

Collect all Ingredients.

Step 2

Wipe the coffee filter from any remaining leftover coffee or dust and put it inside the filter cover. 

Step 3

Insert the AeroPress over a cup and twist on the filter cap carefully.

Step 4

Fill the brewing container with 42 grams of Fine Ground Coffee. Make sure to have the correct cold brew coffee to water ratio for the best quality and results.

Step 5

Tilt the AeroPress to distribute the coffee evenly, so when pressing down everything will be faster and done correctly in the proper way.

Step 6

Slowly pour 250 ml of cold water through the AeroPress.

Step 7

For a few seconds, stir with a spoon so everything can be mixed smoothly together and the extraction will go faster.

Step 8

Press down on the pump in the AeroPress steadily at a pace and not quickly, either way you will insert coffee grounds in your final cup or watery flavors!

Step 9

Your cold brew concentration is now complete and you can add ice cubes, some cold water to water it down a bit or milk and other favorite toppings, if the taste is too strong for you to make your coffee tasting even better!


Downloadable Recipe

You can download the recipe below:

cold brew coffee with aeropress

Cold Brew Coffee Recipe ( with AeroPress )

We all love some cold brew. It's the ultimate refreshment to get you through the warmer months and could be produced with nearly everything you have around the house. You can now create it, with an AeroPress under 2 minutes for you and your friends!
Prep Time 1 min
Cook Time 1 min
Total Time 2 mins
Course Coffee, Drinks
Cuisine American
Servings 2 people
Calories 5 kcal


  • AeroPress
  • Coffee Grinder ( optional )


  • 42 Grams Finely Ground Coffee ( 1.4 oz )
  • Ice Cubes or Coffee Ice Cubes
  • Sugar, Cream or Caramel-chocolate Syrups ( optional )
  • 250 mL Water


  • Collect all Ingredients
  • Wipe the coffee filter and put it inside the filter cover
  • Insert The AeroPress over a cup and twist on the filter cap
  • Fill the brewing container with 42 grams ( 1.4 oz ) of Fine Ground Coffee
  • Tilt the AeroPress to distribute the coffee evenly
  • Pour 250 mL of water through The AeroPress
  • For a few seconds, stir with a spoon
  • Press down on the pump in The AeroPress
  • Your Cold Brew concentration is now complete and you can add the ice cubes and your favorite toppings!


  • Keep the coffee out of bright sun. Put it somewhere where that won't be affected by sunlight or humidity.
  • You may water down the extract with cold water, boiling water, cream, or other flavourings to suit your tastes.
  • Making an iced coffee the Japanese way, which requires brewing with warm water over ice cubes is a superior alternative. However, if you'd like a fast and quality cup of coffee with lesser felt bitterness, this is the way to go.
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Last Thoughts

Nothing seems to be more pleasant on a hot day than a cool brew.

You can bypass the 24-hour brew period with this AeroPress recipe and begin enjoying your coffee in much less duration than it requires a drip machine to heat. 

Simply use a finer grind and mix thoroughly until pressing.

Wasn’t that simple? It appears to be a lengthy process, but it only requires a few of minutes to prepare delicious AeroPress cold brew.

You may also keep it in the freezer for around 10 days! Check our article to learn ways to keep your cold brew coffee last longer!

Coffee Lovers Enjoy!

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