AeroPress Crema: The Quick and Easy Way

When the coffee brewing industry started to take off, many people were left confused and unsure of what type of coffee maker they should invest in.

There are so many options out there but one that has been steadily growing in popularity is the AeroPress. This article will be a guide on how to make a perfect crema with an AeroPress.

What Is The AeroPress?

how to make crema with the aeropress

The AeroPress is a device designed to filter out sediment and brew coffee using air pressure. The result is a smooth, rich cup of coffee without the bitter taste or acidity associated with other brewing methods such as drip machines.

The AeroPress comes with paper filters (or a metal filter if you want), a plunger, and a chamber that can hold up to 250ml of water. It is also dishwasher safe which makes cleaning easy!

What Is Coffee Crema?

how to make crema with the aeropress

Coffee crema is the golden, rich froth that forms on top of a cup of coffee. It has a texture that is often described as velvety and its taste is rich, sweet, and slightly acidic.

Coffee crema has several benefits: it can improve the flavor of coffee; it can give a stronger coffee a more mellow, balanced flavor; and it prevents the surface of the coffee from becoming dry or too bitter.

If you like drinking your coffee black, then there is an even better reason to have crema in your cup: its richness makes up for the lack of sugar and cream that would usually be added.

Why Does It Matter?

Coffee crema is a sign of good quality and taste. When it comes to brewing coffee, the three most important factors are water quality, temperature, and the beans you use.

Coffee crema is a result of proper brewing methods that have been perfected over centuries, but it can also be achieved through good preparation techniques with any type of coffee maker.

How to make Crema With The AeroPress (Recipe)

how to make crema with the aeropress

Let’s take a look at the step-by-step process of making the perfect crema with an AeroPress:

1. Grind Your Coffee Beans to A Fine Grind Size

The finer the grind, the more surface area of the beans will be exposed to water. This results in a stronger flavor and richer crema.

Ideally, you want to grind your coffee beans at a medium-fine consistency so they can dissolve easily but not pass through paper filters too quickly.

It is worth noting that if you are using AeroPress to make espresso, then you will want your beans ground at a much finer consistency.

2. Fill the chamber with hot water up to 250ml

The amount of water you use will depend on how strong you like your coffee–the more concentrated, the stronger and less sweet it’ll taste.

If you want espresso-like crema, then go ahead and fill the chamber all the way.

The temperature of the water should be around 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit.

To make sure it’s the correct temperature, boil a pot of water and then use a thermometer to measure its warmth.

3. Add your coffee beans to the chamber

Simply, add your coffee grounds into the AeroPress and stir it around a little to make sure the beans are dispersed evenly.

4. Press With Plunger

This is where you have to be really careful–if you press it too hard, the coffee will come out in a messy rush and there’ll be very little crema.

The best thing to do is to push very slowly and evenly, giving the coffee time to steep.

After about 20 seconds of pressing, you should start to see some crema forming on top of your AeroPress-brewed coffee!

If it’s not enough for you, just keep going until there is an even amount all around.

5. Enjoy with your friends!

Your AeroPress coffee should now have a thick, rich layer of crema that will add the perfect finishing touch to your coffee! Pour in a cup and enjoy with your friends!

TIP: You can also try the inverted method for a more thick and velvety crema.

How do I get the best results from AeroPress?

In order to get the most out of your AeroPress, there are a few steps you should consider:

Use only freshly roasted beans that have been ground just before brewing–this will make sure they’ll be fresh and flavorful.

When grinding your coffee, use a fine grind consistency rather than coarse or medium so it can dissolve more easily.

Make sure your water is at the right temperature–if it’s too hot, then you’ll end up with a burnt tasting brew and if it’s not hot enough, then there won’t be any crema on top of your coffee.

Press slowly and evenly to avoid getting an uneven layer of foam at the top–you want it to look like a thick, rich layer of cream.

Espresso Machine vs AeroPress Crema

The biggest difference between an espresso machine and an Aeropress is that the espresso machine can produce a rich crema without any effort on your part (due to the high pressure), while with an Aeropress you have to manually create the crema.

The AeroPress is cheaper, but the downside is that it doesn’t have as many features–such as a milk frother or built-in grinder.

Another issue is that with the AeroPress you have to boil water on the stovetop before you can make your coffee, while an espresso machine has a built-in boiler.

If you are wondering which is better for you, then the best way to decide is by determining what features are most important to you and seeing which machine will work best with your needs.



Can you make crema with the French Press?

Yes, you can! But, you’ll need to be careful with the amount of coffee and water that you put in it because if it is too much, then it won’t dissolve and you’ll end up with a sludge of ground coffee in the bottom.

Is AeroPress the best brewing method for crema?

No. As we said, the espresso machine is the best way to create a rich crema. If you don’t have one, then AeroPress is your next best option, but it’s not quite as easy to make.

How long should I wait before pressing the AeroPress Plunger?

You should wait 30 seconds or so before you press the plunger–you want to make sure that all of the coffee has time to steep and develop.

Last Thoughts

The AeroPress is an inexpensive coffee maker that produces a rich, flavorful espresso-like drink with less acidity.

It also has the potential to produce more crema than your average French press.

We hope you liked this post and if you are looking for a new way of producing delicious and creamy coffee beverages at home, give this recipe for making crema using the AeroPress a try!