AeroPress vs AeroPress Go: Which Is Better?

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Try both and see which one you prefer. They are both the same in terms of function because they both make a coffee, but what does differ is the difference between how tightly you can pack your ground coffee. Aeropress go is designed to be more compact and portable than its larger brother, so it has smaller cups and less space for grinding.

AeroPress and AeroPress Go are the same in terms of function. They are both coffee makers that make the most flavorful and highest quality coffee available.

In this article we will talk about the differences between AeroPress and AeroPress Go so you can see for yourself which one you prefer. We will be looking primarily at the differences in the cups and how tightly or loosely you can pack your ground coffee.

What is The AeroPress?

aeropress vs aeropress go

AeroPress is a coffee maker that was created for manual brewing. It is also called the “Aeropress” or “the AeroPress”. It was invented in 2005 by Alan Adler, a mechanical engineer from Detroit, Michigan.

The AeroPress was developed in response to the question of whether it was possible to make coffee that was better tasting and more consistent than the French Press. Using steeped coffee instead of ground coffee yields significantly more flavor than pressing the coffee immediately after grinding.

What Is The AeroPress Go?

aeropress go

In short, the AeroPress Go is a small version of AeroPress. It makes a single serving of coffee instead of the traditional 2 or 4 servings that one AeroPress would make.

AeroPress Advantages

The AeroPress is a great coffee maker. It is the best coffee maker for people who want to make regular coffee at home or on the road.

You can also use it as an espresso maker by adding a paper filter to the top of your coffee cup with a little bit of water and then throwing in your ground beans before pressing down in order to extract all the flavor you need for an espresso shot.

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AeroPress Disadvantages

  • Primarily Single Use
  • Only makes about 2 cups
  • Big in Size

Since the AeroPress is a manual brew, it creates a lot of sediment, which means that if you are looking to throw a bunch of coffee together at one time, this is not the coffee maker for you.

The coffee grounds also need to be finely milled, in order to give the strength needed for the best taste.

AeroPress Go Advantages

  • Smaller Size for Travel or Single Use
  • Same Functionality of Aeropress

AeroPress Go Disadvantages

  • Recommended Quantity is Ground Coffee is Smaller than AeroPress
  • Longer Time to Brew
  • Not as Portable as the AeroPress

The AeroPress Go works just like the old AeroPress does (except for size), except it is specially designed to make 1 cup of coffee at a time in order to make the process of making coffee small enough and portable enough to be able to use when on the go.


Which Is Better For Traveling?

AeroPress Go is obviously the smaller version of the AeroPress. This makes it great for travel, if you need to make sure that you can always have a great cup of coffee while on the go.

You can just buy a single AeroPress Go and be sure that you will always have a nice cup of coffee with you at all times.

What makes this portable? The design of the AeroPress Go has made it tiny enough to take in your carry on bag or purse when traveling, so there is no need to buy any other kind of coffee maker for travel.

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Is AeroPress Go Worth it?

Arguably yes, it’s small enough to take with you and brew small amounts, so if you’re traveling and need a quick cup of coffee, this could get the job done.

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Is AeroPress Plastic Bad for you?

The plastic used in AeroPress Go’s filter is BPA free. Which is a flexible material that is safe to use in order to make your coffee taste great. It does not have any harmful toxins or chemicals that would be harmful to your health.

Since the filter makes the coffee taste good, there is no need worry about anything toxic being inside of your cup of joe.

Will your coffee taste the same with AeroPress Go?

A great thing about the AeroPress Go is that it makes a product that is pretty much exactly equal to what you’d get from an AeroPress. This means that your coffee will taste just as good as it would using a large AeroPress.

Can you put boiling water in an AeroPress?

Yes! You can put boiling water to your AeroPress! Simply add the water then the coffee grounds and press with your plunger slowly.

Why is AeroPress Coffee Less Acidic?

The AeroPress is a manual coffee brewer, which allows for a better tasting coffee by “pressing” the ground beans in hot water for a short period of time.

This makes the coffee naturally less acidic, so you won’t get that bitter flavor that regular coffee makers produce.

Last Thoughts

The AeroPress and AeroPress Go are just two different styles of the same coffee maker. If you have been looking online for some time now and still haven’t made up your mind on which one you prefer, go ahead and try both of them out. They both make a great cup of coffee.

The AeroPress can be a bit more expensive because of its larger size, but it is used for making more than one cup at a time. The AeroPress-Go was made as the cheaper option for people who want to make a single cup at a time.

Either way they both make great tasting coffee. The AeroPress Go is the best option for someone who takes their coffee on the go or needs to make just one cup of coffee without having to worry about cleaning up.

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