A Complete Review of the Bodum Coffee Grinder Line

Because of their excellent French presses, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Bodum. Sincerely, they’re so famous that many coffee shops (both chain and independent) now sell them. However, the Bodum Coffee Grinder was recently released by the company. So, do these designs have the same level of success as their press equivalents? That’s why we’ve come to investigate.

Description of Bodum

Bodum Chambord is a globally recognized brand that manufactures high-quality, inexpensive coffee and tea items, as well as other kitchen products. They are perhaps mainly remembered for their famous French press. The company was established in 1944 in Copenhagen, Denmark, but now has its offices in Switzerland.

The Popular Grounds

Bodum’s grinder show featured models ranging in price from $24 to $120, so there’s plenty of range. There are several elements, however, that are consistently reliable.

First and foremost, we must discuss architecture. These machines are elegant and simple to use. You won’t feel guilty to leave them out on your fridge, and you won’t be irritated by the fact that you had to load it up for an hour to get a decent grind.

Next, instead of using ceramic for burr grinders, all grind systems, whether blade or burr, are made of stainless steel. They’re almost all plug-in rather than battery-operated.

Bodum Coffee Grinders

The burr grinder and the blade grinder are the two key versions offered by Bodum for their coffee grinders. There are two types of burr grinders: standard and premium. The rest of the line’s variety is simply visual, so we’ll only focus on these versions and let you choose your favorite color. Only keep in mind that certain colors have higher prices.

Bistro Premium Burr Grinder

Budget Coffee Grinders

The first grinder on the list is also everyone’s personal favorite. This grinder is well-built, using stainless steel, plastic, borosilicate glass latex, and silicon. Conical burr grinders are crafted of stainless steel and have a perfect grind every time.

A pre-set timer controlled by a push button enables users to grind a certain quantity of beans. With 12 customizable grind options the adjusted grind size will take you from espresso to French Press.

The borosilicate glass grounds container also helps to minimize static sticking on the coffee grounds, which can affect flavor. The friction clutch also protects the grind equipment from destruction.

The hopper can also accommodate up to 7.75 ounces of coffee beans. It also appears in a number of colors, including black, white, red, chrome, die-cast copper, and polished copper. All in all, this is a very powerful entrance device at a reasonable price.

bodum coffee grinder

You can get a cheaper device by eliminating some build quality for a little more than half the price of the standard edition. A stainless-steel conical burr grinder with 12 grind adjustments is also included.

This gadget has a plastic coffee collecting jar rather than borosilicate glass. This shouldn’t have a significant effect on the device’s lifespan, but it can increase the number of frictions your beans are introduced to.

This version also lacks the built-in timer, friction catch, color combinations, and grind guide that come standard on the premium model. If you don’t mind somewhat more plastic and don’t consider missing those features, this device is ideal if you’re on a budget but don’t want to go with a blade grinder.

The electric blade grinder is the last and, sadly, least on our list. Although it doesn’t have so many crazy features as the other machines of the Bodum Bistro line, it’s not bad for the price.

It’s small and practical, and the blade grinding mechanism, while not flawless, is reasonable. This device takes a little more attention to get a successful grind than the other two choices, but with training and persistence, you can get a respectable one. And it’s even more convenient than using a mechanical grinder.

It is a pulse action grinder with a translucent end, rather than having preset grind controls. As a result, you simply pulse the grinder until the beans meet your visual requirements!

In theory, this offers you more customization options, but the normal grind is a plus for us. IT DOES ITS JOB!

Visually is the best!

This grinder also has a cleaner look than the other two choices though retaining the same attractive style. It comes in black, white, red, chrome, matte chrome, and die-cast copper, in addition to the regular colors. Even so, some customers reported that it is a little more difficult to use.


Burr vs Blade

When purchasing a coffee grinder, one of the first questions you’ll have to ask yourself is whether you want a burr grinder or a blade grinder. And taking a look at the Bodum list isn’t going to change your mind.

Let’s start with a description of the difference

Burr grinders have two harsh surfaces that rotate back and forth. Between the grinding wheel and the other stable board, the beans are smashed. As a result, the grind would be more continuous and even.

Blade grinders, on the other side, function similarly to blenders. The style is fantastic for smoothies, but not so much for coffee beans. The propeller-like blades slice the beans in a clumsy manner resulting in an uneven grind. This lack of consistency has an effect on how the grounds dissolve and the final flavor of the brew.

As a consequence, we suggest having a burr grinder as a basic guideline. They are more expensive than blade grinders, but the difference is visible and well worth the money. Without first taking into account blade grinders, if you can’t afford an automatic one, take a glance into manual ones first.

Having said that, we were very pleased with how equally the Bistro ground the beans. So, if you’d like to go with the Bodum brand but are on a budget, the less expensive model will still do the job… just not as perfect but it’s still good.

Manual vs Electric – What’s the best?

Bodum Coffee Grinder now only provides one side of the issue when it comes to selecting among manual and electric. All three of their models are electric, so you’ll have to select that choice if you want to go with this company. However, it is evident that it is not the only one, so here is the differentiation.

The most popular complaint about (cough* inexpensive) electric grinders is that they heat up and damage the beans. This isn’t the situation for most grinders because temperature difference is minimal unless there’s been some significant design flaws. As a consequence of this concept, many electric grinders, including these, grind in quick bursts to reduce the amount of heat produced.

Electric grinders have a number of drawbacks, the most significant of which is that they can be loud and are significantly more costly than manual grinders. The first argument does not seem to be an issue with the Bodum side, but the second one might be.

Although $100 might seem irrelevant to some, it may be a huge deal for others, notably if they are also buying other coffee equipment.

Well, Keep in Mind

The luxury machine is a decent buy for an entry level machine if you can manage it at $100, which is at the cheaper side of the quality-grinder price scale.

That takes us to the key advantage of the electric grinder: its functionality. An electric grinder would only enable you to rotate the beans every few seconds by pressing a button. Others, on the other hand, you can simply set and ignore.

bodum coffee grinders
Coffee Beans

The Main Complaint on Coffee Beans – Is the Machine the Main Problem Though?

One of the most popular customer problems about grinders, specifically electric ones, is that they won’t grind “dark roast beans.” That being said, there are typically a few more variables at function than you would expect. So, if you like dark roasts, don’t get too excited yet though.

Many of these unhappy customers would note that they used a “dark roast” in reference. When a roast level is defined, though, it’s typically French roasts that cause problems. That’s because they’re really oily and, to be truthful, of poor quality. The quickest way to destroy a decent grinder is to use low-quality, oily beans.

Choose The Right Quality of Coffee Beans!

Furthermore, many consumers prefer store-bought coffee with undefined or absent roast date labels. Besides that, a significant proportion of coffee sold in major supermarkets is labeled as dark roast, which helps roasters to sell cheaper beans without customers noticing because the roast covers the natural flavors. These are typically sticky and old, clogging the grinder once more.

High-quality dark roasts will still have some oil on them, but just a few spots here and there should be visible. This much oil does not plug up your grinder, particularly if you wash it frequently.


So, what’s the solution?

Purchase high-quality beans! If you’re going to buy a grinder, make sure you get good beans. Anything else, you’ll either not find a change or the system will break down within a few months (or both). If you’re grinding beans at home, make sure they’re FRESH and from a quality supplier.

Am I Ready for These Machines?

The Bodum Coffee grinder Bistro series is ideal for beginning or relaxed home baristas on a budget. The Regular and Premium burr grinders are our favorites because they provide a decent grind without costing hundreds of dollars like many electric grinders.

They aren’t flawless, but they are long-lasting, quick to use, and reliable, which checks all of our boxes for someone who wants to specialize in home brewing without going all-in. Furthermore, the convenience of electric grinders is ideal for those who are too occupied to use a less expensive but less effective manual grinder.

These Grinders aren’t Perfect for Everyone And No Worries!

When compared to other versions, which may have up to 40 customizable options, an experienced home barista would probably find the grind selection to be disappointing. While the 12 grind settings the Bodum Coffee Grinders have are perfect for someone just getting their feet wet, they are unlikely to suffice for someone wanting to do some serious experimenting or who uses a range of brewing methods on a regular basis.

Furthermore, even more curious coffee drinkers prefer ceramic burr grinders over steel burr grinders since they do not oxidize over time. These devices aren’t for you if you’re someone who can last more than a few years without needing to change parts or upgrade.

Last Thoughts

Among all the Bodum Coffee Grinders the Premium Burr Grinder is unquestionably our preference. The updates make the price worthwhile, and it’s a great entry-level device if you’re not trying to spend a lot of money on something really high-end.

If you’re on a tight budget, the Regular Burr Grinder is a better choice than the Blade Grinder. It’ll just set you back around $15 more and give you a far more regular grind with less commitment. It’s much quieter and less messy.