Calories in Different Types of Coffee

Coffee DrinkCalories
Black Coffee2-18
Greek Frappe60-100
Cold Brew Coffee10-15
Caffe Mocha230-260
Café au Lait90-115
Irish Coffee200
Flat White120
Dalgona Coffee370

There are a lot of people who drink coffee for the caffeine, but there are also many people who drink it because they enjoy the taste.

No matter what your reason is, you might be interested to know that there are different types of coffees with different amounts of calories in them!

In this blog post, we will go over how much sugar and calories each type has so that you can make an informed decision when choosing which one to order next time you go out.

Types of Coffees

calories in coffee

Since the start of coffee in the early 1700s, there has been an estimated 100 trillion cups of coffee consumed. Coffee is a popular drink that contains about 0-300 calories per 12 oz cup depending on what type it is and how much sugar or milk you add to it.

There are many different types of coffee and many different things that can be added to it. Let’s take a look at the most popular types of coffees and what they contain!

1. Black Coffee

calories in coffee

Black coffee is made from ground coffee beans and water. It contains a good amount of caffeine but doesn’t have the added sugar or milk that other coffees do.

A regular cup of black coffee is going to contain about 2 calories depending on the amount of coffee that is used.

With one teaspoon of sugar, black coffee can go up to 18 calories per cup. If you also add milk, the calories can go up to around 50- 100 calories, depending on the milk.

2. Espresso

calories in coffee

Espresso is one of the most popular coffee drinks. It’s also one of the stronger ones, with a typical shot containing 63 milligrams of caffeine. A single espresso has about 8.6 calories, making it a fairly low-calorie drink.

Espresso might be one of the stronger coffee drinks out there, but it is also one of the lowest in calories.

3. Affogato Coffee Drink

calories in coffee

Affogato is a coffee-dessert drink that is typically made by pouring a scoop of vanilla ice cream over a shot or two of espresso. It’s known for its strong coffee flavor and rich chocolate taste, which makes it perfect for any coffee lover.

It has 236 calories per 120g, with 22g carbs.

If you want to enjoy this drink, just make sure that it doesn’t take away from the rest of your diet!

4. Greek Frappe

calories in coffee

One of the most popular coffee drinks in Greece is a Greek frappe. You can order one from any coffee shop for about $2-$3.

The ingredients are typically instant coffee, milk, water, and ice. Although these ingredients are not that unhealthy, they can add up because Greek frappes typically have about 60-100 calories depending on the milk and sugar that is added.

5. Cappuccino

cappuccino calories

Cappuccino is the perfect option for anyone who wants a hot, frothy, and rich beverage. Whether you like to enjoy a cappuccino in the morning or during your afternoon break, this drink is perfect for any time of day.

Unfortunately, all that foam and richness comes with a high-calorie price tag: most cappuccinos have 140-190 calories per serving.

6. Americano

Americano is simply espresso with hot water added to it. Since there is no extra milk or sugar added, there are just 15 calories in an Americano.

Note: Some people like to add sugar or other sweeteners to their Americano. If you add sugar, it takes about 16 extra calories per teaspoon for a total of 29-32 calories.

7. Cold Brew Coffee

calories in coffee

Cold Brew is a type of coffee that is made by infusing ground beans in cold water. This process takes about 12-24 hours, but the result is worth it because this drink has almost no acidity and is smoother than other types of coffees.

A regular cup of Cold Brew coffee could have around 10-15 calories when it is unsweetened. If you add milk, it can have an extra 30-60 calories.

8. Caffe Mocha

Caffe Mocha is a coffee drink that has espresso, chocolate syrup or cocoa powder, and milk. This type of drink can have anywhere from 230-260 calories depending on the size you order.

This calorie count may seem high for just one cup of coffee but when you think about all the sugar and chocolate that is added to it, this amount of calories seems a lot more reasonable.

The next time you want an indulgent treat, order yourself a Caffe Mocha!

9. Café au Lait

Café au Lait is a traditional coffee drink from France that is made by combining coffee with hot milk. It’s perfect for those who want a bit of sweetness to their drink, but it comes at a price: most café au lait has around 90-115 calories per cup.

This type of coffee has almost the same amount of calories as other popular drinks like a cappuccino or a latte.

10. Irish Coffee

calories in coffee

Irish Coffee is made by combining hot coffee with Irish whiskey, and a generous amount of cream. This type of drink has 200 calories per serving but can be enjoyed any time during the day as a delicious treat.

The next time you want to treat yourself to something warm and comforting on those cold winter days, order an Irish Coffee.

11. Flat White

flat white calories

Flat white is a type of coffee drink that has the same ingredients as a cappuccino but it is made with less milk. This coffee has just 120 calories per serving, and the result tastes great without anything else added to it.

Just like any other type of drink that you order from your favorite café, make sure that all these drinks don’t take away from the rest of your diet.

12. Ristretto

calories in coffee

Ristretto is an Italian coffee preparation in which the water is forced through coffee grounds to produce a short shot of espresso. Ristretto shots are typically 25-30 ml of coffee.

A single ristretto shot has about 5 calories.

13. Cortado

calories in coffee

Originating in Spain, a cortado is a result of blending espresso with steamed milk. To make cortado you need to have an espresso machine and a milk steamer. The milk should be heated at the right temperature to ensure that it is steamed and not frothed.

Cortado has around 60 calories.

14. Dalgona Coffee

calories in coffee

Dalgona coffee is a coffee drink that started in South Korea. It took the name “Dalgona” from popular Korean street food.

It is made by mixing instant coffee, milk, sugar, and ice. A regular cup of Dalgona contains about 370 Calories.

Last Thoughts

So, what does this all mean? The takeaway here is that there are a lot of options when it comes to coffee. You can get your caffeine fix without the sugar and calories by ordering black coffee or using an alternative sweetener like honey in your espresso drink.

We recommend sticking with just 1-2 cups of joe per day so as not to overdo it on the calorie intake (and obviously be sure you’re getting enough water).

Whatever kind of java lover you may be – from iced lattes during summertime to hot chocolates at holiday time – remember these tips about how many calories are in different types of coffee drinks!