22 Best Coffee Blogs You Should Follow in 2021

The history of coffee is a long and complicating one, but those who we have to thank, for making it as famous as it is today are the people who had the passion and drive to experiment with the nature that surrounds us. Most importantly, a thank you is in order for those who continue on to support coffee by consuming it daily (that also means you!) .

Coffee has risen to fame not only from its producers and consumers, but also from coffee blogs that instead of producing coffee, they write articles on coffee and its surrounding fields. They always strive to have the same quality in their articles as in their cup of coffee.

Being one of the most consumed beverages worldwide is hardly an understatement, since coffee has earned a place in almost every household around the globe and wherever you look, you will always find someone consuming that delicious beverage.

Coffee has certainly won a place in our hearts, but what about the coffee blogs that helped spread the “message” of coffee and have certainly earned a place in our hearts as the best coffee blogs?

Roasty Coffee

roasty coffee coffee blogs

Having one of the catchiest of mottos “Brew Coffee So Good, It’ll Make A Hipster Cry”, Matt’s passion and love for coffee certainly shows, by the quality articles that he produces for our community of coffee lovers.

Roasty Coffee specializes in everything that has to do with the trivia of coffee, brewing methods that will help you truly discover the power and effectiveness of coffee and lastly guides to buying the best coffee beans and coffee makers known to the coffee-making man!


Another one of the best coffee blogs that you will certainly have seen, if you have searched up the word coffee before, is Sprudge.

Sprudge Media Network is definitely the place to “Getting Your Grind On!”, not only does it offer articles on coffee culture and having original journalism, since 2009, but they also provide podcasts about the aspects of coffee and its many characteristics that you will certainly enjoy listening to, when having a cup of coffee in hand. They also went the extra mile and launched a free global coffee map service for cafe lovers and cafe owners!

Little Coffee Place

Little Coffee Place is certainly the place to be, if you are a fan of coffee and want to experience coffee in a way that has never been witnessed before.

Being one of the best coffee blogs, while browsing through their website you will find articles on every topic when it comes to coffee makers, coffee guides, accessories and beans. This group of coffee experts have one goal in mind and that is giving you all the knowledge that you will ever need, to explore the world of coffee, while valuing your attention to detail when it comes to coffee.

Homegrounds Co.

When talking about the best coffee blogs, one can’t forget Homegrounds and the dedication that it has for coffee and coffee lovers alike.

This group of skilled coffee lovers and writers taught us a lot about coffee and how truly important it is for the world. Among coffee beans, gear and brewing methods they feature coffee recipes that will intrigue you to try new techniques and ways to making coffee that will bring to your cup flavors from coffees across the whole world, that you wouldn’t be able to try out otherwise.

Daily Coffee News

Do you want to be up to date when it comes to coffee and its news? If you answered yes, then you should definitely visit Daily Coffee News!

Through their website you can witness how the whole world unfolds when it comes to coffee, while also proving you with original content, full of breaking news and in-depth stories. They always are the first to report when it comes to coffee news and they are certainly the best companion to have, while having a cup of coffee.

Atlas Coffee Club

A passion for coffee and travel has led Atlas Coffee Club to greatness, regarding coffee and its community.

If you are a food lover as much as a coffee lover, then you are in luck, since Atlas Coffee Club is an expert when it comes to matching food with coffee. Just looking at the recipes that they write about, one can easily assume that you can add coffee beans as an ingredient to almost any food. Except from having coffee recipes they focus on coffee and its topics as whole, making you always come back for more.

The Coffee Wave

As mentioned in Detailed, a promising newcomer in the coffee scene and paying attention to detail, when it comes to coffee, The Coffee Wave has one philosophy is mind: “May your coffee be strong, and your Monday be short.”

We want to welcome you into the world of coffee, by expanding your knowledge and most importantly your taste buds by trying out new flavors and coffees.

We value our readers and provide them with in-depth articles, that will truly inspire, even those who haven’t tried coffee to join its growing community. Having a love for coffee beans, coffee guides and accessories, this is the place to be, if you want to discover what coffee is really about from coffee-addicts at heart!

The Coffee Chronicler

Respecting coffee and its philosophy and what can be described as one of the best coffee blogs is The Coffee Chronicler.

What started as a simple roasting coffee in his oven at home, Asser Christensen, journalist and Q Arabica Grader hailing from Denmark has earned the respect and love of many home baristas with caffeine in the blood and coffee on the brain. Focusing on the essential coffee tools as much as coffee topics surrounding brewing and coffee beans among many others, The Coffee Chronicler feels like home for those who want to understand the true meaning of coffee.

Coffee Review

Having earned the first-ever 100-point, wine-style coffee reviews to the specialty coffee industry, Coffee Review’s main mission is to help the consumers easily identify superior quality coffee and truly reward those hard working farmers that produce quality coffee, by increasing demand for those coffees.

Showing as much respect as they have for the farmers that provide us everyday with our loved beverage, Coffee Review pays the same attention to detail to their articles as much as their readers and hard-working farmers. If you want to truly understand what every coffee is supposed to taste like, then this is the place to be.

European Coffee Trip

Coffee Blogs

European Coffee Trip is the “navigator of good coffee”, since they provide you with information regarding the best cafes around the whole world. Imagine Goggle Maps, but only for coffee!

Except, from being a navigator to having the best coffee experience, it offers you brewing guides and reviews on coffee machines to make it easier for you to choose the one that fits your wants and needs better.

Coffee Affection

Having an affection for both coffee and writing quality articles, Coffee Affection is the home to those who want to learn everything regarding coffee beans, roasting, brewing, recipes and gear.

Leveling up your barista skills is a desire that all of have, since nothing is worse than having a bad quality in the morning. If you are left feeling more from your coffee and you need that level up, then you should certainly visit Coffee Affection, to improve your life and coffee quality

Bean Box

Coffee Blogs

Fresh coffee should always be delivered in a bag, right in front of our doorstep. If this feels like you, then you should definitely visit Bean Box, one of the most innovative and best coffee blogs.

Bean Box teaches the coffee community daily how to taste, make and enjoy coffee like a pro. They cover a variety of topics when it comes to coffee, and how to make your life regarding coffee easier for you.

The Way To Coffee

Coffee Blogs

The correct way to understanding coffee and its secrets is to expand your knowledge regarding the best coffee shops in different cities, brewing and tool guides.

The Way To Coffee offers the ability to coffee owners to increase their following, customer traffic and introducing to the coffee community the most promising and unique cafes across the whole world for them to try out. Being one of the best coffee blogs in our community, they show compassion for both coffee owners and consumers, except from writing quality articles on coffee related topics.

Sip Coffee House

Having a healthy obsession over finding the best brews and tools to help you recreate the aroma of a coffee shop at home, Sip Coffee House manages to impress, even the most die-hard of coffee consumers.

Their quest begins from writing articles that provide fellow coffee lovers the “right tools”, to prepare the best possible coffee. They pay the same attention, when it comes to gear, guides, tips and most importantly coffee beans, so that you can enjoy the wonders of coffee, without being “intimidated” from hard techniques and complicated brewing methods among others.

The Girl In The Cafe

Coffee Blogs

The Girl In The Cafe unravels the secrets of the best baristas in town, in her “5 Minutes with barista” series.

Except, from teaching you the secrets of coffee, she also has a podcast on different topics, that will show you different perspectives of the world. Celeste Wong: Actress & Top Coffee Barista will teach you the attention that is needed into making a cup of coffee among many others.

Coffee Kiwi

Coffee Blogs

The best coffee blogs should always help you get a better “grip” of coffee equipment and the many guides that surround the world of coffee.

Coffee Kiwi is your guide to speciality coffee, whether you are into brewing, tips, coffee beans or how-to guides. If you don’t know what coffee machine to buy or what coffee method should you follow, then you should always remember that Coffee Kiwi is at your side to give you a helping hand on everything that is coffee related.

Quirky Coffee Co

From a learning curve to what simply can be described as one of the best coffee blogs, Quirky Coffee Co follows a philosophy that we all should follow in our lives, “treat people how you want to be treated”.

Founder of Quirky Coffee Co, Michelle with this in mind, wants to provide an experience that you deserve as a client and/or reader. Her coffee blog answers many questions that trouble coffee lovers across the world, while providing you with guides and tips to complete your coffee experience

Coffee Plant

Coffee Blogs

Running a coffee shop and coffee blog can provide coffee consumers with a unique view when it comes to coffee.

Coffee Plant, except from handing you quality coffee in their coffee shop located in London, focuses in topics, that trouble people and the coffee community around the world and voices their concerns. Coffee Plant presents you with a friendly coffee shop environment that you will be returning to everyday, for your daily dose of coffee.

Pact Coffee

Coffee Blogs

Pact Coffee doesn’t cut corners when it comes to coffee. They have formed partnerships that are made to last and have countless times shown to coffee lovers that there is no one more important than their consumers.

Apart from selling coffee beans, they write articles on brewing equipment, coffee machines, filters, grinders and accessories. They value their farmers good health and want to help them grow and most importantly, see their life quality improve.



CoffeeCode is the UK’s fastest growing online platform dedicated to great coffee, brilliant design and environmental consciousness.

Through their website they showcase anything related to coffee. They work to deliver more substance per scroll!


MOONBREW, the world’s first crypto-backed coffee, is also the most enjoyable way for all to partake in their daily coffee routines.

Moonbrew was born with a goal to offer incredible coffee that follows their mission standards. Small batch roasted, organic, single-origin wherever possible.

With their standards, you can ensure what’s going into your body is of high quality, with an amazing taste that’s out of this world.

Last Thoughts

You should always give different flavors of coffee a try. The same can be said about coffee blogs. Each one of the best coffee blogs has its own characteristics, but above all else what they all have in common is that they respect and love the growing of coffee lovers across the world.