AeroPress Paper vs Metal Filters

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Make an experiment and put both to the test. Some people prefer to use paper filters because they believe they extract more oils than metal filters. Others prefer metal filters because they believe their coffee tastes harsher without them.

The importance of AeroPress filters cannot be overlooked. If you want to make delicious coffee, you must use a high-quality filter. Many people who buy coffee for home brewing or specialty coffee shops also buy reusable paper filters or metal filters for their AeroPress. 

In this article, we’ll look at the differences between the 2 types of filters and what they have to offer.

What Are AeroPress Paper Filters?

The AeroPress paper filters are thin sheets of paper that fit over the bottom of the AeroPress plunger. They are intended to remove the biggest part of the oils and coffee particles that get caught in the AeroPress filter. The idea is that:

A paper filter allows you to brew coffee with less coffee than if you used no filter at all. Therefore, with the AeroPress, you can make weaker coffee but it will taste better because it will be richer in flavor and aroma oils.

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What Are AeroPress Metal Filters?

A metal filter is made out of a metal mesh. They are thin metal rings that fit over the bottom of the AeroPress plunger. They are intended to remove the oils and particles that get caught in the AeroPress filter.

AeroPress Paper Filters Pros

You can get 350 paper filters in one pack which is much cheaper than buying metal filter and with the right use they can last you for one whole year!

You can buy your paper filters from Amazon very cheap.

A paper filter is much simpler than a metal one because it is just a sheet of paper sandwiched between two other sheets of paper.

One other pro of the paper filter is that its faster to clean. You can just throw it away after you are done brewing and grab a new one. Just pop out the filter and throw it in the garbage.

It is also easier to brew coffee with a paper filter because the paper filter protects the coffee from many things like when you are pouring hot water it wont drip the coffee on to other things in your kitchen because of the filter.

AeroPress Paper Filter Cons

One disadvantage is that the paper filter is cheap material so it will not last as long as a metal one. It may not be worth buying them if you are going to use them a few times and then throw them away (unless, of course, you are on a tight budget).

Also, it can sometimes get stuck in your AeroPress. This is normal but it can be annoying if you do not know how to remove the filter.

Paper filters are not enviromentally friendly. While they will probably biodegrade quickly, the metal filter can last for years to come and not harm the environment in any way.

The paper filter also has a large hole which means that you cannot use it for fine ground coffee. You can only use it for coarse to medium ground coffee if you are using an AeroPress.

One last issue is travelling with them. If you travel and have to take your coffee maker with you, it can be a real pain to take your filters with you. If it is not convenient to bring them then you will just have to make coffee with a metal one.

AeroPress Metal Filter Pros

Metal filters are best for travelling because they are sturdier and harder to break. Since the ring is metal, it will always fit over the AeroPress plunger which means that you can brew coffee every time and everywhere.

Also, metal filter are good for the enviroment because they are re-usable. They can last for years!

With a metal filter you can brew better tea because there is less sediment compared to the paper filter.

One other advantage is that a metal filter is easier to carry with you thank having a bag of paper filters all the time ( yes they take more space! ).

AeroPress Metal Filter Cons

A Disadvantage is that a metal filter tends to be more expensive than paper filters. However, you would be able to get many years of use out of one so it may be worth the money in the long run.

Another thing is that with a metal filter its harder to push the coffee through because the metal is too hard. This can be a problem for some people where pushing the coffee through, it can be difficult and annoying.

The last negative of the metal filter is that it won’t capture all the oils and coffee grounds which means that some of the coffee will seep through and leave a little less rich tasting coffee than if you used no filter at all.


Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ


Are metal filters for AeroPress good?

Yes, they are. They do their job very well and are made to last a very long time which is a benefit because you will not have to buy any other filters.

How often should I change the paper filter of my AeroPress?

You can change the filter after every brew because there will definitely be some coffee grounds left in the filter. If you want your coffee to taste as fresh as possible, then you should change them about every time you remember it and check it.

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Do I need a filter for AeroPress?

It is best to use one if you want your coffee to taste as rich as possible. Plus, your filter will not only protect the flavour of your coffee but it will also protect the flavour of any hot water that pours into it.

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Last Thoughts

In conclusion, you are probably wondering how to make the wise decision between the two filters.

There are many different things to consider when deciding which one is best. In the end, it comes down to your personal preference.

If you want a filter that is easy to clean and maintain, go with a paper filter. If you want a filter that will withstand the test of time, go for the metal filter.

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