Best Coffee for Moka Pots 2021

Just like any other tool that was invented a long time ago, moka pots have made their appearance worldwide in many households, but with the advancements in technology it is often hard to stick to the older methods of brewing coffee. However, we support that if something isn’t broke then don’t fix it!

Using a moka pot can be pretty difficult at times and if you are not careful during the brewing process you will be left with a cup of coffee at hand that is the definition of bitter.

Moka pots are often used for making espresso-style coffees, because of its strong and sometimes bitter nature.

The most important thing when it comes to moka pots is the grind. Sadly, the hardest part of this brewing process is what you have probably already guessed… the grind itself.

It is best to grind your own coffee beans at home for the best possible result, but if you don’t have the equipment or you are in a rush to get to work, then you should consider the following best coffee for moka pots.

This way you will taste the best coffee for moka pots, full of flavor and that much needed energy boost to get you through the day.

1. LifeBoost Espresso

best low acid coffee brands

The best coffee for moka pots and probably one of our favorites is the LifeBoost Espresso Coffee. For years now, LifeBoost has been producing coffee in bags, guaranteeing single origin. They pay attention to every part of the coffee bean process and they treat their customers, with the same respect and passion as they do with their coffee beans production.

Most people when they drink coffee tend to have stomach problems afterwards, making the experience of drinking coffee a nightmare. The LifeBoost Espresso is stomach friendly and low in acidity, making it suitable for almost every coffee lover.

Sometimes when we drink the LifeBoost Espresso we end up drinking around three cups of coffee a day more than the regular bag of coffee beans, thanks to its flavor and stomach-friendly properties that it has.

Having a taste of this coffee, the first thing that your taste buds will taste is the pleasant flavor of a rich and strong coffee that will make you return to it daily, before you even get your day started!

2. Sulawesi Coffee – Celebes Kalossi


Sulawesi Coffee is grown in the ancient Toraja region on the island of Sulawesi and is praised for having a low acidity, while keeping intact the deep flavors and aroma that excel when brewed in a moka pot.

When you hear the word island and coffee bean in the same sentence, you can rest assure that the taste of the Sulawesi Coffee is earthy, sweet and complex, true to nature and its roots.

The chocolate, syrupy taste of the Sulawesi Coffee separates this bag of coffee from the rest, since it combines the complex flavors of earth and chocolate into a single cup and it leaves you with mellow aftertaste that lasts long after you have consumed your coffee!

3. Equator Blend

coffee for moka pots

A combination of coffee beans that are produced from different parts of the world, that are ideal and suitable for the correct growth of the coffee bean, the Equator Blend as the name implies is a blend of coffee beans that lets you witness the flavors of different coffee beans infused into one tasty cup of coffee.

With the help of a moka pot and the right technique, you will experience a flavor milk chocolate different spices that are present thanks to the Columbian beans, while those from Kenya boost the flavor and aromas of your coffee blend.

The coffee beans from Sumatra provide you with sweet earthy flavors, consisting of grapefruit and aromatic wood.

All of these aromas combined together into one, highlighting the flavors and the care that went into producing this coffee bag will provide you with a mouthful of flavors and scents that would want to make you travel to these places yourself.

4. Aromistico Roma Blend


The Aromistico Roma Blend begins its journey from the green mountains of El Salvador and Guatemala. It does an exceptional job of capturing the flavors and blends of the two locations in one coffee bag.

Aromistico is an artisan producer that is located in Italy, which is also the place where the moka pot was invented. The Roma Blend features arabica and robusta beans in combination with the expertise of the Aromistico company on the field of coffee.

The flavors of the Roma Blend are distinguishing for their mellow, sharp and nut-like taste, while its aroma is pretty powerful making it another ideal candidate for brewing with a moka pot.

5. Organic Sumatra Swiss Water Decaf

sumatra swiss

For those who want to cut back in caffeine, but still want to enjoy the flavors and aromas of coffee, using a moka pot then the Sumatra Swiss Decaf is the right one for you.

A small group of farmers that respect the environment and use strict organic methods are those responsible for the production of such an amazing coffee bag that once you open it is full of aroma and the taste after you brew in a moka pot is something to be amazed by!

The main goal of this coffee bag is to capture the scents of the jungle and to bring you a cup of coffee filled with chocolate undertones and a creamy finish.


History of the Moka Pot

coffee for moka pots
Photo By Anders Jilden

Italy is a place that is known for its beautiful infrastructure, iconic streets and the different kind of aromas and sights that you can experience. Most importantly, when the word Italy comes to mind you often think of its delicacies considering food.

Italy is also famous to many coffee lovers and travelers alike for its heartwarming coffee and its many flavors. A specific group of coffee lovers though love Italy for an invention that changed the world of coffee forever and that is the moka pot!

The story of the moka pot begins from an Italian inventor called Luigi De Ponti. Luigi patented the prototype for Alfonso Bialetti, but it wasn’t till 1933 that Alfonso invented the “Moka Express”.

This name sounds really familiar to a moka pot lover, since the now famous Bialetti moka pot took its name for Bialetti.

After a 10-minute advertisement shown on Italian national TV every night between the years of 1957 and 1977, is what took off the popularity of the moka pot.

Following the advertising success that the moka pot had thanks to the Italian viewers, you couldn’t find a house in Italy not using a moka pot to brew espresso-style coffees its coffee and the rest is history.

How do Moka Pots work?

Moka pots are traditionally made from aluminum, but you can find other variations of the moka pot made out of stainless steel and other alloys.

There are three parts that the moka pot consists of. Starting from the bottom to the top is the bottom chamber, the basket where you put your ground coffee and lastly the collecting chamber.

The moka pot is placed on top of a stove or any kind of heat source. As time progresses the bottom chamber starts to heat up and enclosed air starts to fill the whole chamber.

The heat and the now boiling water are what causes the water to evaporate, enclosing the air inside the chamber. Using the purest form of science, the enclosed air expands and the produced pressor rises to second part of the moka pot, the basket.

When the pressure becomes high enough, the water is forced through a funnel into the upper chamber. After the lower chamber empties from all the pressure, then you will hear the gurgling sound that you might be aware off, indicating that your coffee is ready!

How to use a Moka Pot

coffee for moka pots

A moka pot is an amazing tool to use if you are into brewing coffee at home, since it is really cheap, small in size and produces amazing results.

So, if you have a moka pot at home collecting dust, then it’s time to dig it out and give it one more try, applying the following method and who knows after this article you might also become a regular moka pot user!

How to use a Moka Pot​
Fill the bottom chamber with hot water always right before the safety valve.​
Insert your filter.​
Fill your filter with ground coffee, without packing it down.​
Assemble the device (don’t screw the two chambers really tight or loose, since it can affect the quality of the rubber).​
Place your moka pot on a stove.​
When you hear a gurgling sound remove your pot from the stove.​
Carefully rinse with cool water under your sink, to completely stop the brewing process.​
Add some milk if you like or anything else that you prefer and serve!​

Tips for making Great Coffee with a Moka Pot

Tips To Make Great Coffee With Moka Pot​
Pay attention to the grind since a wrong grind will result in making your coffee more bitter. Always use a grind coarser than espresso for the best results.​
Keep the pot clean. A built-up of old coffee inside the pot affects the taste of your end result and makes your coffee more bitter.​
Pay attention to the rubber gasket of the moka pot, which is located at the inside of the lower moka pot chamber.​
You should regularly clean it and to not connect the two pieces of the moka pot too tightly, since it can affect the quality of the rubber.​
First step is to always fill the bottom chamber with hot water always right before the safety valve. ​

Common Questions

Should you clean your Moka pot?

After you finish brewing your coffee and want to clean your moka pot, you should always rinse it with hot water and then wipe it with a clean cloth. Avoid using soap or a sponge to clean the moka pot.

A dirty moka pot or the use of soap/sponge for cleaning can affect the overall taste of your coffee, making it more bitter or even having the taste of a dishwashing liquid.

Is Moka Coffee as strong as espresso?

Both these methods of brewing coffee share a few similarities like using pressure to brew coffee and brewing a strong cup of coffee, but where the similarities end is consistency, quality and control.

The espresso machines are more consistent at brewing coffee since they operate using 8-10 bars of pressure, which is way above what the moka pot can perform.

The short answer is Yes, but if you want to be true to definition and the quality of coffee that is produced, the moka pot isn’t able to produce a true espresso.

We made a special guide on how to make Cappuccino Using the Moka Pot which you can check here.

Is Bialetti Coffee Good?

Yes, Bialetti coffee is very good. It is a wonderful way to make Italian style coffee in the comfort of your own home. The essence and flavour stay true from start to finish- from coarsely ground beans into that full-bodied taste when consumed with cream or sugar.

Last Thoughts

Although the moka pot is quite famous it is often underappreciated and not used as often. It can produce a strong coffee and it is really cheap to buy one from your local shop. This selection of the best coffee for moka pots will satisfy even the most die-hard of coffee lovers and newcomers to coffee alike.

In the coffee world it is always important to experiment with different flavors, grinding settings and brewing methods to truly find the one that satisfies your taste buds to the fullest!

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