About The Coffee Wave

TheCoffeeWave was founded by three friends with different backgrounds and interests, but all of whom share the same passion for this amazing beverage. 

We’re not here for gimmicks or shortcuts – we want the real deal on everything from roasting methods to brewing techniques. We are simply fascinated by the science behind coffee, the history, culture, and just how much there is to know about it that we haven’t even discovered yet. 

Coffee inspires us – we study and research everything there is to know about it, then pass on what we’ve learned so you can explore the world of this wonderful beverage beyond your usual practices. 

We want to help you better understand your relationship with coffee through knowledge and understanding – both in terms of what makes you tick as well as how you can best enjoy your cup of java.

We cover all aspects of this beautiful drink from brewing guides and how-to recipes to informative articles about the farm-to-cup process, coffee bean varieties, benefits of drinking coffee & much more.

Our aim is to debunk myths, create a coffee community and inspire people to explore the world of coffee. We want you to be part of our community, so go ahead grab your mug, join us and get ready to experiment with coffee, explore possibilities, and revel in its tastiness!

We always make sure to try Everything first before showing you how to do it !

Our ultimate goal is for you to learn something new every day, from guides to different blends, beans and accessories considering coffee and to implement some of these things that you are reading from our articles to your daily life. We want to aspire you to experiment with coffee, beyond the usual practices and to show you how much more there is to coffee, than just choosing the right flavor.

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