Why is Your Aeropress Not Sealing? And How to Fix

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The AeroPress is a coffee brewing technique that depends on atmospheric pressure and demands your coffee to be introduced only to the air in the enclosed pump in order to operate correctly. If something gets into the chamber (the plunger is the most common cause), you will get an incomplete brew with a puck/seal that will not spread fully into the water chamber with enough pressure.

In this article we will talk about the different ways you can do to seal your Aeropress Coffee Maker.

But first!

What is an Aeropress Coffee Maker?

why is aeropress not sealing

The Aeropress Coffee Maker is a manual coffee maker that uses air pressure to extract the perfect cup of coffee. The Aeropress doesn’t require electricity, which means it can work with any power source.

They’re available in three different types: the basic kit (the plastic tube, plunger, and filter), the deluxe kit (the same parts but also including a grinder), and the packable kit (including an even smaller traveling size).

How To Seal Your Aeropress - List

Clean The Parts
Take A Closer Look At The Lid
Keep The Machine Dry
Clean The Top of The Aeropress
Ground Your Coffee Right
Use Clean Water
Don't Force Air

1. Use Clean Parts

Always clean and use dry piece equipment of the Aeropress Coffee Maker. If you see any dirt, dust and oils, try to rinse them with clean water before continuing the process of making coffee, as you should do in every coffee maker.

2. Take A Closer Look At The Lid

If the aeropress is leaking air, make sure that the lid on the top of your device is securely facing down in order to prevent air from escaping. The reason why it’s important to make sure that the top lid is closed tightly is because air can come out from any other part of your device if it’s not properly sealed.

3. Keep The Machine Dry

Because your Aeropress Coffee Maker is made of plastic, it can be damaged easily. So, anytime when you’re going to use your equipment for the first time, make sure to clean the device and keeping it dry when you’re not using it.

4. Clean The Top Of The Aeropress

You can also try to clean the top of your Aeropress coffee maker with a wet cloth or paper towel. After its thoroughly clean, you will then need to dry it completely before putting back inside your Aeropress Coffee Maker.

5. Ground Your Coffee Right

Check that your coffee is properly ground. This ensures a greater extraction and enhances the flavor of your coffee. 

However, if you aren’t grinding your own beans, be sure to get them from an authorized seller that can grind them fresh for you, or a better alternative would be to buy pre-ground beans (not as fresh, but still delicious) and freeze them if you want to use them later.

6. Use Clean Water

Use only fresh, clean water in your Aeropress Coffee Maker. If the water has even the tiniest bit of minerals or flavors, it might prevent your coffee from sealing properly.

7. Don't Force Air

Lastly, you should never try to force air into your Aeropress Coffee Maker. Always make sure that the lid is securely fastened on top of your device before pressing down on the plunger for brewing.


What Happens When Your Aeropress Is Not Sealing?

The Aeropress is not able to produce a complete extract of coffee, because air can enter the brewing system.

As a result, the beans are not fully saturated with water and do not expand fully. The resulting extraction is less than optimal and will be bitter to some coffee drinkers.

This leaves you with a product that is less flavorful and more watery than want you were looking for.

How To Fix The Problem?

1. Check the Filter Holder And Make Sure It’s Seated Properly In There

Make sure that the filter holder is securely fit in its position.  If it’s not seated properly, the water will seep through.

2. Check that The Plunger Is Completely Seated And Sit Flat

Check that the plunger is properly seated in the tube and that it’s sitting flat, with no gaps between itself and any of the walls. If there are spaces, the press will not go down correctly.

3. Grind Your Coffee More Finely

If you are not grinding your coffee fine enough, the plunger will most likely get stuck. Remember that with an Aeropress, a finer grind is better. If you are using an electric grinder, it can be difficult to adjust so do this step by hand if possible. Also, consider grinding the beans just before you brew the coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

Why is Your Aeropress Not Sealing

How do you replace the rubber seal on an AeroPress?

The Aeropress’s rubber seal may be changed by unscrewing the lid and pushing the rubber seal inside with the end of a spoon or a plastic cutting knife. You may now either replace the old seal (if it has stiffened or become brittle) or purchase a new one from a coffee shop.

How do I stop my AeroPress from leaking air?

When your Aeropress is leaking air between the plunger and chamber, make sure its sealed tight and there are no damages to your machine.

How often should you replace AeroPress?

You should replace your Aeropress when it is no longer able to produce a delicious cup of coffee. This usually happens in one to two years.

How do you fix AeroPress rubber?

Aeropress’s rubber seal may be replaced by unscrewing the lid and pushing in/pushing out with a spoon or plastic knife. You can either replace the old seal (if it has stiffened or become brittle) or purchase a new one from a coffee shop.

How long does the AeroPress seal last?

Because the rubber seal is made of soft material, it may eventually lose its elasticity and need to be replaced. It’s not designed to last forever. This being said, you can have a check at your AeroPress every 6 months for any damages or signs of wear & tear.

Should you wet Aeropress filter?

The paper filter can be wetted before adding the coffee grounds into the AeroPress in order to make it easier to remove after use. Note that when wetting the paper, making sure it doesn’t overflow is important.

Last Thoughts

While it may appear to be a trivial issue, the small leak that an Aeropress may cause when used appropriately is actually extremely critical for good brewing.

That is because the pressure generated by the air seal really helps to produce a good extraction, but if you discover a leaking or a lack of a perfect seal, you must replace it quickly in order to achieve the best consistency for your coffee. 

I hope these tips on how to make an AeroPress not leak air will help you out. If you have any other tips and tricks or suggestions please share them with us!

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