12 Best Coffee Books 2021

Just like a captain requires a map to navigate through the vast seas surrounding him, the same can be said about the world of coffee and the vast information produced from such an everlasting and trending topic.

It is easy to get lost in the world of coffee, since there is a plethora of information available to the public, but not all the information that has surfaced is liable and some of them tend to have “holes” when we are talking about the viability of the source.

That is why we have decided to provide you with a list of the best coffee books. Our main criteria here is coffee books that are easy and understandable to read, without tiring you out or making you feel bored.

So, sit back and let us give you the tools to fulfill your coffee experience and knowledge without even breaking a sweat!

1. The World Atlas of Coffee

best coffee books

If you have been in the coffee world for a while, then you probably have heard of James Hoffman, a true expert when it comes to coffee and a loved figure among the coffee community. 

This book is one of its many successful creations that can only be described as the dictionary and simultaneously atlas of coffee in general.

It untangles questions and concerns that you might have on coffee and is a great option not only for those that just started taking their first steps in coffee but also for those that take their coffee seriously.

Among its many chapters, you will have the opportunity to travel around the world through its breathtaking pictures of famous locations surrounding coffee production and a behind-the-scenes look into the coffee business like never before.  

With this book, you will have the opportunity to read about the differences between the Columbian, Ethiopian, and Puerto Rican beans and finding the one that fits your profile and taste buds the best.

Another aspect that this book thrives at is the step-by-step brewing tutorials and how easy coffee brewing can become when you have an expert in the room like James Hoffman. 

As the name entails, the atlas allows you to increase your knowledge on the history and taste profiles of the top coffee-producing regions with a plethora of information.

2. Coffee Obsession

They always say a book should get straight to the point and with a title like Coffee Obsession, how could it not get? This entry establishes a connection among a variety of information and compiles them through intriguing writing and presentation.

Acquiring this book will allow you to learn about the coffee-producing nations that have played a vital role in the marketing and trading of coffee beans.

You will have the opportunity to learn about the different styles, techniques, and flavors that when combined together make a cup of coffee that will certainly leave you with a sense of accomplishment and happiness.

Always valuing your time and that information should be “digested” easily without overcomplicating things, this book provides you with step-by-step instructions to making iconic styles of coffee, some good renown across the world and some not.

Accumulating more than 130 classic coffee recipes, each one thoroughly inspected with easy steps and a delicious outcome of a cup of coffee that will make every sip count and every taste bud filled with its delicate flavor.

Lastly, you learn about roasts that are present around the world as we speak and are widely used across the whole world in making our beloved beverage.

3. Craft Coffee

The word manual is something that is highlighted in this book and without a doubt, such a book can’t go unnoticed when talking about the best coffee books 2021.

The manual at hand will give you the opportunity to discover new skills within and help you master the coffee at home experience.

Those who tend to get a bit confused when talking about coffee machines then you shouldn’t worry, since this book will be covering the different equipment and 10 different manual brewing devices, including Chemex, French press, and AeroPress

It will be a great addition to your library and an even better one for your taste buds since it gives you the opportunity to find the flavor that fits your desires and taste buds the best through an in-depth look at the roast, origin, and processing of coffee.

Without a doubt, when trying something new everyone is prone to making mistakes, this is why this book provides you with a section that gathers all the tricks and tips to prevent you from taking any missteps and allowing you to learn from your mistakes.

Given the different variations and levels of every coffee consumer, the book at hand is designed to fit the needs not only of new coffee readers but also for experienced alike.

Making it an enjoyable experience for all and providing even the most skilled of coffee drinkers with new tips to improve their arsenal of coffee making.

Lastly, this book helps you to not be intimidated by the given tools and information, making it user-friendly above all providing a cup of coffee that is worth sharing with your friends! 

4. I Love Coffee! Over 100 Easy and Delicious Coffee Drinks

With a title that couldn’t express us better, I Love Coffee! Over 100 Easy and Delicious Coffee Drinks is written by Susan Zimmer, a visionary individual in the coffee business and a professional when it comes to coffee and its secrets.

Based on her twenty-plus years in the coffee business and with the help even of the coffee community itself, she managed to create a book depicting creative, easy, and effective recipes for the different styles of coffee that we all know and love.

This book emphasizes the skills that you can acquire throughout your coffee journey are everlasting.

This is why in this book you will be seeing a lot of international coffees and brewing techniques that unlock secrets that baristas use daily to provide you with the most delicious cup.

The recipes are very easy to follow and there are full-color photographs that will allow you to understand each recipe better and every time that you are making it, it will be better than the last one!

The information that is collected in this book will allow you to understand how to transform a coffee bean into a cup with a rich aroma and flavor.

There are over 100 coffee recipes, including famous ones like Black Forest Latte, Sugar-Free Java Chai Latte, and Iced Orange Mochaccino.

5. Onward

Starbucks is a company that has had its ups and downs in the past decade. What was a critical moment for the coffee company though was the years prior to 2008. Howard Schultz made the valiant choice to return back to the company as the CEO.

His main goal back then was to stir the course of this company back to its core and to what made Starbucks stand apart from the rest.

In Onward, you will be diving into the company’s background and workplace, giving you the chance to experience and see firsthand how this company faired during those dark times.

The story of Howard Schultz is one that inspires and provides hope not only to customers but to other companies alike that shouldn’t give up and through sturdy leadership are able to withstand and surpass any difficulty.

You will be acquiring a lot of life lessons through this journey and most specifically you can witness Schultz’s central leadership philosophy and how he managed to come out victorious and making the company stronger than ever before.

The pillars of the company are its staff and the strong leaders surrounding the employees. Those here are present, but if you want to know more, then you should definitely have a go at this book.

Ultimately, this documentary allows you to feel like you are one with the story while teaching you the true meaning of hope and success.

6. The Curious Barista’s Guide to Coffee

Tristan Stephenson among many other specialties is a barista that has a passion for coffee, admiration for its history and the distance coffee has come through time.

This book is not only slick in design, but also in content while boosting your creativity and helping you even make your own recipes when it comes to coffee

It describes the origin, history of coffee, and the variety of machines in the coffee-making business among its other chapters.

It focuses as you might have guessed by the title on coffee preparation and a plethora of different instructions to making different kinds of coffee with a variety of methods along the way. 

The first thing when it comes to making coffee at home is not only which coffee bean to choose, but to also be able to identify which preparation technique is suited for the specific coffee.

Reading this book will help you understand the different tastes of coffee and how to make coffee with techniques that will bring the flavor out of your coffee beans and fill your whole house with the coffee aromas that we all know and love.

The only drawback of this book among its many readers is the lack of recipes and styles surrounding coffee, leaving much more to be desired.

7. Coffee Art

They say that the best way of understanding a task is a live presentation. This book with its many illustrated photos will be your guiding hand when it comes to complicated designs that will add delicate finishing touches to your cup of coffee.

Just like painting, everyone has to start from somewhere this is why, this book serves not only the starters of the coffee design community but also the pros.

The main purpose is to entertain and teach you that the process of making coffee can be fun and easy to do, without breaking a sweat.

Through the writing of Dhan Tamang, a world-renowned latte artist you will be able to reenact colorfully and eye-capturing designs that will impress anyone that you are serving coffee to.

Famous designs that are depicted in this book among others are the swan and the unicorn.

The process of designing these and so much more has never been easier, with the addition of 9 stencil patterns that will let you experiment and master the different techniques.

The book starts with easy designs and helps you build on that foundation to improve and add to your already existing arsenal many more tricks that will surely leave your house guests astonished!

8. Uncommon Grounds

The coffee bean is a peculiar subject that many have tried to master its secrets and science behind it.

This is why Mark Pendergast, a man of research and science writer aimed to please the coffee community and answer a lot of our questions in the background of coffee.

This book has a story to tell that flows deep inside the roots of the coffee bean. A culture undergoes changes constantly on par with other factors like economy and technology.

The coffee culture is no exception to this rule, with its disastrous “Coffee Crisis” that plummeted global prices and made way for the Fair Trade movement.

This is just a glimpse of what you will be reading about forward on, in the other chapters of this book. It is an exceptional read wherever you are and will provide you with company, and knowledge that is worth sharing!

The story of coffee is a long and juicy subject that many have tried to write about, but not many could capture the writing and finesse of Mark Pendergast, that being also he is an independent scholar and a man of enjoying a well written book more than most.

Through this book, you will be diving into social history, market analysis and so much more considering coffee.

It is really easy to read and it’s an amazing option for those who seek to understand how one small coffee bean is able to influence and change the course of history.

9. The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee

The Blue Bottle Coffee Company has earned the respect of many in America when talking about roasting, rich coffee full of taste and aroma that can only be defined for its complexity and different levels of taste and aftertaste.

James Freeman wanted to educate those who want to go the extra step, roll up their sleeves and do what they love most, that being brewing coffee!

This book gives you information on how to roast coffee using simple, everyday kitchen tools.

 In addition, you will be learning about a home technique of quality control in coffee that will help you understand what every coffee should taste like when made and simultaneously improving your coffee-making skills!

Methods of using the French press, drip, siphon among many others are present in this book and giving you the opportunity to experiment with your own tools since a home barista is as effective as his tools.

The Blue Bottle pastry chef and former Miette bakery owner Caitlin Freeman makes also an appearance in this book and she will be providing you with more than thirty food recipes that include our beloved beverage and complete your daily cup of coffee.

Such an experience can’t be completed without the presence of photographs that provided the circumstances allow you to understand the journey of coffee, from its primal form, the bean, to the final result, a cup of delicious coffee.

10. Coffee Gives Me Superpowers

We can only wish for coffee to give us superpowers, but that won’t stop our imagination and daydreaming. Speaking of those two, Coffee Gives Me Superpowers is an amazing short, but a colorful book with a graphic design focusing on our beloved beverage.

Read the many interesting facts of coffee through visualized and creative designs that are a welcoming addition to spending your time while sipping on a cup of your favorite coffee, while relaxing!

Learn about the origin of coffee and the effects of coffee on the body and mind through this book, while changing your life for the better and uplifting your spirits.

A combination of humor and information is a unique and solid approach when learning about coffee from Ryoko Iwata. It will take you around 30 minutes to read this book, but thanks to its design and the format in which it is written, will have you certainly coming back for another read.

11. The Coffee Roaster's Handbook: A How-To Guide for Home and Professional Roasters

Len Brault aims to always bring new ideas and techniques to the table and share them with the rest of the coffee community. This is why he took it upon himself to write a book that will show you how to discover the barista within you.

The vast knowledge of the history and roasting of coffee is truly impressive in this book. It aims to inspire and give that much-needed attention to the how’s and why’s of the roasting process that many tend to overlook, resulting in making a coffee that lacks the captivating taste and aroma that coffee deserves to have.

Besides the roasting equipment essentials that you will learn through indulging in a read of this book, you will also learn about not only the history of the coffee, but also primitive techniques that have defined the genre of coffee and its many specialties.

The blending process usually goes together with roasting and this book got you covered in this specific field as well. 

However there are many books out there that have written the majority of information available, this is why Len Brault’s focus was to provide you with a book that manages to remain fresh, information-wise, while maintaining the true values of coffee and its roasting techniques.    

Last Thoughts

Reading a book requires dedication and thorough reading to maximize the knowledge that you are obtaining from it. A badly written book can affect this procedure and can make reading a boring task.

This is why the compiled list of the best coffee books is made with one purpose in mind, that being to choose books that entertain you, the reader, and help you learn valuable information along the way!