AeroPress vs Pour Over: Which One Is Better?

The Best Answer:

It is entirely up to you. With so many different shapes, sizes, and designs to choose from, there is no best answer when it comes to choosing between these two types of coffee makers. However, the brew time differs significantly in both cases. The AeroPress takes about one minute to brew, whereas the Pour Over can take up to 5 minutes. If you are in a rush or like your coffee fast and don’t mind sacrificing quality or taste then go for the AeroPress.

Today you can make coffee with pretty much any coffee maker that you can find on the shelf. Whether it’s an AeroPress, French Press, or a Stovetop Pour Over, anyone can make a cup of coffee at home.

In this article we will talk about two types of coffee brewers – the Aeropress and the Pour Over Coffee Maker. Both these processes involve different tools and techniques but if you can master them you will definitely make a perfect cup of coffee.

The Pour Over

aeropress vs pour over

What Is the Pour Over?

The Pour over coffee maker is a manual coffee brewing method where you add hot water on top of the grounds to create a concentrated coffee. The hot water is poured over the grounds to brew the coffee in a shorter time.

It doesn’t reach the full saturation point, but it does create a flavor and aroma of this specialty coffee if it is made carefully.

How Does Pour Over Work?

This coffee brewing method is very simple to use. It consists of a filter, that is placed over a carafe and then you pour the hot water inside the glass funnel.

Most of the time the filter is made from paper (it is disposable). The coffee grounds are placed in the filter and you pour hot water over it to make your coffee.

Pour Over Water Temperature

The water temperature used in pour over coffee is around 198 degrees Fahrenheit. The amount of water used is based on the amount of grounds which is laid out in filter paper. For instance, if you use 1 gram of coffee, you will use about 17mL of water on it.

Pour Over Grind Size

To make the best pour over coffee possible, a medium coarse grind size is perfect. The coffee is not allowed to sit too long in the grinder and you should pour the water very slowly over the filter.

If done carefully, you will notice the coffee becoming stronger and sweeter more quickly in both aroma and taste.

Pour Over Flavor

Pour Over coffee flavor is quite different from the Aeropress. First of all, the Pour over does not have a full saturation of the grounds and the water. If you brew Pour Over very carefully, you get a well-balanced flavor with light acidity and sweetness. The AeroPress coffee is roasted to full saturation and it has very strong flavors.

Pour Over Price

The price is much higher than the AeroPress ( $60 on average). If you want to buy a Pour Over Coffee Maker, make sure it is a high quality one. There are some cheaper ones available as well, but remember that all cheap products do not mean they will give you good results.

Cleaning The Pour Over

Cleaning the Pour Over may be a little difficult. You have to wash it manually and then let it dry before you use it again. In case you are in a rush, this is not going to be very helpful for you.


The AeroPress

aeropress vs pour over

What Is the AeroPress?

The AeroPress is a pressurized coffee brewer. And by using pressurized air, you can create a strong heat inside the filter for a short period of time.

AeroPress was invented in 2005 by Alan Adler to create more flavorful coffee at home. It is made up of plastic and it can be disassembled very easily.

How the AeroPress Works?

The AeroPress uses hot water and air pressure to brew your coffee. You need to place the filter (metal or paper) in a chamber and then add the coffee grounds on it. It comes with an airtight plunger, which helps in pressurizing the hot water inside the chamber.

The plunger is pressed down very slowly so that it can create perfect airtight seal for the brewing. After the coffee is brewed, just remove the plunger and you can get a perfect cup of coffee.

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AeroPress Water Temperature

the AeroPress water temperature is similar to the Pour Over. Since it uses hot water and air pressure, it will take around 2 minutes for brewing.

If you want to make a cup of strong coffee with the AeroPress, then you use more coffee and less hot water. The stronger the coffee is, the shorter your brewing time needs to be.

AeroPress Grind Size

To make a great cup of coffee with your AeroPress a coarse to medium grind size is required. It is also important to use a paper filter so that the coffee grounds don’t pass through it and destroy your brew.

The Aeropress gives you a better control over the brewing process. You can make your cup of coffee stronger or weaker depending on your preference and taste using the same grounded coffee.

AeroPress Flavor

AeroPress flavor is quite different from the Pour Over. The AeroPress coffee is roasted to full saturation and it has about 2 times more flavor compared to the Pour Over coffee. If you are a fan of strong coffee then this is the best choice for you.

AeroPress Price

AeroPress costs 30$ (cheaper than the pour over). It is not a very expensive coffee brewer and the process is hassle free.

Cleaning The AeroPress

The cleaning process is quite easy with an AeroPress. You will need to disassemble it and then clean it on your own with soap or detergent and water.


Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

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Why is AeroPress coffee less acidic?

This is because the water temperature is lower when brewing, and the coffee also does not sit in the filter for a longer period of time. It results in a more balanced flavor.

Is AeroPress unhealthy?

AeroPress is actually a healthier choice since it does not have oils in it. It doesn’t have any chemicals and oils that some of the other coffee makers produce.

Is Pour over coffee as strong as AeroPress?

Not necessarily. The AeroPress is strong because of the higher pressure in it. You can make a very strong cup of coffee with the AeroPress and you will see how much stronger it is compared to a normal cup of coffee.

Last Thoughts

Both AeroPress and Pour over have their own pros and cons. If you want to prepare a very strong cup of coffee for yourself then the Aeropress is the best choice. It can make 2-4 cups of coffee in one go (depends on the size of the AeroPress you have).

The pour over doesn’t come with any filters, so you will need to buy some extra filters for it. But the brewing time is short and you get a better control on how strong or weak your cup of coffee should be.

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