AeroPress Cleaning Guide: All You Need To Know!

how to clean the aeropress

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To clean the AeroPress, you will need a few basic kitchen supplies. These include dish soap, a sponge, white vinegar, and a towel for drying. To properly clean the AeroPress parts make sure to follow this guide: start by rinsing off any coffee grounds that remain in the filter, then use hot water and soap to clean the plunger and seal.

Using dish soap with warm water and a sponge, rub off any oily residue from both the filter cap and chamber. The filter should be thrown away every time a new brew is made unless it is paper. Rub the seal gently until all oils have been removed.

You have been using the AeroPress coffee maker for a few years and now it’s time to learn how to clean it comprehensively. It is a staple in any coffee lovers home as it speeds up the entire coffee making process so you can start the day with fresh coffee.

In this article we will show you how to clean the AeroPress coffee maker to ensure it is in top condition for your next brewing session.

If you are reading this post, then it is almost certain that you own an AeroPress coffee maker and we are sure you want to learn how to keep it clean and looking good!

Cleaning The AeroPress

First of all we can’t argue that the AeroPress is a small coffee maker that is made out of BPA-Free plastic. It is lightweight, portable and can be used with hot steaming water.

You should clean the AeroPress every time you brew a new batch of coffee, because oils and other residues can stick to the filter or inside the plunger.

The AeroPress comes in 6 parts. The plunger, the seal, the chamber, the filter, the filter cap and the funnel. Cleaning all 6 of these parts is crucial to ensure you get the best tasting coffee.

Let’s see how you can clean it:

1. The AeroPress Filter

Cleaning the filter is very important, because it is the part that collects the coffee all throughout brewing. If you are using a metal filter, then it is recommended to clean it after each brew. These filters can retain a lot of oils and residues, so you should clean them regularly.

Cleaning the metal filter is simple. Just add a bit of warm water, some white vinegar and a sponge and rub it gently. Then wait for a few minutes and rinse it thoroughly with hot water.

If you are using a paper filter, it is recommended that after each brew, you should throw it away and use a fresh one.

2. The Plunger

The plunger is used to press the coffee grounds through the filter, and it can also collect some oily residues. The Plunger should be cleaned after each brew.

It’s very simple to clean the Plunger. Just add some dish soap, some warm water and a sponge and rub it. Then rinse thoroughly with hot water. It is recommended to clean the outside of the plunger as well because it can get dirty with time if you don’t wash it properly.

3. The Seal

The seal is used to ensure that the brewed coffee doesn’t come out of the AeroPress until you are ready to drink it. Cleaning this part is necessary. Just add some warm water, soap and a sponge and rub it gently.

You can also add it in a bowl with white vinegar for 10 minutes to ensure it gets completely clean. Then wash it with hot water, and you are done.

4. The Chamber

The chamber is where hot water and coffee grounds go through when making coffee.

It can collect some oily residues so it should be cleaned after each brew as well. To clean this part, it is enough to add some warm water and soap to it. Then rub it lightly and wash it thoroughly with hot water.

This is the part that you might also want to add in a bowl with white vinegar for a few minutes to make sure it gets completely clean.

5. The Filter Cap

The filter cap is used to cover the filter, so that oils from the coffee don’t get into the AeroPress. It should be cleaned after each brew, because it can collect oily residues as well.

Add some warm water and soap and wash it lightly. Then rinse it with hot water. After cleaning the cap, you should dry it as well before putting it back on the chamber.

6. The Funnel (Optional)

The funnel is the part that is used to transfer the coffee grounds from your grinder to the AeroPress chamber.

It is important to clean it after each brew because it can get dirty with time. To do that, add some warm water and white vinegar (to remove the coffee smell), rub it lightly and wash it thoroughly with hot water. You can also use a kitchen towel to dry the funnel.


Is AeroPress Dishwasher Safe?

Yes! You can put the  AeroPress in the dishwasher for a thorough clean. Just make sure you don’t put any recycable parts in the dishwasher, like the paper filter.

Is AeroPress Hard to Clean?

When it comes to cleaning the AeroPress, it is not hard at all. You just need to follow our instructions above and you will have a clean and good-as-new AeroPress for your next brew. It is much easier than cleaning other coffee makers on the market.

How Many Times Can You Reuse AeroPress Paper Filters?

You can use an AeroPress paper filter about 4-5 times (max) before throwing it away. This might seem a bit of a waste, but hey, it is not like you can make coffee with it anymore. Paper filters are known to give a very clean taste to the coffee, and this is why we recommend to use them instead of metal filters.

Should you wet AeroPress Filter Before Using It?

We recommend to wet the filter before pouring in coffee grounds. This is a common practice with other coffee makers that use paper filters as well. This is because wet paper filters absorb more oils than dry. So, you will end up with a better tasting coffee using the AeroPress.

How Long Does It Take To Brew A Cup Of Coffee With AeroPress?

The brewing time for the AeroPress is around 1 minute and 30 seconds, so you can make a cup of fresh coffee very quickly. And what’s even better, because of the small size of this device, you can easily take your coffee maker with you when travelling or when camping.

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How to Protect Your AeroPress From Losing Suction

The AeroPress has a common problem of losing suction. This is due to coffee oils getting into the rubber seal, which causes it to lose its elasticity. To avoid this, keep your AeroPress clean by washing it after each use. Also you can put some olive oil or other natural oils in the rubber seal in order to soften it up and prevent more oily residues from sticking to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

AeroPress Cleaning Guide

Do you Need to Clean AeroPress?

Yes, you should clean your AeroPress after each brew. It is important to keep it clean to avoid any coffee oils sticking into the rubber seal. This will cause the loss of elasticity which leads to losing suction while pressing the coffee – something you don’t want!

How Do You Clean An AeroPress With Vinegar?

Just add some white vinegar and warm water to the chamber (after removing the filter cap), stir lightly and leave it to soak for a few minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with hot water and you’re done!

Why Is My AeroPress Cloudy?

The cloudiness is probably due to coffee oils sticking to the rubber seal. This will cause your AeroPress to lose suction, which means you won’t be able to press strong enough coffee.

To avoid this, make sure you wash it after each use and put some natural oil in the rubber seal before using it again. And remember that paper filters are the best option to eliminate oily residues.

Last Thoughts

Here you have it, some simple ways on how to clean the AeroPress Coffee Maker. This is a small coffee maker that helps you make fresh coffee in less than a minute, so you can start the day with caffeine!

Cleaning your AeroPress is essential to ensure the best tasting coffee. So keep it clean and in good shape and you will enjoy brewing the next cup of coffee even more!