Americano vs Macchiato Coffee: Which Is Better?

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Americano coffee is a stronger version of macchiato coffee with a different flavor profile. It is made by steeping espresso in hot water for a shorter period of time. Macchiato coffee is made with two shots of ground espresso, half-and-half, and milk that has been mixed in between cups. A macchiato has a higher concentration of espresso and espresso tastes, so it’s more on the bitter side but less sweet than other drinks like a latte.

Have you ever thought about the difference between macchiato and americano coffee? Did you know that they have different tasting but same origin? Macchiato was originated in Italy. It’s a popular drink in Italy but also in other parts of Europe, like the UK, Poland, and Scandinavia.

On the other hand, Americano coffee was originated in Italy too, but by American Soldiers. The Americano is made with espresso and hot water and is served in a larger cup.

In this article we will discuss the differences between Americano and Macchiato coffee, in addition to the benefits of each one.

Americano Coffee

americano vs macchiato

What is Americano Coffee?

The Americano is a type of coffee drink that was developed in Italy. In the United States it is typically served as a shot of espresso with hot water. It is usually served in a three-to-one ratio, meaning one part espresso to two parts hot water. The Americano has more caffeine than many other types of coffee and it can often be consumed quickly because of its potency.

Americano Flavor

Americano coffee flavor is strong and bold. It is a combination of espresso and hot water. It has a dark, rich taste of coffee but it does not have the strength of a traditional shot of espresso.

The aroma of Americano coffee is complex. When smelling an Americano coffee you will smell the strong, rich aroma of espresso as well as the distinct aroma associated with coffee that has been brewed in hot water.

Americano Grind Size

For a perfect americano cup a fine grind size is recommended. In fact, most baristas will use a grind size that is finer than what would be used for a traditionally brewed cup of coffee.

The fine grind will create the bold taste and make it easier to mix the shot of espresso with the hot water.

Is Americano the strongest coffee out there?

The answer is no. It is a strong coffee with a higher concentration of caffeine than other types of coffee. But it does not have the strength of espresso, which is why it is not as potent as traditional western-style shots of espresso.

Americano Coffee Water Temperature

The Americano is typically served at a temperature of about 180 degrees Fahrenheit, but this can vary depending on the barista and the preferences of the person drinking it. The espresso can be added to the cup before or after the water is added.


Macchiato Coffee


What is Macchiato Coffee?

 It is the typical espresso-based drink in Italian coffee houses. It is a shot of espresso, half-and-half or milk with a little foam on top. It is often served in a small to medium-sized cup.

The name of Macchiato comes from the shape or form of the cup it is served into, which looks like its ”marked” with a tiny bit of milk.

Macchiato Flavor

Macchiato flavor is typically medium-strong and has a distinct flavor profile. It is often considered too strong for those who generally drink coffee.

Macchiato Grind Size

Macchiato uses a finer grind size than many other types of coffee. The reason for this is because it is a shot of espresso.

Macchiato Water Temperature

For a macchiato cup the water temperature is often around 180 degrees Fahrenheit.


Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ


What is the best coffee maker for Americano?

The best coffee maker for americano is a commercial grade espresso coffee machine that brews a cup of espresso. Espresso machines are designed to extract the volatile oils and flavor compounds, then pressurized steam pressure to force water through the ground beans.

Is one cup of Americano Enough or should you have two?

The answer is not that simple because different people might need more than one of these types of drinks, than the espresso-base. Generally speaking, the answer could depend on the individual who drinks the espresso and will know how much caffeine they need, how long they will be drinking it for and what their favorite flavor combinations are.

Also how sensitive someone can be to strong and caffeinated drinks, like an espresso, is an important aspect to consider.

Last Thoughts

If you are a strong coffee drinker, then you should choose an americano coffee drink. If you typically drink a medium to light cup of coffee, then you should choose a macchiato.

It all comes down to how you like your coffee. You should follow your coffee preferences and taste. But keep in mind that both of these coffees, Americano and macchiato, are coming from the same origin, the espresso.

So they are both pretty strong and intense, and someone who has a problem with acid reflux or gets too light headed with stronger coffee, has to make sure how much to drink every time or if to avoid it completely. 

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