Aeropress vs French Press: Which Brews Better?

The Best Answer:

Both of these coffee makers have advantages and disadvantages. If you like your coffee bold, love getting a lot of control over the grind size to brew time, or enjoy experimenting with different grinds and brewing periods, the French Press may be the best option for you. If you’re in a rush in the morning and want something quick and easy with little clean-up, the AeroPress could be a better option.

The AeroPress and the French Press are two very different brewing methods. A French Press is all about steeping and extracting flavor while the Aeropress is all about pressure and forcing the grounds to extract. The AeroPress is not only more versatile but produces a different flavor than the French Press.

The AeroPress has a shorter brewing time and when you compare the two it looks like you can’t get the same taste, or as much flavor into an AeroPress.

Let’s take a closer look at these two seperately and see which fits best your needs!

AeroPress And French Press Differences - List

DifferencesAeroPressFrench Press
Water Temp200 degrees F.195 degrees F.
Coffee Grind SizeCoarse to MediumCoarse
FlavorSmoother, stronger, not bitterBold and Strong
Cleaning EasyVery Easy
Cost$29.95$15 - $20
DesignUnique, BPA PlasticGlass with metal mesh filter and plunger

The AeroPress

aeropress vs french press

What Is The AeroPress?

The AeroPress is made from plastic and is a small cylinder that works like a syringe. The plunger forces the water through the coffee filter, and passes through the grounds in order to brew your cup of coffee.

You can make 1-2 cups of coffee in about 3 minutes, with your preferred strength and taste. Brewing coffee with the AeroPress is very easy even for beginners.

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How Does The AeroPress Work?

Fill the chamber with hot water, put it on the AeroPress base, add your grounds and then push down the plunger. Once you let go of the plunger, coffee will immediately start brewing into your cup. It’s that simple!

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AeroPress Water Temperature

To get the best brew, you want a water temperature of about 200 degrees F. You’ll want to make sure you have hot water ready to go before you get started so that it’s at the perfect temperature when you want it.

AeroPress Grind Size

The AeroPress brews the best when you use coffee grounds that have a grind size of medium to coarse. Much like espresso ground beans, but not as fine.

AeroPress Coffee Flavor

The coffee taste of the Aeropress is milder than that of a French press. It has a stronger flavor and is not bitter. The flavor and texture are significantly different than when using a French press, and this method produces a more steady brew over time.


AeroPress is pretty simple to clean. It’s as simple as wiping down the chamber and plunger with a paper towel and some water after every brew.

The Cost

The AeroPress costs $29.95. It does not come with a grinder, so keep that in mind, but it is less expensive than the bulk of brewers on the market and does an excellent job for the price.

AeroPress Design

The AeroPress features a one-of-a-kind design and is constructed of BPA-free plastic. Even though the design is basic, the coffee it makes is excellent. That is what distinguishes it.


The French Press

how to clean the french press

What Is The French Press?

A French Press is a coffee brewing device that has a large cylindrical glass container and a plunger. You put coarsely ground coffee beans in the glass container, pour hot water over it, and then use the plunger to push the grounds to the bottom. You can use different amounts of pressure to produce different levels of intensity in your brew.

How The French Press Works?

Since the French Press is a very simple device, it’s almost like brewing coffee in an old-school coffee maker. You put coarsely ground coffee beans into the metal carafe then you add the hot water and you press the plunger.

 At the end of the plunger there is a metal filter attached which helps seperate the leftover coffee grounds and the final drink!

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French Press Water Temperature

To get the best brew, you want a water temperature of about 195 degrees. From the time you start pouring until the time you stop is about three to four minutes, which gives you time to push more water through the beans and extract all the flavors.

French Press Grind Size

The grind size for the French Press is extremely important. You’ll need to use a coarse grind to get the best flavor and results. You can usually find a good grind at your local grocery store, or even at your local coffee shop!

French Press Flavor

The coffee flavor from a French Press is bold and strong, especially when compared to an AeroPress. With the French press, you won’t get as much sediment in your cup and you’ll have less oily residue floating on top because the water infuses with the beans to create a smooth liquid rather than a bunch of grounds sitting at the bottom of your cup.

French Press Cleaning

Since this is a very simple device, it’s very easy to clean. Simply remove the metal plunger and rinse it with hot water with dish soap, then dry and store the plunger away until you need it again. Same thing with the carafe and the metal filters.

French Press Cost

The French Press goes for about $15-$20 . It’s less expensive than the AeroPress, and it does a great job for that price.


The French Press is made from a glass container with a metal mesh filter and plunger. The design isn’t as sleek as the aeropress, but the product is great.


Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

FAQ image

Does AeroPress Make The Best Coffee?

The quick answer is yes. The AeroPress is an excellent coffee brewer for those who seek consistently good-tasting coffee. It’s not the most popular home coffee maker, but it could be the finest.

Is AeroPress Worth The Money?

If you’re looking for a coffee that tastes great every single time and you’re willing to spend the extra money, an Aeropress is definitely worth it.

Why Is French Press So Good?

It’s because of the style of brewing. A regular drip coffee maker will force water through the grounds and leave a significant amount of sediment in your cup, which can often make the coffee taste bitter. The French Press actually infuses the grinds with hot water to produce a smooth and rich liquid instead.

Last Thoughts

The AeroPress and the French Press both produce great coffee. Finally, the decision is yours.

We hope that our ideas have helped you in any way to pick the best and what suits you both of these have amazing traits and qualities and you can actually try coffee from both to see what is the best.

Choose AeroPress if you want a more portable coffee maker. If you want something more traditional yet with a distinctive appearance, the French Press is the way to go!

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